TSS#44 – Heroes in these times

Today’s Stray Sheep is different… in these quite different times. There are people out there that don’t realise how great and important it is that they are doing what they are doing. And I’d like to thank them and praise them or rather sing hymns about them (semi-ironically)… but I shouldn’t sing as I really am bad at singing. So this post is about that.

Note: This post features cat pictures from the internet. If you’re afraid of cats, don’t click on this post. If you hate cats, ignore the cats in this post. And if you’re wondering why I’m not using my own cat pictures, I’m not allowed to own a cat in my dorm-flat. I’m quite sad about that.

With Covid-19 going around, the safest course of action right now is staying home and to socially distance oneself from others to slow down the infection rate so that nurses and doctors out there can do their thing without being flooded with patients. That’s important.

Now you may be asking what my situation right now is and uh… post on that soon, I guess?

So, best course of action: Stay home. As easy as that.
But what do we do at home? Well, you can watch shows and movies, I guess… I personally have read through plenty of books as of late (books that I wouldn’t have gotten to if my university wasn’t closed at the moment, haha)… and I’ve played a lot of games.

But there are times where you need something else to do and that’s where the hero (or heroine) shows up and saves the day!

I’m talking about people that are creating content. Online. Yup.

Now that may sound like an exaggeration but as of late I’ve been feeling bored quite often. All the big events like the Twitch Con or some student parties that I would have gone to are getting cancelled and I’m rather bummed out about that… I even had to cancel my own birthday party as I didn’t want to risk that anyone gets the virus and spreads it to others.

It is kind of sad in a way. And certainly, I can’t play games all day long… and I can’t watch shows all-day long… or read books (mostly as I’m running out of books and I rarely re-read the ones in my shelf). I also can’t write all day long and with a ton of my friends not being available at the moment, there’s not much I can do. I try to mix up my activities… I clean more often and sit outside on the balcony or read different genres and watch different kinds of shows and write about different stuff in preparation of Blaugust 2020 (Please tell me that that is going to happen, Bel!). 

And to mix things up, I’m reading a lot more new blog posts lately… and I’m also catching up on everything that I’ve missed out on. And when I’m lonely while eating food, I’m watching streamers on Twitch… and when I’m going to bed, I may watch another YouTube video to get sleepy… and when I’m wondering what a movie is like, I read a review on that… and there are a lot more examples of cases where people have been there for me without really knowing about that.

I feel like these people are getting underestimated. I’m currently streaming on Twitch as well (quite often actually) and we often talk about things and how things are and we joke around and try to have some fun to distract ourselves from everything that is happening outside of our four walls.

But while I’m talking about me here and my stream, I may be a bad example as even I have times where I can’t stream or where I am not at my best or very sleepy or where I just may not be able to post for a while and hence, it’s times like these where people need more options and more content creators to watch.

And I want to praise all the good content creators out there that are a lot more experienced and a lot better at what they’re doing than I am. And this is not some kind of “fishing for compliments” kinda paragraph. I’m serious about it. I don’t really have the best kind of way with words and I’m really not the best review-blog or variety-streamer or whatever… but I’m trying my best! So just as a disclaimer: I’m not bummed out about being not as good as others… I’m just saying that other people are a bit (or a lot) better at blogging and streaming than I am… and that’s okay as it’s all a work in progress. :)

Distraction is great! Distraction is important!

I applaud every one of you who is out there bringing joy and smiles to other people, and every one of you who is there for people that feel lonely right now or who are scared.

Please keep up with what you’re doing, no matter if you’re streaming games on Twitch or doing Vlogs on YouTube or if you’re a blogger who’s writing about Humble Choice (every month) or about Fountain Pens or about IT stuff that I like to read about but still don’t understand or if you’re a GWENT blogger or if you review movies or if you have a few lovely cats and write about those or if you write about MMOs or if you write about discussions and political topics and whatnot. 

No matter what kind of content you’re creating, you’re doing great (as long as you’re not spreading fake news and as long as you’re not harming people, of course). Keep it up!

And to everyone here reading this and maybe having a bit of a rough time… Keep on keeping on! You got this! Stay safe! Stay healthy! Hang in there! And…


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