Humble Choice – July, 2021

Another month means another choice to make and this time, it’s a nice line-up honestly. Welcome to my post on this month’s Humble Choice. Today, we’ve got a bunch of different titles here that look quite interesting. Here’s my ranking!

Yakuza 3 RemasteredRyu Ga Gotoku StudioOpen World, Action, Adventure, Beat ’em Up1
Bee SimulatorVARSAV Game StudioFlight, Adventure, Simulation2
HammertingWarpzone StudiosEarly Access, Colony-Sim, Strategy, Fantasy3
NimbatusStray Fawn StudioAction, Open World, Indie, Crafting4
Kill It With FireCasey Donnellan Games LLCAction, Simulation5
Paradise KillerKaizen Game WorksOpen World, Exploration, Investigation6
ADOMThomas Biskup, Zeno Rogue,
Jochen Terstiege, Krzystof Dycha,
Lucas Dieguz
Traditional Roguelike, RPG7
ELDERBORNHyperstrangeSouls-like, Action, Adventure8
The Surge 2Deck13Souls-like, Action, RPG9
Deadly DaysPixelsplitIndie, Strategy, Action, Roguelike10
DIRT 5CodemastersRacing, Driving, Casual11
S.W.I.N.E. HD RemasterKite GamesRetro, RTS12

Yakuza Kiwami 0 was amazing so I’m positive that I’m gonna love the other Yakuza games… I have yet to play Yakuza Kiwami 1 and 2 but I’m really looking forward to that… and having the third titled (remastered) in your library as well is gonna be awesome already. Next up we’ve got Bee Simulator. I played this game ages ago when it was still a small Alpha version and I really liked it. Hence, quite looking forward to the full product even if Nacon sucks as a Publisher. Oh well. I’m sure they didn’t hack Bee Simulator’s game and published their own pirated version on Steam like with The Sinking City, so it should be fine.

Hammerting looks incredibly interesting. I like the idea of guiding a dwarven colony and building it up… or rather down? It’s still in Early Access but it looks quite interesting and I may try this one out soon, actually. Nimbatus on the other hand is also a fairly interesting title that I’ve been excited about for quite a while. It’s a Drone-Construction game where you craft up drones and parts and destroy huge planets and stuff. It looked super interesting from what I’ve seen and it has come a long way in its development, so I’m certainly interested in this title!

I already own Kill It With Fire but I’m sure a lot of my arachnophobic friends might enjoy this one. If I didn’t already own this one, I probably would have placed it higher up in the ranking but after having 100%ed it, I feel like it’s a great game but not the best in terms of replayability, which is a bit of a bummer. Meanwhile, Paradise Killer looks super cool and I’m really interested in that one. Since the screenshots on Steam didn’t show me too much of it and since I’m not 100% sure how it plays, I placed it a bit lower in the ranking. I’m also lowering my expectations, even though I wanna be quite excited. I mean, a good investigative game needs to have that certain “oomph!” like Tacoma,… But we’ll see.

ADOM is developed by a lot of people and is a traditional roguelike… to the point where it’s also named after one. I’m not 100% sure if I’m gonna like it since I didn’t like the original Rogue game too much… but who knows? Maybe it’s actually quite good or even great! I’ll see.

Elderborn is a souls-like, I guess? It looks like Barbarian Skyrim but less elaborate, and The Surge 2 looks like a space-souls-like, so like Hellpoint, but less eldritch… and I’m just looking forward to getting into those but I’m keeping my expectations low! Deadly Days is a strategic roguelike that could very much be hit or miss for me. DIRT 5 is a racing game with mixed reviews. I’m not super much into racing games but it still scores higher than S.W.I.N.E. for me personally. I mean, S.W.I.N.E. reminded me of Blinx – The Time Sweepers, for a second, but I got disappointed because there are no Blinx Games for PC. What a bummer. I’ve been let down already and I haven’t even installed it.

Overall, July’s Choice is quite solid. There are some very promising titles in this month’s bundle and I feel like it’s an interesting mix of roguelikes, souls-likes, simulations, and action RPGs. I’m probably gonna grab this one but I’d love to hear your opinions on my ranking and this month in general. If you wanna grab it for yourself, feel free to use this link right here to support me and my blog without having to pay extra.

Edit: I initially wrote “Deadly Rays” on multiple occasions because I misread the name of the game. What I actually meant to write, though, was “Deadly Days”! Oops! That’s fixed now!


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4 thoughts on “Humble Choice – July, 2021

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  1. July’s Humble Choice is a vast improvement over June’s. Grabbing it with both hands over here.

    I was /this/ close to buying ADOM in the Steam sale, having a sudden urge to play/collect all the good traditional roguelikes, but decided to put it off until Humble Choice was revealed and only strategically impulse buy stuff I thought was supremely unlikely to bundle, and play up to <2h for emergency refund if needed.

    Am now supremely pleased, it's like I mind read this subconsciously. Zero overlap in Steam sale purchase and bundle. Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hooray!

      And yeah, been hovering ADOM as well for quite some time. Same with Paradise Killer. It’s just tricky with these games because they can be very hit or miss. Luckily, Humble Choice exists!


      1. Paradise Killer is definitely one of the games I leave to bundles. On first glance, it doesn’t look like my cup of tea aesthetically, but seems to have some solid reviews and worth trying. Sexy Brutale was another one of those games like that – didn’t look like my thing, but wow, glad I tried it once it bundled.

        Like most traditional roguelikes, there’s a free version of ADOM available for download, so it’s a way to test out whether it’s hit or miss on a personal basis. Said free version was sitting in my hard drive since 1 Jul. I was just lazy and didn’t quite get around to taste testing it yet. Sometimes procrastination is helpful!


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