MonHunLog #6 – Grinding Optionals

In the last MonHunLog, we defeated the mighty Behemoth who ended up needing a bunch of resources and a lot of hunters. Things like Ancient Potions, Mega Demon Drugs, Mega Armour Skin, Might Pills, Adamant Pills, Flash Pods and Flash Bugs are quite rare as I can’t harvest the ingredients/bugs… but… then I noticed that you can.

Essentially, I’ve not done any of the optional quests, yet, and alas wasn’t able to harvest anything apart from the standard stuff. Therefore, our next quest after the main story was to actually complete those quests and to get stocked up for Iceborne!

The first quest that I needed to tackle was “To Hold A Harvest”, which is a delivery quest. For it, I need to get some Aqua Sacs and Points to earn a Harvest Box Upgrade. So, naturally, I went into the Wildspire Waste to hunt down Jyuratodi who then should potentially drop it… but they always dropped only Torrent Sacs!

And that’s because these more expensive (and rarer) materials always dropped form the HR-Jyuratodus while the Aqua Sacs (that I needed) didn’t drop at all as they’re LR-Jyuratodus-Drops. Alas, I had to farm three or five of those when I found that out and I finally got my harvest Box Upgrade (+10 spaces). This freed up a slot for the next delivery quest which was “Your Storage Solution”, needing one Torrent Sac and 1000 Research Points. Luckily, I already had four or five Torrent Sacs and therefore was able to deliver this one right as I accepted it.

While I don’t hate the fight too much or while I don’t find the Jyuratodus too difficult, he certainly is annoying with the water blight. You get sluggish and your stamina recovers at a third of your normal recovery speed. That’s essentially a huge pain in the butt when you’re playing with the glaive…

And next up, I needed to complete the 4 Star optional quests “Royal Relocation” and “Persistent Pests”. The latter only required us to slay 14 Hornetaurs and was able to grant us a Culture Slot (+1), while the latter quest was a Rathian-Hunting quest… in Low Rank… with our HR-Drachen-Armour-Set… yeah, went really well and was super fast.

With the RR completed, we were able to cultivate Parashrooms (much needed for traps), Mandragora (much needed for a bunch of ailments), Flashbugs (greatly appreciated as they are needed for Flash Pods) and Godbugs (also needed for ailments)… and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t need.

The other quest we needed to get the other cultivation-unlocks was “Prickly Predicament”, which is a three-star optional quest requiring of us to collect some cacti… and well, this unlocks a bunch of seeds and nullberries, which are gonna be super helpful for future hunts!

Now, apart from that, I also completed Talons of Ire and Ice for the extra Culture Slot (+1), needing us to hunt a Legiana and a Odogaron which was quite doable. I tried to capture both but I ended up slaying Legiana, which is alright, I guess… One out of two is better than none, right?
To get the remaining slots and upgrades, however, I’ll need to go into some of the Iceborne optional quests and if I had known that it’d be this easy to farm items, I would have done the optional quests a lot earlier!

But either way, that’s it for tonight’s post. I’m a bit behind on the schedule, which is why I need to post this one quickly and go for a third post tomorrow to make up for the missing post today. It’s been a bit hectic lately and the “busy me” was on vacation which is why we’ve been left here with the “procrastination me”… and that sucks. Alas, I gotta change the two and put “procrastination me” into the closet or something, never to come back (probably will come out anyways but whatever)… for now though, I wish y’all a good night and I hope that you’ve got a wonderful day over there.

Good night or maybe rather,


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