Netflix’ “Dark” has me mesmerized

This is not a review at all… I just want to fanboy about this show that Ms Magi’s father recommended to me and that I finally started to watch. You may ask: What is the show in question? Dark! – Like… it’s called “Dark”, on top of being “dark”. This post will not contain any spoilers at all until I say otherwise!

I just started watching it yesterday and already binged through the first season, ready to go for the second and the third one. If you haven’t watched it yet, I’d recommend checking it out without knowing anything about the story and just watching it. Go in completely blind.

Stuff I knew before starting to watch:

  • It plays in Germany.
  • It is Netflix’ first German-language original series.
  • Bonaparte’s “Melody X” apparently also is part of the soundtrack.

Actually, Dark has been on my list for quite a while. I love Bonaparte and alas, was aware of Melody X’ appearance in the show through that… Ms Magi’s father recommended it to me a year ago… a viewer from my Twitch chat recommended it to me a few months ago… and yesterday, I just felt like starting it up when I arrived at my parents and was able to confirm that my sister indeed still has a Netflix subscription.

I often have had the feeling that German forests and some German places have this general feeling of uneasiness and ominosity that could very well be used in a movie, of sorts… and well, Dark does that. The plot takes place in Winden… but it’s not taking place in the actual Winden that is about two hours from my hometown. Most of its episode were filmed in Brandenburg and parts of Berlin, so the town is fictional – that part doesn’t matter though. The important bit is that the show’s tone, visuals, score, and the whole premise is ominous and, well, dark. It’s great.


I love this show a lot due to its take on Time Travel and the influence of the concept of time on the human conscious. How does it change you when you meet yourself? How do characters connect? What happened to the missing kid? Questions over questions… and the more you pay attention, the more you are rewarded at the end of each season. I love it.


The show is sinister and really well-made. I love the premise and the plot. I love how it is complex and ambitious and how you have to pay a lot of attention to some of the details to be able to understand what’s going on later on… it’s challenging me and that’s what I like about it. The topic mentioned in the spoiler above this paragraph here is something that needs to be well-made but once you establish your cast of characters properly and explain their connections, you’re able to explore the topic more and end up in all kinds of places, which is just so great. 

Alas, I love this show and am looking forward to watching more of it. It’s been a while since I binged shows with no regrets and it’s been a while since I’ve seen shows with this production value. The acting, the score, the visuals… Fantastic. 

And well,… I’m not a fan of thrillers but this one has got me hooked, especially due to its sinister and, well, dark nature. I just love it and I love theorycrafting around it and can’t wait to talk to friends and Ms Magi’s father and other people about the show.


It feels weird to post again but to not be on my usual workplace. I haven’t seen my parents or my siblings in ages, and alas decided to visit them over the winter break. I isolated myself for three weeks before this to be 100% safe that I won’t contract it to my parents or whatever. The town I live in is considered a hotspot while there haven’t been any new cases in my hometown, so I feel quite safe over here and can get some rest over here over the holidays, while studying for exams and watching shows in the evenings. Still, not sitting at my desk is weird and it’s weird to live with six people now instead of just one flatmate… but it’s only for two weeks so I’m sure that I’ll manage somehow.

I hope you are safe over there and that you’re staying healthy over the holidays. Happy holidays to ya and a good start into 2021!


3 thoughts on “Netflix’ “Dark” has me mesmerized

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    1. Really been liking it so far… Season 2 has been getting a bit on my nerves right now but maybe Season 3 will turn up the hype again. Looking forward to publishing another post once I’m done with the last episode of Season 2 and, in the next few days, Season 3. :)


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