Monster Hunter World Cross-Overs?

In today’s MonHunLog, I mentioned that it would be cool to see other features in Monster Hunter World from other franchises… so in this one, I’m discussing what I could imagine and what I’d find cool. If you’ve got any ideas of your own, be sure to let me know about them! I’d love to discuss some of your craziest or best ideas! :D

So, first up, I’d love to see a special assignment in that we’d have to fight against Arceus or Rayquaza from the Pokémon Games. Maybe, after having been defeated by Ash and his team, Team Rocket and their balloon crashland in the New World where they get saved by us and our handler. Before getting eaten by a Great Jagras, we save them and bring them to our base where they naturally see all the big monsters that they could potentially snack to get world domination in the Pokémon World… and well… they manage to capture one of them, using a Pokéball and then we need to fight them and later we then fight against a Legendary Pokémon before Team Rocket shows up again and get blasted away into the Pokémon World.

Sure, that storyline still has some weaknesses and doesn’t sound too convincing but luckily I’m not working on new MHW-assignments. Instead, I get to focus on playing the games while other people who are good at that kind of stuff, actually implement that kind of stuff into the New World, which I really fancy. A Pokémon-themed Special Assignment would thus be very cool.

Another great one would be a Kaiju-style special quest where, after defeating an Anjanath (or some other Large Monster), it grows instead of being defeated and suddenly it’s so huge that it can easily stomp and destroy everything. Alas, our Palico then grows into some sort of giant, too, and we slip into its brain to fight Anjanath beat-em-up-style until the giant Anjanath (or whatever) explodes, destroying everything in the New World! And then we wake up. (Yep, I’m not good at the story-telling stuff… but some Kaiju-movie-inspired mission would be quite neat!)

Or just a “Monster Island” DLC with all the Godzilla monsters where you fight against them in a giant Palico-Robot!

While these crossovers have already been weird, I’d imagine it gets even weirder if we were to play in a Prof. Layton vs. MHW quest where Layton tries to solve a puzzle in the New World and while searching for clues every NPC would have a puzzle for us. Eventually, we could open an ancient tomb where a giant monster from some older Monster Hunter game would come out or maybe possibly some creature from a completely different franchise. That’d be quite neat, I guess.

And lastly, I’d really enjoy being able to play alongside Rick (from Rick and Morty) or Finn (from Adventure Time)!
I believe that they would add some interesting costumes or mechanics (similar to the Ignis Sign or the Moogle-costume) to the game and that it would be fun to experience some sort of crossover like that where we’d go on a weird adventure in the New World.

But then again, I’m not sure if the Monster Hunter series is the right franchise to be featured on the multidimensional cable and alas, I’m not too sure if any of these are that nice… But I’m excited to see what Iceborne has to bring!

Until the next post, enjoy the nice weather and stay safe! If you’ve got any ideas for potential future cross overs…. be sure to let me know or discuss them in the comments! For now though…


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