Blaugust 2021 – Participant Appreciation Post

It’s another year of Blaugust and I’ve been a bit struggling health-wise as of late with sleep issues, nightmares, anxiety and all of that annoying stuff. My headache’s gotten worse and my headspace isn’t in the best place right now, so I’m actually really excited about this month! After all, there are not only the usuals participating but there are also plenty of new and old faces showing up and participating, bringing life to the Blogging Community! I won’t lie, I’ve been looking forward to this month for way too long now and it’s finally here and I’ll have to read plenty more blog posts… It’s gonna be fun! Either way, today I wanted to take a look at the participants’ list and essentially provide a “hub” of sorts that I’ll link to with some nice words and all of that. At the end of each post throughout this month, I’ll effectively link to this post then so that you can check everyone out. Obviously, I could also just link to Bel’s post but I don’t want to spam his pingbacks… and I could also link to this document here with all the participants but I figured a quick description about what people do or what I like about their blogs would be better than just chugging names and data into your faces. Regardless, if you like data, uh,… I linked it up there so check that list out. Heh. Either way, this year there are 42 participants, so this post will probably be quite the long one… So, strap on, grab a cup of coffee, tea, soda, or whatever beverage you prefer, and enjoy a whole lot of bloggers.

But before that: 

Effectively, I don’t want to spam pingbacks to Bel and hence, you can find a link to Bel’s post up there and you’ll see this block down here show up below every blog post during this month, linking back to this post here, which should work better. So, that’s what’s up with this next sentence, essentially:

This post is part of the Blaugust 2021 event. For more information on that, check out this post!

Adelle from Pixel Fairy is a returning blogger who stopped quite a while ago because of life or other reasons. But hey, they’re back and ready for more! They play a bit of Final Fantasy XIV Online as well and seem quite friendly. Looking forward to reading more of their posts!

Alli from The Parent Trope is another blogger that took a break and came back successfully. Alli’s a proud mother of two and writes about video games, parenting, and the combination of the two. Her son sucks at console games and her post on Ikenfell warmed my heart, so check her out!

Ashgar from Ash’s Adventures also is another returning blogger that took a break and finally returned. Ashgar writes about video games in general from Lancer to Omensight to other titles and I’m kind of excited about their thoughts on some other titles! After all, Ashgar counts Risk of Rain as one of their favourite roguelike games, just like me.

Aywren over at Spot of Mummery is actually one of the first bloggers I followed when I first started Indiecator. I really enjoy her posts on Final Fantasy XIV Online as well as The Sims. The posts she writes are great and even though I didn’t care about FFXIV Online when I first started reading her stuff, the posts actually kept me engaged and entertained, so I just kept up with most of them, even though I didn’t understand anything! 

Belghast over at Tales of the Aggronaut is – not only the host of Blaugust but also – a phenomenal blogger with some incredibly cute cats and a nice podcast. I enjoy reading his posts on Mixtapes, Final Fantasy, other MMOs and Games, as well as current events. Really recommend checking him out!

Bhagpuss over at Inventory Full is a nice blogger that writes about a lot of different topics from games to music. I really like their music posts because of how I always find something that I didn’t listen to yet but that I like. Sure, not everything is my cup of tea music-wise but when I find a gem, I appreciate the post a lot and you should, too!

Blockade85 over at A Page Where My Brain Leaks Onto writes about all sorts of things. Their blog doesn’t only sound like a Crywank album (that’s a compliment btw) but it also features a lot of great posts on personal topics and gaming. I really like their way with the words and their overall style.

Chestnut over at Gamer Girl Confessions is actually the person that got me into Twitch. She streams on there, so I checked out her channel but she was hosting someone else and through that person, I got to know a lot of other people and I’m grateful for that. Either way, on her blog she not only gives great advice on blogging but she also writes about FFXIV Online as well as Dead By Daylight, books, and other topics. Check her out!

Easha and Poppy over at Glitterly Girly Gwent Gaming write about Gwent primarily with some talk about lore, guides, and cosmetics. What I really like about their blog is the whole idea of Poppy writing in a different colour than Easha and I love their formating in posts overall with many pictures in different positions that really work overall. You may not expect a huge quantity of posts but you certainly will get high-quality posts over here. Also, I’m getting into Gwent soon, so I’ll read up on their stuff more soon.

Endalia over at Narratess is an author, blogger and amazing writer that I can really recommend. I really enjoy reading her short stories whenever I get a chance to. Her writing tips and book reviews are amazing and I can really recommend checking out Endalia/Tessa over here!

Everwake over at Everwake’s Adventures writes about all sorts of topics from MMOs to other games. Their posts on Among Us, Outriders, Assassin’s Creed, and other titles are quite well-written and honestly, I need to read up on more of their posts sometime soon, once they publish more this month. Really looking forward to that!

Jaedia over at Dragons and Whimsy writes about books, video games, tabletop games, music, some mental health and life stuff, as well as all sorts of other topics. Over on Twitter and on our Blaugust Discord Jaedia has been a very friendly bean, and I’m getting very cosy and friendly vibes from her writing as well, so I’m looking forward to reading more from her soon.

James over at MMO Folklorist writes about all the interesting things that happen in their MMO adventures. They’re passionate about games and have been playing games ever since the early ’90s, so I’m looking forward to hearing their thoughts on some topics as time goes on and as I read more on their blog!

Jen over at Book of Jen writes mostly about games and books. From Book Reviews that are really well-written to their thoughts on Diablo, Animal Crossing, Birds, and Chronic Illness, there are a lot of interesting and quite enjoyable. 

Kaylriene writes about all sorts of things from their MMO adventures. They write about World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV Online, as well as other topics like game design discussions and related stuff. Looking forward to reading more on all of that!

Kluwes over at Many Welps also plays MMOs and other games. They write about gaming related discussions, as well as Phantasy Star Online and their backlog. I really enjoyed their more recent post on The Pedestrian, a great puzzle game that I have yet to review, and Kluwes is also participating in the XCOM2 Succession Game Series that I’m also a part of.

Knifesedge writes about Gaming, Gardening, Reviews, and Indie Horror Novels. I haven’t actually had too much time to read their older posts but as far as I can tell, they’re another returning blogger and I’m glad they’re back as I’d love to read up on how to keep my plants alive!

Krikket over at Nerd Girl Thoughts is a fellow Review Blogger that writes about all sorts of games, from Indie Game Reviews to First Impressions to Demos and Books. Krikket is great and I’ve been reading her posts for quite some time now, so really recommending her!

Me. Heya. I’m here. You’re on my blog and because the list is alphabetical uh… Hi. Well, I’m Magi/Dan, go by he/him for my pronouns, and I write about mostly Indie Stuff but also about other stuff.

Mailvaltar writes about MMOs and other stuff from Lost Ark to Diablo to Genshin Impact and single-player games. You can find all sorts of interesting posts over here and I can really recommend checking these posts out.

Mike over at A Missioneer in Eve writes about all sorts of things from Eve to other topics. I sadly didn’t have too much time to browse their blog but I’m sure they’re cool.

MMOJuggler is a blog about MMOs but what’s interesting is that they write a lot about The Elder Scrolls Online as well as the odd Pokémon GO post here and there. I never got into Elder Scrolls Online personally but I like reading about it as there are some interesting touches in the world and all of that that are quite enjoyable to read about.

Naithin over at Time to Loot is probably one of my favourite bloggers. Not only does he host and keep track of the Succession Game series but he also inspired me to do the Humble Monthly/Choice posts and I’ve been enjoying their other posts on Final Fantasy XIV Online as well as Dark Souls and other topics. Can highly recommend Nait!

Nimgimli over at Dragonchasers writes about games in general from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to Drake Hollow. I’m actually surprised that there is another Drake Hollow player over here as I absolutely loved it and as I love The Molasses Flood, so I’m raring to hear their thoughts on other Indie titles as time goes on.

Nogamara over at Battle Stance is a blogger that writes mostly about MMOs like World of Warcraft and EVE Online. He’s told to rant a lot, which is “mostly true”, but overall he’s a nice bean that I like talking to on the Blaugust Discord and I’m sadly not too much into EVE and WoW but whenever I see a post on a different topic, I like reading it, usually.

Rakuno over at Shards of Imagination is a blogger that writes about all sorts of games and topics from Final Fantasy XIV Online to Dungeons & Dragons, Mass Effect, and Pathfinder. He’s also another participant of the XCOM 2 Succession Game Series!

Rambling Redshirt over here at Beyond Tannhauser Gate is another blogger that is participating in the XCOM 2 Succession Game Series but he also writes about all sorts of topics from DC and comics to The Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars!

Roger over at Contains Moderate Peril is another one of my favourite bloggers. He’s probably the most sophisticated blogger I know and whenever I read a post by him on movie reviews, gaming, gaming-related topics and discussions, as well as politics,… I can’t help but learn a new word or a few, which is amazing. His writing style is great and he has a way with words that draws you in and leaves you looking forward to the next post. Can highly recommend his blog!

Rowan over at I Have Touched The Sky is another returning blogger that hasn’t participated in Blaugust in five years. Regardless of that, though, we welcome Rowan back and this one’s another one of those blogs that I’m looking forward to reading more from because I didn’t quite have the time to read much yet. They post about all sorts of topics, from what I can see, and their tagline is a glorious alliteration that is very much appreciated in this day and age.

SDWeasel over at Unidentified Signal Source writes about all sorts of things. From their first impressions of New World to Echoes of Mana to ramblings on all sorts of other topics, there are a lot of great posts here and I can really recommend their blog because I like their writing style.

Shadowz over at Shadowz Abstract Gaming is also participating.

Solarayo over at Ace Asunder is not only a fellow member of the LGBTQIA+ community but also another blogger that writes about Final Fantasy XIV Online and no longer about World of Warcraft, for obvious reasons. Their blog is great and I used to read a lot of their stuff but eventually, life happened and I’m glad that I’ve got a bit more time now to read up on what I missed!

Stargrace over at Nomadic Gamers, Eh! is a blogger who writes all sorts of posts on gaming, gaming-related topics, her life, yarn-related topics and her creations. There are a lot of nice posts on this blog and I really like Stargrace’s style of writing, so check her out some time!

Stingite from The Friendly Necromancer is not only a fellow undead necromancer but also an MMO and Gaming Blogger that got me into My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. He writes about a lot of different games from 7 Days to Die to Wizard101 and I can’t help but recommend this guy. Again, his posts are interesting, entertaining and rather easy to read!

Telwyn from Gaming SF writes about all sorts of games as well from Lord of the Rings Online, Final Fantasy XIV Online, and Ever Quest 2 to Rift, Star Wars the Old Republic, and Guild Wars. Telwyn is essentially the MMORPG wildcard. Name it, they probably played it! Check them out!

Thyanel from Thyanel Plays is a returning blogger that just got back into it again and is already participating in Blaugust. Thyanel is a streamer, larper and gamer that plans on writing about anything that they’re interested in. Looking forward to it!

Tipa from Chasing Dings! is a gem that essentially writes about Final Fantasy XIV Online and other games. She writes about all sorts of topics and games and generally, it’s been nice to read her posts on roguelikes and Final Fantasy XIV. Also, she showed me Mahjong in FFXIV once and seems to be pretty good at it.

UltrViolet from Endgame Viable writes mostly about games and has been at it for nearly a decade. His current blog was created in 2012 and renamed in 2013 and he effectively is posting about Final Fantasy XIV Online as well as The Surge right now, so check that out if you haven’t yet!

WelshFox over at JamiesVlogUK is a YouTuber primarily that posts VLOGs and that streams on Twitch. I think Jamie used to blog as well but I’m not entirely sure, actually, as I can’t find anything on his YouTube channel or on Twitter. Either way, Jamie is a fellow member of the LGBTQIA+ community and honestly a rather lovely guy. I think I caught him and his husband on Twitch a while ago and they were incredibly sweet and adorable together, hence recommended!

Wilhelm over at The Ancient Gaming Noob is primarily writing about MMOs and Blogging. He has these bullet point posts about all sorts of topics that are incredibly interesting and he does these monthly wrap-up posts that summarise each month before continuing onto what happened five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years ago. I really like those posts, especially!

Wolfyseyes from Through Wolfy’s Eyes is a blogger that also covers a lot of Final Fantasy XIV Online stuff but also other topics. From what I can tell, they’re also returning and while I’d like to say more about them, I didn’t have enough time yet to read up on their older posts. Effectively, I don’t know much about them but I’m sure they’re great!

Zapp from Leeterati is another blogger that writes about Writing, Reading and Gaming. Their last post was from Blapril 2020, so a year ago, but effectively I haven’t seen any new posts by them yet and hence, it’s a similar case of “too many posts to read and not enough time”: But since they’re another Blaugustan, I can probably say quite surely that… I don’t know much about them but I’m sure they’re great.

Either way, that’s essentially it for the post. After nearly 3k words, I was able to successfully link to and write about 47 participants (including me). I’m really looking forward to this year’s Blaugust. In hindsight linking to everyone and leaving it at that would have probably been better but uh… whatever. This is better for the community spirit, I’d say, and I hope my 100% true compliments that I had for most of these people make someone’s day.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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    1. It took ages, especially because I wanted to do something special about that post this year and I was browsing people’s blogs to get to know them.
      But it was worth it. Glad you like it. :)

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    1. Honestly, I originally wanted to create a whole navigation section as well with a separate excel file where you click on different tags and categories and it shows you the MMO Bloggers or stuff… but it took me three hours already to read people’s blog posts, think about niceties, and write it all up + edit it. Either way, I ended up just creating this post and honestly, I’m quite proud of how it turned out. Hope it makes someone’s day. :D


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