Humble Choice – October 2020

It’s yet another month and while I should’ve done this post at the beginning… I honestly didn’t have a chance yet to do it, especially as there were so many other posts that had to get shipped out before this one.

Last month, I was actually able to grab all 12 games and *being a Classic subscriber* I am able to do the same this month, which is great since there’s a whole bunch of games in this one that I like. Here are my choices!

10 – Fantasy Blacksmith

Fantasy Blacksmith is a “magically realistic blacksmith simulator” that seems like a fun idea. I’d get it for myself since it offers a lot of customization and options to play with to basically smith your own swords. I’m a bit worried though that the controls may be janky or that it’s a bit tedious, so that’s why I put it on Spot 10.

I actually couldn’t find a trailer here so I ended up instead using a First Impressions video by Splattercat – who’s one of the few YouTubers that I frequently watch currently.

9 – Basement

I thought I already owned this one but I actually don’t. It’s a strategy game where you start an illegal drug operation and eventually branch out into other territories, expanding your basement for other laboratories and facilities, eventually becoming a big mafia boss. The strategy and management aspects of the game seemed alluring and while I’m not too fond of the theme of the game, I generally think that it could be a fun idea to try out.

8 – Goat of Duty

I already own Goat of Duty but I could gift this to a friend and they could play it with me. Goat of Duty is fast-paced and silly, which is quite a nice contrast to the games I usually play. I’ve actually got a review out on this game over here if you wanna hear more about this game.

7 – Iron Danger

Iron Danger seems like a great addition to my library and while I’m not going to grab it, I’ll have to wishlist it for sure! It’s a tactical RPG where you have this mix of turn-based and real-time combat. You manipulate time and use the environment to your advantage, which is something that I really fancy. The world seems to have machines already but apparently, there’s also magic and living gods and stuff, so I actually fancy that as well. Overall, seems like a cool idea. 

6 – Lightmatter

Lightmatter is another title that I’d gift to someone else. Personally, I’ve already played through it and I’ve even written a review on it over here – but I’d still get it since it’s a great game and since I enjoyed every single bit of it. For anyone that doesn’t know, it essentially plays in the same universe as the Portal and the Half-Life games. Virgil, the boss of some corporation there, has great plans for the world as he’s found a renewable energy source called Lightmatter that is going to bring world peace to everyone. Sadly, stuff isn’t that easy as there seem to be dangerous shadows as well in the labs. The game features a lot of light-based puzzles and generally, Virgil’s commentary, the search for a cat, and the level design overall are highly enjoyable and definitely what makes this game *shine*. (Okay, I’ll see myself out..)

5 – Fae Tactics

Fae Tactics has been on my Steam wishlist for ages and it will stay there since it’s a great game from what I’ve seen. I’ve seen a little bit of it in various streams and it definitely looked like something that I’d enjoy. Turn-based tactical gameplay is just right up my alley and if you add some magic into the mix, it’s obviously the choice to go for me.

4 – The Suicide of Rachel Foster

I don’t know anything about TSoRF. It’s published by Daedelic Games, which is a studio that I personally have been a fan of for quite a while and who also published Partisans 1941! It combines mystery, thriller and horror elements with a mature and touching story. I’ve heard great things about this game. I’ll check it out for myself, eventually!

3 – Autonauts

Autonauts is a game about programming little robots to then build other robots… and uh… it’s similar to Satisfactory and Factorio in a way, I guess. You essentially can automate a whole bunch of things and programming the robots makes use of a scratch-like programming language that is quite easy to handle and makes it possible for even people with no clue to learn programming, I guess. I mean, Scratch is made for kids to learn about programming, afte rall, so yeah. It’s super cute and I would have loved to get this for myself. It’s on my wishlist, though, so eventually, I’ll get it!

2 – Tropico 6: El Prez Edition

I love the “Tropico” games. I played a ton of Tropico 3 and own Tropico 4 and 5 and will eventually play them as well… I actually didn’t know that Tropico 6 came out already… so yeah, as a fan of the franchise and as I enjoyed Tropico 3 so much (and as it only gets better, from what I’ve heard), I’d definitely grab this one for sure. If you haven’t known yet, you essentially play a dictator in the Tropico games and you govern a tropical island. You can turn it into a tourist hotspot, an industrial country or do anything else with it. You also will have to balance your relations to different countries and the needs of your people. I generally really liked Tropico so far, since you can be a very bad guy or a good guy and you can do questionable stuff that would only work in here but not in Sim City or wherever. 

1 – Sunless Bundle

I actually already own Sunless Sea and I loved it. It’s top-notch Lovecraftian horror combined with exploration-based gameplay and an intriguing story. Sunless Sea is a lot of fun and I gotta play it again to write about it sometime soon! As for Sunless Skies, it strikes a similar note but you play on spaceships in the sky and it features other systems, and grabbing both of them at the same time is great. It’s two games for the price of one choice on top of getting the phenomenal soundtrack as well and supporting the devs. Survival, Strategy, Management and Exploration type games are generally my jam, so it’s to be expected of me to recommend the Sunless franchise so much. 

As for the drop-outs: I already own The Uncertain but haven’t played it yet. It’s a story-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world, featuring Sci-Fi elements and robots and it seems to be quite atmospheric but generally, I know nothing about it apart from the Steam Store info and I’ll have to play it myself in order to judge whether or not I’d gift it to others. Also, chances are that you own it yourself if you grabbed it for free in 2017 as I did. Meanwhile Shadows: Awakening didn’t really interest me too much. Something about it just didn’t catch me in the same way that other titles did. Fantasy Blacksmith is much more interesting to me than another isometric ARPG. 

Either way, that’s it for October really. October’s Choice felt like a good mix overall. We’ve got nice story games, nice strategy games, nice action games and other adventures. I would have liked it more if there would have been more scary titles to play in Spooktober but at the same time, someone else would have hated that.

Are you going for this month’s Choice? What are your choices? Would you rank some stuff differently? Did you originally plan to not grab some game but now decided to do so after my post? – Actually, that last question may seem weird but I’d love to hear how these posts influence people’s interest in games and stuff. Be sure to let me know if you have any thoughts on that!


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