Tales from Eorzea #1 – How do MMOs work again?

So, last week I created a character in Final Fantasy XIV Online and did some questing… and for today’s post, I decided to do more quests. I mean, that’s what MMOs are about, right? Right? Now that I think about it I haven’t played an MMO in ages and while BDO’s main quest was tied to your level… kinda… and while there were fewer quests but they gave more experience, I didn’t feel like I was doing anything wrong. Meanwhile, I noticed that this approach of just doing quests all day was a bit flawed in the world of Eorzea as there is way too much to do! All the quests that I was given gave very few experience points overall and the equipment rewards were not that good. Most of the time, my starting gear was better, actually, so I guess from now on I’ll try to do the main quest more. At least until I get a mount. I mean, the back and forth is annoying. Fast travel is expensive. I need a mount and for that I need… level 15 I think? 

But owo, what’s that?! The Hunting Log? – I essentially got sidetracked and hunted down a lot of the Rank 1 Thaumaturge mobs and completed it upon which I was awarded a lot of experience points. The Rank 2 mobs were stronger but doable. In the end, I just spammed sleep and lightning on the strongest enemies, followed by a lot of Fire spells and then I transposed my element to Ice, spammed Blizzard until my mana was full and usually stuff would die quickly. The Tuco-Tucos are where I hit my head though. They took a lot longer, mainly because they were level 14 and I used a lot of potions as well against them, so in the end, I realised I’m not strong enough for the rest of this stuff. I’ll have to check out the Myotragus Nanny and other critters later once I’m around Level 15/16 maybe? Oh well.

Before I eventually returned to the Main Quest, though, I discovered the job system in the game. I’ve read about all of this before on a lot of blogs but I haven’t actually seen it in-game yet. So, I ended up levelling up Goldsmith to Level 13 and picked up the Alchemist’s and Miner’s Trade while I’m at it. I like the idea of using different manoeuvres to get to 100% progress and 100% quality without messing up the durability. At least that’s the case for the Goldsmiths and I created some nice items already. In the end, though, I’m still no master goldsmith, and essentially I’ll have to train more and gather more resources to be able to fund this job. I mean, I still have to buy the materials right now. Maybe I can later create stuff and make a profit. Btw, one of the annoying parts about this questline for the job advancements was that I crafted 12 Gold Rings because it asked me to get 12 Gold Rings. What I didn’t know is that those didn’t do it as there’s “Gold Rings” and “Gold Ring” as craftable items. Anyway, I made those two and sold them afterwards and got not as much Gil back as I invested, which was a bummer. But still, the crafting is fun and I’m looking forward to the later stages of the different jobs.

Either way, let’s get into the main quest, shall we? The Main Scenario Quest that I currently am working on is “Underneath the Sultantree”. I didn’t get the storyline so far but apparently, that’s not on me… It just sucks. But hey, it’s starting to pick up the pace a bit and make kinda sense? We go to this tree because Papashan is worried about Lady Lilira. At the tree, Lilira gets attacked by voidsent creatures, we defend her, pick up a crystal, talk to a female voice called Hydaelyn, find out that we’re a Warrior of Light or something? I think? That’s it right? Either way, we’re some form of a chosen one to fight off the darkness and with Lilira’s safety guaranteed, Papashan is happy, so we are happy. Either way, received some experience points and Gil and essentially sit here now at Level 13, halfway there to the next level… Our next quest is “Step Nine” where Cicidoa needs us to deliver a gift to the Coffer & Coffin but I’ll probably do that next time.

I’m enjoying Final Fantasy XIV Online a lot so far. It’s a bummer though that the servers are kind of swamped. I mean, you sometimes have a queue that takes ten to fifteen minutes until you can join the game. There are even times where I can’t log in at all and where I can’t even wait in the queue because I’m only on the free trial. Square Enix responded with a statement that they’re working on it but uh… still it’s a bit annoying. But other than that I am really liking it. Hope you enjoyed this post! Will do another one of these next Sunday. Until then…


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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