The Stray Sheep #52 – I can’t say showering or towel

So, today I felt overly sick which is why I didn’t release a post yet and alas had to polish my MonHun-Witcher-post and finish this one. Sorry if this one is a bit shorter than usual or more nonsensical.

So, today’s Stray Sheep is about words I’m bad at pronouncing. Why am I talking about this? Well…

I finally got a chance to talk to Roger from on the Blaugust/Blapril-Discord and alas was able to converse with him on politics, dating, culture, the concept of a “Karen” and a “soy boy” and other stuff. And among “other stuff” was also words’ pronunciation and words I can’t pronounce. I had a lovely time

“Big F in chat”, I’m ill.

So while I can technically say shower like “showurr” and mirror like “mirr”, I don’t want to do it in a “wrong” way and would rather not try at all then abbreviate my path to speaking better English! Another word like that is a towel. It’s just weird in my mouth and doesn’t feel right. Instead, some people say towel like “owl” but with a “t” at the front of it. It’s very peculiar.

There are also other words that I can pronounce but people are getting wrong… or rather… I shouldn’t say “wrong”, they rather get it “American”.

For instance, people are saying “herbs” but pronouncing it “erbs” in the States. I don’t get why they do it, but they do. I’d be confused about “Basil” as some call it “Bazil” or “Bayzel”: One is wrong while the other one is “Basil” and right. There’s also “mirror” which is getting violated by pronouncing it “mirr” instead of “mirruh”, which would be a lot easier.

And this kind of ended up sparking a small discussion in the Blaugust community Roger posted a picture of Basil Brush, “pronounced Bazz-il not Bay-zil”…

And while I am trying to offend people with this post, it’s all in a joking way. I don’t think there’s a wrong way. I don’t want “beef”, especially as I’m not sure how much that would cost me in these times and I don’t think I’m better at English than anyone in our communities but I certainly think that I’m better at talking shit all day and therefore, uh… what am I trying to say?

Ah, right. Today sucked for me as I’m ill and on cold turkey. So let me have this moment of laughter where I talk about how dumb “erbs” sounds. It’s not meant in a harmful way. It’s just jokingly and overall, the are worse than the Americans! And don’t get me started on the Germans with their “Z” sound on every “TH”. Wtf?

Oh well. Hopefully, you all are alright over there. I wish you all a great night. I’ll head to bed in a bit and I’m sorry if this post is a bit rushed or feels that way because… this post is quite rushed and is supposed just give ya an update on me being ill. It’s probably cold-turkey + some psychosomatic stuff but whatever, I guess. Maybe I’m also just having a summer-flu of sorts. Whatever.

Either way, have a nice time.


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