The Stray Sheep #26 – Real Neat Blogger Awards Again!

I’m struggling with a topic for today’s Stray Sheep, so I’ll just do the Real Neat Blogger Award… again! 

Yep, I got tagged again. I guess my blog is really neat, eh? Just kidding. 

So, this fella called Frostilyte tagged me on his blog after getting tagged by backlogcrusader’s Angie. If I had had a topic for today’s post, I would’ve used this “free prompt” for tomorrow’s post, but I guess I need to think of something else for tomorrow’s post, ugh. Daily Blogging. 

So, for those of you that don’t know the Real Neat Blogger Award, it’s quite simple:

  • Answer 7 questions
  • Ask 7 Questions
  • Tag 7 people

So, let’s just get to it, I guess.

What is a game coming out in 2020 that you’re excited for?

Definitely Ring of Pain! It combines all the things I like into one game: Dungeoncrawling, Rogue-likes, Card Games, dark games. It’s a nice game. I played a bit of it at the GamesCom and even talked to Simon, the dev behind RoP! I’ll just take this opportunity to link the interview I did with him… here. :D 

Ninjas, or Pirates? Why?


Uhm, well, if the question is about who’d win, it’d be Ninjas. Ninjas are well-trained assassins that are organized and have a lot of weapons and that flee without being noticed, in the best-case-scenario. Pirates, on the other hand, are thieves that are…well.. loud, I guess? I guess Ninjas could easily kill Pirates one by one while dodging bullets. And they’d do that in a stylish way that only Ninjas could do. Meanwhile, Pirates would barge into any place and just be un-organized and loud, I guess. Even when they’d fight in space, they wouldn’t win against Ninjas. (I thought this argument would be great since I doubt that Ninjas would have a reason to fight Pirates anyways..right?)

And if the question is about what I like more: Well, Ninjas, I guess. They’re quite cool and well-trained and all that. Pirates are just thieves that roam the Seven Seas…yep, that’s it basically. 

Ninja Brian’s the best.

You won a lifetime supply of the last thing you spent money on. What is it, are you excited, and how do you intend to use your comically overstocked collection of this commodity?

The last thing I spent money on was food. The problem is that I don’t know where I’d store it. If I wouldn’t have to worry about food, I could say up more of my student loans and get a better PC faster, I guess. Hmmm… As to how I’d use this comically overstocked collection of food: I would eat it, I guess? 

God almighty above. They were right! AI took over the world and started building mecha-style enforcers out of the factories. Which billion-dollar software company is responsible for ending humanity and do you submit to our AI overlords or rebel against them?

I just read that as “Al” as in “Alan” and thought: Why would Alan do that? Wtf?

Anyways, Google. Pretty sure it’d be Google messing it up. Who knows? Maybe they’re already taken by Androids. It’d be fun if it was Samsung…because of Android(s). Ha. 

I guess I’d like to rebel in my phantasy. That’d be quite interesting and exciting, I bet, but in reality, I’m quite tall, can’t see blood, and my eyesight isn’t the best, so I’d be easily spotted, I’d pass out immediately if I or someone else got hurt by the robo-enforcers and I wouldn’t be that good at shooting. So, I guess that – unless I’m of use to any rebels – I’d submit to the AI. 

What was the reason you started your blog? Feel free to be as detailed as you see fit with this one.

I don’t know anymore tbh. I’ve made an introduction-post about having this blog to be heard and to shout out my opinion on stuff although nobody asked me to do it.. but right now I just kind of feel like it’s fun and I’d like to continue it for as long as possible. I enjoy working on the reviews I write and I enjoy writing in general. Also, I met a lot of cool people because of blogging and I enjoy engaging with them!

You wake up one day and find that you are now your least favourite character from your favourite television show (use a video game if you don’t watch TV). Who are you and how do you feel about it?

This question sucks because of my favourite show being Cowboy Bebop and me liking all the main characters. I guess Vicious? He’s the bad guy there but I still like him a lot. I fancy that coat, so I’m quite indifferent about being him. 

What’s a skill you wish you had, but can’t find the time in the day to learn or master?

I guess “baking” doesn’t count since the only thing that hinders me from mastering it is the fact that our oven isn’t good enough for it. 
And “learning languages” doesn’t count either because I’m just bad at learning languages. It’s not because of the time, it’s just a lack of skill in the language-department. 

A skill I wish I had but lack the time to learn or master is probably something like “not procrastinating”. I wake up early and end up not using all of my time. I sometimes spend an hour or so in bed before actually getting up, watching youtube videos or something. In that time I could make coffee. I love coffee. I didn’t have coffee in quite some time but whenever I want to make coffee it’s already too late for it and I’ve got to go to work or something else. Also, I sometimes show up a bit late just because of the fact that I’ve procrastinated instead of washing the dishes and eventually I get to do that and then I forget the time and end up late. Or I make my food too late and end up still eating although I already should’ve headed out or something. “Not Procrastination” would be a great skill to have! But yeah, I don’t have the time for that due to my procrastinating. 

So, for my questions I’d ask these:

  1. Which one of your posts was the most fun to write? Why?
  2. Do you like milk and sugar in your tea or coffee?
  3. Do you prefer Dogs or Cats?
  4. What Harry Potter house are you in? (I’m a hufflepuff btw!)
  5. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  6. The God of Art has elected you to help him with a difficult questions. You have to either delete one of your favourite shows/movies/games for ever or create another sequel/part/etc. of your least favourite show/movie/game! What do you do and what do you chose?
  7. What’s your favourite (movie/show/game-)antagonist?

Let’s go with nominations now. I’d like to nominate:

  1. Mr. Peril (since he hasn’t answered my last questions)
  2. Rakuno
  3. Aywren
  4. Chestnut
  5. The Welsh Fox
  6. Kronick/Layz
  7. Paeroka

I would have liked to tag some other people, too, but they’ve already been tagged elsewhere and I these haven’t been tagged yet, afaik! Thanks to Frosti for the tag and to anyone who’s reading this…

Smell ya l8ter!

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