Pride Month 2021 – Streaming/Blogging/Charity Conclusion!

So, it’s July! Do you know what that means? It’s the month that’s after June… aka Pride Month! And I’m being super awkward with this intro but essentially: 
I wanted to talk about Pride Month in terms of Streaming, Blogging, as well as the Charity Campaign that we did this time around! Hence, strap on for a nice little summary.

Pride Month went well. We did a Charity Campaign for The Trevor Project and raised a total of 100$, which I’m really proud of! As part of the incentives, I drew emotes for 5$ for the people that donated. Overall, it was quite successful and I was happy to not only get to polish my drawing skills (especially pets!) but I was also quite happy about how this incentive in particular resonated with people. You’ll see some more of those drawings below!

See, with incentives, there are a lot of streamers out there that let you punish them via “beanboozles” or other matters. There are also more nowadays that make you reward them with their favourite soda or whatever. What I’ve been doing up until now has been game giveaways at certain milestones and no real incentives. I’ve never been super good at this. This time around, I decided to do short and long voice lines recorded by me… and the emotes. And nobody really was interested in the voice lines, which was good to know for the next thing. Emotes usually get made for far more than five bucks and being able to donate to charity and also get emotes for “dirt cheap” by an amateur like me is apparently really good and I may try to do stuff like this more often in the future.

Nick‘s new lurk emote!

The good part was that I tend to draw mostly on stream, so I got to do what I like on top of showing the streamers that got the emotes how I’m creating their emotes. This is probably quite interesting and helpful and they can give immediate feedback, which is nice. On top of the Art Streams, though, we also played Best Friend Forever, Smile For Me, Tacoma, and Tell Me Why. I have yet to write my reviews on Tell Me Why and Smile For Me but I’m sure I’ll publish those soon! Those games were a lot of fun. BFF was horny, Smile For Me was cute but creepy, Tacoma was amazing, and Tell Me Why made me cry twice which is why it was overall great, I guess! And then we had some streams that weren’t necessarily pride-themed where we just messed around in Isaac and stuff, which is much needed at times as well. At least I feel like it can be sometimes a bit much when I watch a stream and there’s non-stop “special streams” going on and I miss the normal chill streams. I notice that especially during Spooktober! Hence, I did some normal streams, too, because other people may feel that way as well.

Northstar‘s new Lurk Emote!

Back to the emotes and the charity campaign itself: I would deem this a success. We raised 100$ for The Trevor Project, gave away about twelve games if I remember correctly, and I did six emote drawings in total, including one for my mod who doesn’t stream but still wanted a bonk hammer. Please check out HeyArtemisNorthstarUKPoxiplaysNickodimas, and ChrisxChad when you have the time! Great streamers and they all contributed to the campaign which I’m very grateful for. I also donated money, obviously, but yeah, check those guys, gals and non-binary pals out! Lovely people!

Next up, our campaign was in support of the Team Campaign that I organised for Team Mistakes. Chris also raised 215$ with his campaign, which is amazing! Other people in our stream had their own campaigns already set up and were in the process already of raising money, so they couldn’t hop in, but I believe everyone raised quite a bit of money and I’m glad that everyone had so much success with their individual campaigns!!! Next year, I’d love it if I could get the band together and do something together as a team! Really looking forward to that!

HeyArtemis‘ new Shrug Emote!

At last, I changed my theme during Pride Month (again) because way too many people (including me) hated the columns. It also was annoying because my NieR posts spoiled people before they got to read the spoiler-warning, so, that’s quite annoying and honestly, my bad, but hey, what’s done is done, right? Either way, the new theme is lovely and I noticed that the change resulted in me needing to update a few posts because the logos in the header image were white… and the background was white… and you couldn’t see shit… so, I inverted the colours on those logos to make them black instead of white and everything’s fixed now! Luckily, nobody noticed or cared to inform me, so all is good. Personally, I’m really glad about how my reviews on Tacoma and The Longing turned out… and the Steam Next Fest was a lot of fun, so I enjoyed writing those posts. I also talked about the new Q-FORCE trailer on Netflix, and that post naturally is doing well because #drama is great. The month overall was a great success traffic-wise, though, so I’m glad that the posts are doing well and that the reviews are influencing some views on the store pages of those smaller developers. #GoalAchieved, I guess? I still have a long way to go, though!

Either way, that was basically it for this month. You can find all of June’s posts here. Hope you enjoyed this summary! Thanks for reading all of this and have a nice day. Remember to stay hydrated.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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