XCOM 2 Succession Game Series – Operation: Brooding Breath (Part 4)

Today I’m publishing my post on the XCOM 2 Succession Game Series that Naithin has organised. Please check out his post on that. The header image graphic was made by Naithin as well and we basically are playing a mission each and then doing base stuff before passing on the save file to the next person in line. You can find all of that stuff out as well in Naithin’s post! I’d recommend following the series along as I’m not entirely sure how much if at all everyone will sum up what happened before. I for one have no idea what is going on with the story in XCOM 2… Aliens said that they wanted peace but apparently, peace means war and now there are resistance groups everywhere and we try to make contact with them and defend Earth while building up our own squads and soldiers and all of that… But yeah… Aliens! 

So far, Naithin had to complete the first mission and managed to get away with no casualties. Peril also was successful but during his turn, things got a bit heated for Owl which is why we lost him early on. Next up was Rakuno with his flawless performance and well, today it’s my turn… let’s see how that turned out. I’d like to mention that I decided to record the whole thing as well and upload it to YouTube. I will not cover everything that happened in the mission in the post, mostly since I just did my turns and did what seemed like a good call and I forgot to take notes… So, there’s a video and it’s good to have that there as everyone can just watch that if they’re interested in my voice and my decisions… Oh no, everyone will tell me that I could’ve done better! D:


First up, when I started my turn, I found out that we not only were somewhat broke… but we also were barely cutting it power-wise, which is why I made it my journey to build a power-thingy for the base… which wasn’t possible yet since we didn’t have any money and/or rooms available yet. Luckily, someone started excavating Alien Debris already which would take four more days for us to complete. So, it was time to scan/pass time! When I wanted to do that, however, the game acted up to tell me that there is a time-sensitive mission that needed my attention right now. So, I figured we may as well stop the ADVENT Retaliation in Operation Brooding Breath. Our squad for this mission consists of two grenadiers (Ramblin Red and Three), one sniper (Endalia), as well as a Ranger (Silentdeath). I equipped Tessa “Endalia” Hastjarjanto with a flashbang, just in case, as well as Rakuno “Three” Venmuel with a Medkit, just in case, so we were ready to go. Our mission consisted of rescuing at least six civilians while also taking care of the aliens in the area.

Since we had barely any vision, I decided to tread slowly and move some of our squad members carefully. Easha Dustfeather, our Ranger titled “Silentdeath”, moved inside of a building while staying concealed and evacuating one civilian. Red moved towards some barricades in hope of spotting enemies. Tessa climbed up a building and stuck to the walls as she spotted two aliens hiding in the fog of war. Rakuno snuck to the side of the battlefield and kept watch over the area. The Overwatch would trigger when enemies were moving into Rakuno’s field of vision, enabling Rakuno to shoot the enemies in a surprise attack. Sadly, this was for nought as the enemies sniped us with a rifle through the tree from lightyears away and got a hit on Rakuno who suffered three damage points. Also, Overwatch was removed, so that’s quite unlucky. Tessa managed to resist a mind attack by an alien before the enemies ended their turn. 

In the next turn, Red saved a civilian before moving closer to the enemy forces, effectively flanking them. Tessa took aim at the alien hiding behind a car and shot it with a 43% success chance for four damage points. Easha continued to save civilians while moving out of the building. The building proved good in terms of cover but didn’t actually do much for us as Easha essentially had nowhere to go in hopes of catching enemies off-guard. She was guarded but couldn’t attack which isn’t exactly great for a ranger. Hence, I sent Easha to chew some gum and kick some doors. She was out of gum, so the door had to go. Rakuno was in a weird spot, kind of flanking the enemies but also hiding in plain sight. So, I decided to send him onwards and let him wreak destruction since the enemies already knew about him being there. Rakuno fired his frag grenade over into the direction of a car, finishing off the alien that Endalia wounded previously and setting off an explosion. The car didn’t blow up fast enough, however, as the enemy had already moved away in time into the fog of war. Meanwhile, the ADVENT forces were executing civilians in the distance for whatever reason. 

Red chased after the retreating enemy getting full cover behind a tree. Endalia followed to the end of her roof but wasn’t able to take aim with her sniper, which is why she chose to aim with her pistol and deal 3 damage on the fleeing soldier. What a mad lad. Easha and Rakuno moved up ahead into the direction of the remaining enemy.

In the next turn, Red pushed forward, entering Overwatch. Endalia left the roof to take cover at a different building. It would have been great for her to enter the roof of that other building but sadly it wasn’t meant to be for this turn. Next up, Easha saved another civilian, before taking cover again. Rakuno pushed ahead and took cover yet again while moving closer to the remaining civilians. Right when our turn ended, enemy forces approached us with Red taking aim and shooting his mini-gun-like weapon, emptying all of the bullets in his magazine in a spectacular flurry of attacks. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that the enemies that carelessly approached the Rambling Redshirt himself survived every single shot. While Red may have tried his best to look cool, he failed miserably as every shot missed and as this game proved to me that miniguns are useless in XCOM 2 and that it doesn’t matter how many bullets are in a gun. The remaining two enemies took partial cover near a fence nearby after hearing Red’s glorious attempt of an ambush, ready to strike back and potentially even deal damage. Hence, I moved Red away from the location in cover so that he’s out of harm’s way. Since Red was now under cover and since he still had an action left, I decided to let him take a shot with his frag grenade, destroying the enemies’ fence and cover. The “Red” in Rambling Redshirt seems to stand for redemption as his shot not only successfully destroyed the cover but also took out one of the advent soldiers. Give this man a cookie! Tessa, Rakuno and Easha managed to save civilians silently, ending the turn, while the remaining enemy didn’t know what to do and ended up missing his shots at a stationary civilian, proving that he’s not the brightest LED in the spaceship. 

Since it was now our turn to strike, Red fired off a frag grenade finishing off the silly ADVENT soldier while creating some room to move in the building he was leaning at. Man, Red looked really cool right there. We should give him two frag grenades or maybe a shield or something like that so that he can’t miss anything. Right when that ADVENT soldier fell, a civilian transformed into a so-called “Faceless” which later greeted Endalia but only pointed at her. Endalia moved away as a sniper in close quarters looked like an easy target to the Faceless. Rakuno then took aim at the big alien and showered it with bullets, defeating it in one fell swoop, hence concluding the mission.

Tessa earned a promotion here, acquiring the “Return Fire” skill which allows her to shoot back once per turn when she’s being hit by enemy fire. Meanwhile, Red earned a promotion and he learned the Blast Padding skill, which gives him more armour and some damage reduction for explosive attacks. The Shredder skill could have turned Red into a heavy gunner that shreds enemy armour for us… but after his spectacular failure with the minigun earlier, I decided that his talents were needed in other areas. Hence, Red became tankier so that he can “try again” more often. If he were to miss every shot, the “Shredder” skill would have been useless. Rakuno was “gravely wounded” but should recover quite quickly once he’s back in the base.

In the base, I ended up researching the Faceless Autopsy after we finished the Research on Resistance Communications. We completed that research project as well as the ADVENT Trooper Autopsy in time for our next mission. I also started building a power-room so that our power isn’t at capacity anymore. I sent a Rookie called Sofia Vasilyeva into training to become a specialist, which would enable her to send out a drone to perform various tasks like healing or assisting allies. We unlocked the Battle Scanner giving us vision on the battlefield. We also unlocked a holographic decoy that we can throw that will attract enemy attacks for a turn. I paid my respects to Owl who died during Roger’s part before eventually assigning the research for Magnetic Weapons and saving the game as dark events were on the horizon. 

There is a new mission coming up, which is why it’s not my turn anymore… but actually Red’s over at Beyond Tannhauser Gate. His part should come up next and I’m looking forward to reading about it. My character, Lizz “Magi” Winterfield, didn’t make an appearance this time but I’d love to see her next week, potentially… I’m looking forward to reading the next parts and hearing other people’s reactions and opinions on my moves this time around, especially since there is now video proof of it. Any opinions or feedback? Feel free to comment here or on the YouTube video and let me know if there was anything that you would have done differently!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

2 thoughts on “XCOM 2 Succession Game Series – Operation: Brooding Breath (Part 4)

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  1. Since YouTube hasn’t processed yet, my comment will be based on what you wrote. I don’t exactly recall but I think you mentioned you never played XCom 2 before? If that is incorrect then my apologies for assuming all of this.

    Regarding the story:

    XCom 2 goes from the premise that we lost against the alien invasion in the first game. After that the aliens conquered the earth and have been pretending to be on a peaceful mission of making life better for humans. The reality is much, much darker than that. But it might be hard for you to see it if you play it only through this succession game.

    As for the Resistance, they are the remnants of the original XCom. They know these aliens are just manipulating humanity for some nefarious purpose and are now fighting a guerrilla war to free humanity.

    The camp you just saved is an ally to XCom and the aliens were trying to destroy it to weaken our organization.

    About the gameplay:

    Don’t dismiss the Grenadiers so easily. Right now all soldiers are really terrible at shooting, but over time they will get better. Plus Grenadiers can get some pretty useful abilities, like that armor shredder one which will be very useful in the future. They also have one that can essentially put an holographic target on an enemy to give a bonus for other squad mates to shoot. Or they can get a cover fire where if the enemy moves they get automatically damaged. It also gives the enemy a penalty to hit. Plus a lot more I already forgot.

    Sharpshooters can’t move and use their main weapon. That is their drawback from being able to shoot from very long distances. I don’t remember if it was on XCom 1 or 2 that there is a skill that lets them to ignore it…. It was probably on 1. Still, they might not be as OP as the Snipers in 1 but they can still be pretty powerful if they can get some place high and don’t have to move.

    All in all though, it seems you did well with this mission. They can be kind of a pain because you need to move fast to save civilians but also need to be careful to not let your soldiers in the open. They are not my favorite kind of missions and it won’t be until the late game where they will become sort of a breeze.

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    1. Yeah, I was planning on playing the first game and actually started playing a bit of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and really liked it but dropped it when my favourite soldiers died. So,… that was was three years ago… actually three years and two months essentially. Hence, I don’t really remember the story too much so thanks for the refresher! :)

      The YouTube video should be up in about ten minutes… according to the site. Man, my upload speed in the evening is really bad. Next time I’ll try to play, record and edit in the morning before my stream and then I’ll just upload it after the stream. Edit: It may take a bit longer since it got successfully uploaded but it still requires time to do some weird thing… I don’t know what it will do but I’m sure it should be up in a few minutes or something.

      As far as gameplay goes, I don’t think that all grenadiers are bad… just Rambling Redshirt :D Honestly, I didn’t know that people get better at shooting and whatnot as time goes on, so I just figured that the weapon was very inaccurate. Well, Red is a tank now… or rather he is tankier now and we can still turn him into a machine as time goes on. Thanks for the tips there! The sniper not being able to shoot the main weapon when they move is actually quite nice. It’s a nice drawback for such a great and powerful class. Looking forward to seeing future perks if we make it to the future!

      Yeah, I ended up saving 11 out of 13 civilians, it seems… although I remember one being on a watchtower, so not sure how to get to that one… and two others got shot, I think. I’m sure you’ll be able to see many mistakes in the video once it’s up. I’ll try adding time-stamps to it tomorrow so that people can easily skip to the base parts or the mission parts if they want to do that.

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