MonHunLog #7 – Winter is coming to the New World!

It’s been a while since I last played Monster Hunter World and since I lost wrote about my adventures in the New World but frankly, I got burnt out from it for quite a while. I used to play with the Hammer, the Gunlance and eventually discovered the Insect Glaive. Eventually, I got bored with those, so I decided to learn to play the Horn which was a lot of fun but progressing with the story was actually quite hard using the Horn I had.

Our current equipment at the point of writing this.

Alas, what happened: Ever since we defeated Xeno’Jiiva, we’ve discovered strange phenomenon all over the New World. Something’s wrong with the ecosystem and as a bunch of Legiana stormed north, we discovered a whole new island… continent… type of thing. 

Effectively, it’s an icy world and we hunt down new types of monsters, create new weapons and we now have a whole new rank to play with: Master Rank! 

Oh, I also gave fishing a go and really liked it, to be honest!

So, uh, as a quick rundown what did I hunt so far?

Coral Pukei-Pukei! Fabulous!
  • Beotodus, an icy landshark that deals a lot of damage and is rather swift… maybe even too swift for my glaive but eventually he died as well.
  • Banbaro, an elk-like monster that is huge and didn’t pose that much of a danger.
  • Viper Tobi-Kadachi – a poisonous sub-species of the Tobi-Kadachi that couldn’t handle the heavy blows of my Hunting Horn.
  • Nightshade Paolumu, a subspecies of the Paolumu that actually puts you to sleep and is weak against Water and Fire.
  • The Coral Pukei-Pukei who was super hard for me personally as he dealt way too much damage with his hydro pump.
  • Barioth… was quite challenging as well.
  • Nargacuga – It posed no threat to us.
  • Glavenus – a monster that came back from a different generation and essentially has a blade-tail. I really enjoyed that fight!
  • Tigrex – a terrifying monster that seems hungrier than Deviljho! Hated that fight!
  • Brachydios – has exploding dick-hands and there’s not really much to that fight. You need to be careful where you step but I just flew over him with my glaive again.
Nargacuga is honestly super pretty!

Then we saw the cause for the disturbance in the ecosystem: Velkhana. It’s a new elder dragon that has an ice-armour and can create ice splitters and freeze the ground, so obviously, we need to be careful not to get hit. In the next mission, we needed to repel it, which we successfully did.

After that, we hunted a Shrieking Legiana (pain in the butt), the shocking Fulgur Anjanath, the Acidic Glavenus, the Ebony Odogaron, and eventually had to first repel Velkhana and eventually, we got “Quest 17: The Iceborne Wyvern” which basically tasks us with slaying Velkhana.

And that’s where we’re at right now. I wanted to pick up Monster Hunter World again and learn new weapons but Velkhana is just super hard to fight. Velkhana’s patterns aren’t the problem though but rather my damage. While I was able to easily hunt down other targets before, I’m now struggling with dishing out the damage in time and hence am running out of time before Velkhana’s actually dead. And that’s quite problematic. 

We’re not the only ones who’re interested in Brachydios!

Using the Hunting Horn against Velkhana was actually a bad choice (who would have thought?), so I tried out my Insect Glaive and failed again, despite having the explosion element on it that tended to be more than enough for most of the previous monsters. Alas, I then tried using the Heavy Bowgun with the flaming ammunition but despite being quite strong against it, it still wasn’t enough…

So, I actually now have to grind some hunts and expeditions to get materials for the right weapons. My weapon of choice is going to be the Insect Glaive as I’ll be able to dodge Velkhana’s ice beam rather easily using that weapon while also damaging the ice armour to eventually get rid of it. Since Velkhana’s weak against both the dragon seal and fire attacks, I thought of going for the Temptation Trident which later upgrades into Vice, Vice+, and eventually into Cruelty and the Nether Vajra. You can find that weapon in the Odogaron Tree and since I’ll need a weapon to fight Elder dragons with anyways, I thought about going for the Ebony Odogaron’s Nether Vajra.

Cruelty does have space for a gem on top of having more affinity and fire damage. The elder seal on Nether Vajra is, however, going to be a lot more useful right now as it’s going to lock some of the more annoying abilities that Velkhana uses.

So, luckily, I already had the materials ready for the Garon Rod II and only had to hunt two Odogaron for three Odogaron Shards to get the materials for Temptation’s Trident and another two for Vice. To upgrade my Vice to Vice+, I’ll need another two Odogaron Shards as well as another Odogaron Hardclaw. So, I’ll have to hunt that one again and I’ll have to carve the body out to gain the necessary shards and I’ll need to get lucky with the Hardclaws. 

Odogaron! DADAAAM!

The upgrade to Nether Vajra is going to require another Dragonbone Artifact (which I’ll just find on an expedition) as well as one more Ebony Odogaron Shard, so if I get lucky, I’ll only need to hunt one more of those… and if I remember correctly, there is an event quest where I’ll have to hunt both of them in one go, so that could actually be quite beneficial for me to save some time.

That, however, is something I’ll have to leave for the next time. It’s been a busy day in the New World and I’ll need to get some sleep in!

Hope you enjoyed the return of the MonHunLog and I hope you’re going to enjoy the next few posts that are coming out soon on MHW and my progress updates! :)


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  1. MHW has been on the mind again for me too. It’s a daunting game to return to though, I find. I beat the original campaign of Iceborne last time around, but hadn’t made it to rank 100 in the new ranks to unlock ever monster and region possible in the end-game zone, nor have I revisited for the patch monsters and hunts.

    I also like that you’ve tried varying up your weapons too, I’ve so far stuck with the Longsword for basically 99.99% of my play. I felt I wanted to progress to the end of those trees, get it fully kitted out with the right amour and skill gems etc, but never quite got there. Hehe.

    If I was to try another weapon type out, then either a ranged weapon (HBG probably) or a blunt weapon like hammer or horn would be where I go, I think.

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    1. Yeah, I feel like games should have a quick crash course or something like that for when you haven’t played in a month or more. Would at least be something that I’d like in games and that would help me actually play through games.

      MHW is a great game and I’ve wanted to get back into it but then I burnt out by playing too much and uh… changing weapons only helped a bit. I’ve got more motivation now to write about stuff, so I’ll get back into it again and I’ll also talk about the new hunts and that kinda stuff when I’ll get there. :D

      I feel you! I’m similar with the Glaive. Played probably around 75% of the game so far with the Glaive, 5% Horn, 10% Gunlance, 5% training with other weapons but didn’t get into them all that much… and 5% Hammer. I guess that would be it for me mostly :D Have yet to try out a lot of weapons but some seemed quite complicated while others were more straight-forward but not just right up my alley. I wanna eventually build all the different armour sets and weapons and stuff. At least, I feel like that could be quite cool, although I doubt that I’ll get there any time soon, haha.

      HBG is fun! Honestly, no idea while the normal bowgun is a thing… it feels weird. I’ll have to look into that one.
      Hammer in Iceborne is so strong… like, Clutchclaw+Hammer is just very good and very funny, especially with the stun and everything. As far as the Hunting Horn goes, its damage capabilities are there but at the time, I wasn’t really good at dishing out damage and usually feinted too much because I didn’t get the timings right to play a song while the enemy wasn’t attacking. Horn can be insanely fun but also frustrating in Solo… with a party, however, you can be the best battle bard ever! :) Once I’m through with the Iceborne Story and once I’m able to craft that Deviljho Horn, I’ll make a post about it, its combos and why I wanted to make that one so bad :D
      But interesting to see what kind of weapon you play, would have thought you were more of a sword&shield kinda person :)

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