The Stray Sheep #15 – Gamescom!

So in today’s Stray Sheep, I’m talking about the upcoming Gamescom-Event, what I’m planning to do and what else I’m currently working on.

This is a rather short update since I need to bring my SO to the hospital. Hope you don’t mind!

So first of all, Shademare Studio has provided me with a review key for their upcoming game, Miracle Mia! I’ve been playing for a bit now and wanted to bring out the review today but sadly RL-stuff is more important right now (hence this update). Material-wise, I’m excited to write this review as it’s quite a small studio and I’d love it if their first game found their fanbase!

As for the GamesCom in Cologne, I’ll be there tomorrow during the day (and I don’t know how long I’ll stay). If anyone else here is going to be there, hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment and we might be able to meet up and stuff! The more the merrier, right?

As for content, I’d like to publish an article about my first impression on the GamesCom, I guess. If I’m not able to do that, time-wise, I’ll probably come up with something else. There’s a few games at the GamesCom that I’m excited about, especially since there’s going to be an Indie Hall for the first time now. Maybe I’ll even manage to talk to some Indie Devs and get some insights on their games and works, write up some Interviews and stuff. I think that might be quite fun :)

There’s also a ton of games that I’m really excited for, especially in the “Indie Village”! So, I’m looking forward to that (as well as Borderlands 3, cough cough)!

Anyways, cheers!

This post is part of a contest/challenge called Blaugust! The goal is to post as much as possible and participants are awarded different prizes depending on the goal they achieved. My aim is to post on all 31 days of August and if you’d like to know more about this “event”, you should check this post out.

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