“My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero”… is who exactly?

Recently I found out about the My Hero Academia mobile game “My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero”. Thank you, Stingite, my fellow necromancer! Either way, I started playing it and while Stingite pulled a Todoroki in one of his draws, I got Mineta for my first hero. For anyone that doesn’t know, Mineta only exists for comedic relief. He’s a pervert and can pluck off balls from his head that are sticky and bouncy. He essentially plucks them off and uses them to bounce around or to make enemies stick together or to their surroundings. Strength-wise not that impressive, especially since his head starts bleeding if he plucks off too many… and his personality sucks. Either way, I was upset about that. Mineta can’t be that cool… why is he in the game? Well, the reason for that is that he’s quite strong.

Disclaimer right here: I took pictures from the show for this because I can’t figure out just yet how to create screenshots on my phone. Hope you don’t mind!

So, I ended up playing a lot of MHA:TSH as of late (mostly in the evenings for the daily log-ins and stuff) and I’m enjoying it. That’s partly because the characters can be stronger or weaker but it’s mostly about how you use them. Mineta is strong depending on how you use him. You can maximise your balls bar (yup) and then use your empowered abilities to root enemies in place and to then shoot your balls at them, dealing a lot of damage. Also, he can jump around on the balls making him rather agile and his punches hurt when he picks up speed (at least in theory… in-game your attacks deal damage based on stats, so whatever). Hence, the stickiness of his balls (lol) makes him good for crowd-control and the bounciness of his balls (again, lol) makes him quite agile and potentially good for combat, too. Also, he could probably be quite nice at helping people if it weren’t for his perverted incel-like personality. 

Anyway, that made me realise that this super weak character, which I dislike in the manga, could quite literally be rather strong… Is he the strongest hero? Nope. Not at all. I don’t know how he’d deal with Muscular or Dabi or any mid-ranged villains or anyone… but he’d still be quite strong in theory.

My next pull was… Kaminari Denki who’s not too bad but I hoped for something better. Again, when I played him, I realised that even he is quite strong. In the original work, he uses electric powers to deal damage but if he uses too much voltage, his brain turns dumb. Oh well. Comedic Relief again. Still, he’s really strong in the game and provides decent range to his attacks. One of his attacks is a lightning strike, another is a chain-lightning that lets your other attacks jump from enemy to enemy, making him good in multi-target battles. Meanwhile, he also has an AoE attack in case people get close to him and when he receives a bunch of charges through the use of his abilities, he can cast an empowered lightning effect. On top of all that damage, he also can stun enemies when he affects them with his abilities – again, Crowd Control and Damage. Kaminari isn’t too bad actually – but I knew already that he’s a lot better than Mineta. 

And of course, I also got Deku, Kirishima and Uraraka through the main missions who are all great characters, in the game and the show. 

Now, I initially just wanted to ask who the strongest hero is in the universe… I guess it’s supposed to be about Deku? He’s smart, fast, packs a punch, and there’s something else that I won’t get into because of spoilers. Deku is great strength-wise but I’m not sure if he’s actually the strongest hero since he doesn’t have as much battle prowess as Bakugo or Todoroki. Sure, he’s getting there, but Bakugo and Todoroki have their own ways of dealing with people like him. Endeavor, Todoroki’s father, uses fire to burst down enemies but can overheat. Todoroki has been bred to have an ice quirk to cool himself down on top of his fire quirk, so he’s quite strong. Bakugo has an attitude problem but he’s smart, strong and has fucking explosions.

Deku has strength and speed as well as versatility but his main issue is his attitude where “he charges in without thinking” instead of relying on the friends he “cherishes so much”. It’s honestly a bit silly and a friend and I had a lengthy discussion about that quite a while ago about Deku being somewhat cocky really and not the ideal hero. Bakugo knows his limits even if he doesn’t show it… and Todoroki is humble and collected. 

Aizawa’s just too cool! Look at him!

But then again, there are plenty of other characters that are strong in the show and could potentially be even stronger in the game. I mean, after all, Momo Yaoyorozu is very strong in the game even when she’s not that strong in the actual game. Other characters in the game are super overtuned, too… Back to the game, I guess? Yeah, it’s fun and I am liking it but PvP is a shitshow really where the lag of the server can kill you in seconds at times based on your location. There are issues with the combat as well. Where other Beat ‘Em Up games would give you options to not get wall-slammed non-stop like in some shoujo manga, MHA:THS doesn’t have that. You can get rushes and ploughed like a field in the summer for ages until you die and there’s nothing you can do because whatever. I mean, you may get a small window but the delay at times can make that impossible to predict. At the same time, the matchmaking sucks. I have a few normal heroes at A-rank and tried out PvP once and won that one match. Meanwhile, this other guy got matched with me and had 100 wins already and was rocking Endeavor, Aizawa, and someone Tokoyami… all characters that are ridiculously hard to get unless you pay a lot of money into the game or unless you’re as “lucky” as Dream. I mean, I don’t wanna say that the game is pay-2-win since Skill is involved as well but the matchmaking sucks and since it’s a gacha game… better characters = better chances. As easy as that.

But apart from that, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has been fun and I’ve really enjoyed the PvE aspects, the daily quests, the main story, the actual story from the show and how it’s implemented into the game,… and it’s nice to see another part of the universe fleshed out like that. Also, the graphics are actually quite good, the combat is nice most of the time, and there are fun events on top of tons of rewards for f2p players like me. ALSO: There’s no false advertising, exploitation of FOMO or the whole thing where they create the same character over and over again but as reskins and sell them as “one of 300 unique heroes”… (alluding here->) If you wanna read my thoughts on Raid Shadow Legends or AFK Arena, check out those posts. Hope you enjoyed this one. Just figured I may as well talk about this one.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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