NieR: Replicant – The Most Annoying Quest

Big Fat Spoiler Warning right here at the beginning by the way.

NieR: Replicant has been a lot of fun so far and I really have been enjoying all kinds of aspects of it but it’s become harder and harder to stay away from spoilers, especially as I was interested in a book we encountered in the Mansion since I thought it was Grimoire Noir. So I essentially took a look at the wiki where I found out that it was actually Grimoire Rubrum, the counter piece to Grimoire Weiss and Grimoire Noir. Anyways, staying away from spoilers is hard and browsing the wiki was kind of counter-intuitive in my journey to go at the game in a “blind” manner since I now know a lot about the backstory and since I now understand a lot of things that have been happening that looked mysterious until now. Anyways, there is an achievement called “Weapons Collector” that I wanted and because of that, I browsed through the wiki once again to see where I can find the remaining few. Apparently, there are two weapons that I can find in the last area of the first ending, as well as one that I get from a quest or at the beginning of Ending B. So, I essentially don’t need to worry about those weapons exactly… But again, that doesn’t take much effort. If you want to unlock all weapons, you’ll have to do what I needed to do in yesterday’s stream: You’ll need to complete the quest named “The Damaged Map”, which is only available during the second half of the game’s first ending.

This quest is probably the most annoying quest I’ve ever encountered in any game. You get it from the blacksmith in your home village and he asks you to find a treasure map, so you go to the library where you find a damaged map that you then bring to the Strange-Things-Store in Facade. Once you’ve arrived in Facade, the Strange-Things-vendor will tell you that he needs three eggplants, three goat hides and three drops of machine oil to restore the map. Luckily, I already had three drops of machine oil from the Junk Heap, and you can luckily hunt down goats at the Eastern Road to the east of the Desert to acquire the goat hides. The eggplants either need to be grown in your garden or you buy them at the grocer, which I did in the home village. Once you’ve restored the map, you bring it to the client’s wife who tells you to find the treasure since she’s worried about her husband. You then head to Popola to decipher the map before you go to the Lost Shrine to a specific room in the northwest of the second floor, where you find the “treasure” that you then have to return to the client’s wife. She then gives you an ornament that you can either keep and sell (as she asks you to) or you let her keep it. Despite having a choice here, you’ll need to keep the ornament and sell it in Facade for an old gold coin. That gold coin needs to be returned to the blacksmith who then gives you his very first map in return. This treasure map needs to be deciphered by Popola, again, and then leads you to the Northern Plains where you need to find it at the “start of a steel bridge” where you then find the Labyrinth’s Shout, the weapon you need for the achievement. Quest completed. As easy as that.

As you can see this quest is super annoying since there are a bunch of trips back and forth from the Village to Facade. What’s annoying is that you’ll need to make these trips back and forth on foot or while riding your boar unless you’ve unlocked the canal already. Even with the canal, you’ll still need to travel via “fast-travel” to the desert (since there is no canal in Facade) and then head to the opposite side of the desert to Facade and then you need to go to the Strange-Things-Shop… and then you make the same trip back… and you do that a bunch of times, essentially. Super annoying. Also, you need to gather the materials and find the treasure in the Shade-ridden Lost Shrine and it was just a nightmare of a quest really… Was it worth it? Kind of? I’ll get the achievement, after all, which is nice, but at the same time, the weapon itself is not that good really, so if you don’t go for the achievement, just skip this quest.

As for the last three weapons, I’ll need to complete “The Magical Stone” to find the Iron Pipe… and I’ll need to find the Dragoon Lance and the Pheonix Sword in the Shadowlord’s Castle. The Dragoon Lance apparently is a weapon found in Drakengard while the Pheonix Sword can be found in Automata, too, so that’s quite nice.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post. I hated that quest up there so much just because of how many trips it took and just because of how much that weapon wasn’t worth it stat-wise… but I got it! So that’s nice.


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