Blaugust 2022 – Participant Appreciation Post!

As you may have noticed, it’s August… and that means it’s not only nearly Christmas but also time for the yearly blogging event, Blaugust! (For more information on that, check out Belghast’s Info post!)

And because it’s nearly Christmas (see above) and because there are a lot of pretty faces, new and returning alike, in the blog-o-sphere participating in this event this year, I wanted to write another post dedicated to spreading some love and saying a few nice things about each participant!

Some of you may remember last year’s Blaugust Participant Appreciation Post… I’m basically doing the same again: Read a few blog posts, link to the blog, and talk about what these blogs are about. It’s a whole thing. I had to wait a little to make this post given the lack of time I’ve been facing recently and because of the fact that there were plenty of people signing up later… and I wanted to do as few edits to the post as possible if that makes sense. I’m pretty sure that we got the bulk of bloggers signed up so far, with an overwhelming number of 67 blogs! Hooray!

Note: If I used the wrong pronouns for you, feel free to message me in Discord and I’ll get it fixed! I’ll apologize in advance. There are just so many new people that I don’t know (or whose pronouns just haven’t come up in posts or conversations yet) on the list…
I’ll probably default to “they/them” but if you prefer something else, just let me know.

Another Note: WordPress is telling me that this blog post is super long. Even with me only writing 2~4 lines per person, it ended up being longer than anticipated…

(4250 words, 24299 characters, 22 minutes to read)

Hence, you can use Ctrl+F to search for specific keywords like “MMOs” or “Life” or “Indie” or whatever. You can also search for people’s names if you want to see my thoughts on your blog or anyone in particular. The list of all participants can also be found here for easy access!

Or you simply click on any of these links to get to specific sections of the post with the blogger in question. By clicking on the first title there, “Appreciation”, you’ll get to the beginning of the actual post!


A Day in the Life of Flash

Flash33 from A Day In The Life Of Flash writes about a plethora of topics from personal posts to game-related topics and dream journals! Their “about me” post is pretty in-depth as well and from what I gathered, they seem to be a very kind-hearted person with an interesting writing style.

A Geek Girl’s Guide

Michelle from A Geek Girl’s Guide is pretty darn cool. On her blog, Michelle writes about all sorts of things from K-Pop, Disney, Broadway and Gaming to other topics, reviews, guides, and recommendations. Michelle is a great person, so go check her out!

A Missioneer in Eve

Mike Azariah from A Missioneer in Eve writes primarily about Eve Online, in character as someone named “Jiorji” but they also talk about their life and other topics that come up. Honestly, I regret not reading too much of their blog last year since their in-character writing is pretty well done!

A Nerdy Fujo Cries

Crimson from A Nerdy Fujo Cries primarily talks about “boys, anime, manga and more boys”. As the name suggests, a lot of this is BL – which is pretty darn nice. For anyone that doesn’t know what BL stands for, don’t google. Go check out Crimson. She’s great!

A Vuletas Por los Mundos

Jamedi from A Vuletas Por los Mundos is a Gwent Player, blogger and streamer that likes fantasy, sci-fi, horror, books, and bird-watching. From our interactions in the Blaugust discord, they seem to be a pretty nice person, so I’m looking forward to reading more of their posts in the future!

Ace Asunder

Solarayo from Ace Asunder is pretty great as well. I know them through “The Support Role” (just like Michelle and others here), so I’ve been reading posts by them from time to time. My favourite posts from Ace Asunder are probably the platinum hunts but Sola also writes reviews and other stuff!

Alligators and Aneurysms

JD Weber from Alligators and Aneurysms seems like a pretty cool guy. He’s “just a dude interested in books, writing, reading, games, music and making” and if you check out his About Section, you’ll see that he’s also ready for Christmas. We’re nearly there, after all! JD’s insights on books are pretty well-written, so I’d love it if more people gave them a read!

Aywren’s Nook – Gaming and Geek Blog

Aywren from Aywren’s Nook – Gaming and Geek Blog is an amazing friend and person that has helped me out plenty of times with great advice for the blog and stuff. Also, if you don’t know Aywren, you’re missing out. Go follow her. Currently, Aywren writes a lot about tech stuff but she also writes about FF14 and other games – it is always a pleasure to read those posts!

Battle Stance

Nogamara from Battle Stance is a blogger that writes mostly about MMOs like WoW and Eve Online. He’s a nice bean that I really enjoy talking to on the Blaugust Discord and while I’m not really into MMOs at the moment, the posts that I still read are always pretty well-written and honestly, a treat.

Beyond Tannhauser Gate

Rambling Redshirt from Beyond Tannhauser Gate is another blogger that is returning this year. It’s always a pleasure to read posts on his blog from gaming-related stuff to NBI-stuff and daily stuff. As the name suggests Red rambles a lot… If you know my blog, you know that I do, too,… so naturally, I enjoy reading his posts a lot, no matter the topic. They’re really well-written and Rambling Redshirt’s a great guy!

Bio Break / Mutant Reviewers

Syp from Bio Break and Mutant Reviewers is a pretty great person that regularly talks about MMOs and gaming as a whole. Not only does he write on here, though, but Syp is also a reporter on Massively OP which is HUGE and he supports smaller bloggers regularly by talking about and linking to their posts in a Massively Column – I was featured, too, and it really made my heart skip a beat!

Blogging with Dragons

Kate’s blog Blogging with Dragons not only looks dashing and absolutely adorable but it also features pretty cool book reviews as well as posts on gaming and other topics that are all very well written. Just recently, Kate talked about how you gotta play Stray – and I agree. Listen to her!

Book of Jen

Jen from Book of Jen is a freelance blogger that also writes about all sorts of things from books to gaming. Jen also has a podcast where they read one of their own original pieces in each episode, and they also write about Diablo and other topics.


Wildwynd from Breakingwynd is a returning blogger that is trying to get back into the groove, and I applaud it! Their blog talks a lot about all sorts of things from their life and opinions to WoW and other games. Their post on “finding their voice” in particular really resonated with me.

Casual Aggro

Ocho from Casual Aggro writes about MMOs and other games. I didn’t know about them until now, to be fair, and from what it looks like, they’re getting back into blogging after quite a break but it’s honestly been nice to read their posts on gaming and bloggers and other interesting stuff that I’m too young to know about!

Chasing Dings

Tipa from Chasing Dings is a gem of a person that essentially writes about Final Fantasy XIV Online and other games, primarily. She also showed me Majong in Final Fantasy XIV Online quite a while ago which I think about a lot from time to time. For this year’s Blaugust, she’s writing about 31 different video games ideas that are AI-generated in a way. Pretty cool stuff!

Cinder Says

Cinder from Cinder Says writes about gaming, crafting, writing… and most importantly cats. The few posts I’ve got to check out felt very… “cosy” if that makes sense. It honestly is a nice writing style that they’re going for and I like reading about what they’re reading at the moment. I gotta read more. Also cats.

Contains Moderate Peril

Roger from Contains Moderate Peril is probably one of my favourite bloggers out there. I just love everything he writes from the gaming-related posts to his political posts to his opinions – and he definitely has a way with words! I also enjoy listening to the CMP podcast. I highly recommend checking out Roger!

Cubic Creativity

StalkingVengeance from Cubic Creativity is a blogger that mainly writes about card games and video games. I liked reading his posts on Yu-Gi-Oh Archetypes and I can’t wait to read more of his post in his “Magic on a Budget” column. Pretty darn interesting!

Dice, Tokens, and Tulip

Sita from Dice, Tokens, and Tulip is also participating in this event but it seems that their blog is still under construction. I will have to return to this one once it’s up and running!

Digital Visceral

Retromantra from Digital Visceral is a first-time Blaugust participant who writes about a plethora of topics from Gaming to Life. The latest posts were actually about challenge/speed runs on Halo 2 LASO Deathless, something that is apparently really hard. I wouldn’t know as I didn’t play any Halo games… but it seems to be quite the task!

Dispatches from Darksyde

DarksydeTed from Dispatches from Darksyde is a new blogger that only just created their blog. Their interests include philosophy, Warhammer 40k, miniature models, paintings, mental health, spirituality, MTG alter art, politics, and other things – so a wide mix of topics that would be interesting to read about!

Dragons and Whimsy

Jaedia from Dragons and Whimsy is a returning blogger that writes about books, video games, tabletop games, music, some mental health and life stuff, as well as all sorts of other topics. I really enjoy chatting with her on Discord and I learned a lot from her which I’m forever grateful for. She’s a good bean.

Endgame Viable

UltrViolet from Endgame Viable is another returning blogger that writes mostly about games and has been at it for quite a long time (it all started in 2012). On his blog, UlrViolet talks about games he’s playing, programming, music, blogging, and writing. Pretty cool guy! He also has a cat named Gracie.


Everwake from is a blogger that just relaunched his site after switching away from Blogger. Thank god. I’m not a fan of that platform, so it’s nice to see Ever join the good side. Anyway, previously before the switch, Everwake talked a lot about MMOs and other games. Looking forward to future posts!

Everything Is Bad For You

AK from Everything Is Bad For You is a blogger I’ve known for a while through The Support Role crew but they’re taking part in Blaugust for the first time and I’m excited for it! AK talks a lot about video games, anime, music, general weeb stuff, and some lawyering-related stuff. Pretty swell person! I also really like their reviews!


PO8 from FOB III: A Blog is a new blogger who just launched their site and is still experimenting a lot with what they’re doing on their blog. They seem to write about Technology, Opinions, and Creative things, which is pretty cool!

Frostilyte Writes (and doodles)

Frostilyte from Frostilyte Writes is a blogger that I know through The Support Role and Naithin. I really like his reviews and honestly, I love talking to this guy in private whenever I get the chance to. He also does posts on drawing (which got me back into digital art in the first place) and this is his first Blaugust!
Also, when I played Amogus with a bunch of bloggers, I would target him first always. :)

GamerLadyP – Gaming, Books and Musings of a Lady Gamer

GamerLadyP from GamerLadyP – Gaming, Books and Musings of a Lady Gamer is a blogger that writes a lot about video games, MMOs and Opinions. They also have a pretty adorable dog (check out the About page for that!) and they’re a lovely person to talk to on the Discord Server.


Omni from GamingOmnivore is also participating for the first time in Blaugust – and he eats video games which is an odd thing to do but hey, you do you. Jokes aside, Omni is pretty darn great and I like his thoughts on them vidya games a lot. I also know him through Frosti and The Support Role – and his stream is really nice! Go check him out!

Glittery Girly Gwent Gaming

Easha Dustfeather & Princess Poppy from Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming are bloggers that primarily write about GWENT, like once in a while. And they’re really cool. The interesting part about their blog is that they essentially have two styles per post based on who of them is talking about stuff, which is incredibly unique and well-done!

Going Commando / Priest With A Cause

Shintar from Going Commando and Priest With a Cause writes a lot about Star Wars: The Old Republic… and by “a lot”, I mean “A LOT”. They’ve been writing about the game “[…] since 2011, which probably makes it the oldest, most consistently updates personal fan blog about the game on the net”, which is pretty darn impressive! On Priest With a Cause, they also write about WoW Classic!

Hundstrasse: Rambles about Games

Hundstrasse from Hundstrasse: Rambles About Games is another first-time-Blaugustan but their blog has been around for quite a while. I know Hundstraße or Dogstreet through Kim from LaterLevels and through The Support Role and I really enjoy their little comics, thoughts, and anything they write really!

I have Touched The Sky

Rowan from I Have Touched the Sky is a returning blogger that writes about MMOs, Rants and Ramblings. They haven’t blogged in a while, so it’s nice to see them returning!

Indiecator (Hey, that’s me!)

And then there’s me as well. Hello, I’m Magi or Dan from Indiecator. I love Indie Games and this blog is a passion project of mine, essentially, where I voice my opinions on things, stuff, and games. I also write a lot of reviews (see “Indietail) on Indie Games and stuff. Been doing this for three years now and I plan on keeping it up!

Inventory Full

Bhagpuss from Inventory Full is a really cool person that writes about all sorts of things from Gaming in general to MMOs and music. I really like how whenever I check out their blog, Bhagpuss introduces me to new music that is really, really good! Also, their blog roll is amazing!

Just Call Me Roybert

Roybert from Just Call Me Roybert is someone I know through a streamer called LiterallyTony and who was writing somewhat regularly already when I got to know him but who really got into blogging as of late. I love his posts on his past experience and life. A lot of his posts are fairly easy to read and light-hearted, I’d say, and it has honestly become one of my favourite blogs pretty quickly.

Kay Talks Games

Kay from Kay Talks Games is “just a girl who loves games”. They talk a lot about a variety of topics that are gaming-related and I love what they’re doing with the Blaugust prompts. On top of that, it’s amazing that they put a spoiler warning at the beginning of every post, which is very commendable!


Kaylriene is another blogger who talks about MMOs, Tech stuff, and whatever else they like. They currently write a lot about Final Fantasy XIV, MMO news, and discusses their opinions on these.

Knifesedge Blogs

Knifesedge Games from Knifesedge Blogs writes about Gaming, Gardening, Reviews, and Indie Horror Novels. It’s nice to see them returning to the blog-o-sphere again, especially as my plants are dying and as I’ve got no clue why that’s happening. We definitely need more gardening posts!


UnwiseOwl from Leaflocker is honestly a great person to talk to on Discord and they talk about so many different things that it’s hard to sum it up in just a few sentences. Either way, though, Owl had a great idea the other day: They called for Reviews on Humble Choice games. You can read about that on their blog!

Ludo Llama

Cassie from Ludo Llama is a new blogger and first-time entry for the Blaugust event that writes about games, primarily. There haven’t been too many posts on the blog yet, mostly since we’re only five days into August, but I’m sure they’re a pretty cool person!

Mailvaltar – MMOs and other Stuff

Mailvaltar from Mailvaltar – MMOs and other stuff writes about… well,… MMOs and other stuff. Duh. Lately, you can find a lot of posts on Hunt: Showdown on Mailvaltar’s blog as well as other stuff. Honestly, pretty great stuff!

Many Welps

Kluwes from Many Welps writes about gaming-related discussions, as well as MMOs and their backlog. In contrast to me, Kluwes is still participating in the XCOM2 Succession Game Series hosted by Nathin, but he also writes about other games such as Summer in Mara and Aliens: Fireteam Elite! I really liked Kluwes’ thoughts on Summer In Mara, in particular.


MeghanPlaysGames is another blogger I know through The Support Role and Frosti and others. She’s a super cool person, completely new to Blaugust, and I really enjoyed hanging out with her in the past. We played Amogus together, lol. Anyway, her blog is pretty darn great. Meghan writes a lot of really good reviews. Go check her out!

MMO Casual

Joar from MMO Casual writes about the stuff they are getting done in games, primarily MMOs. From what I’ve read, Joar started their blog back in June 2009 and had rather ambitious goals of maxing out characters on different alts and classes, and honestly, it’s been fun to read up on some of their latest posts!

Monsterlady’s Diary

Monsterlady from Monsterlady’s Diary is a long-term blogger that is participating in Blaugust for the first time. She is a PC/Nintendo gamer that writes reviews on her blog and I believe I got to know her through Belghast and a Facebook Group at some point. Either way, I really love her reviews and her writing style!


Endalia from Narratess is an author (and a pretty great one at that!) and blogger from the Netherlands who talks about mostly books on her blog but also about her experiences with chronic pain and about games from time to time. Go check her out!

Nerd Girl Thoughts

Krikket from Nerd Girl Thoughts is another great blogger that you may have heard of already if you’ve been following my blog for a while. She writes a lot of great reviews on Indie Titles and is a big inspiration for me. On top of that, she’s also responsible for starting the “Just One Percent” challenge that I’m taking a part in!

Nerdy Bookahs

Paeroka from Nerdy Bookahs writes primarily about MMOs and Indie Games. I really enjoy her “Quick Impressions”, one of which she just recently released on a game called “Emily is Away <3”. She also frequently talks about other gaming-related topics and shares her insights which are pretty nice reads.


Stargrace from NomadicGamersEh writes all sorts of posts on gaming, gaming-related topics, her life, yarn-related topics and her creations. She’s also part of Belghast’s “AggroChat” podcast and I really like her writing style and her taste in games!

Overage Gaming

Static from Overage-Gaming is another blogger that is participating in Blaugust for the first time. On their blog, Static primarily writes Reviews on Indie titles, some of which even I haven’t heard of!

Shadowlands and getting back into the Game

Marathal from Shadowlands and getting back into the game is honestly such a kind soul. When I talked about some personal stuff on here, they reached out to me and were being very supportive and nice – and it made me feel a lot better. Anyway, their blog is primarily about MMOs and video games but also other topics and it’s always a pleasure to read those.

Shadowz Abstract Gaming

Shad0wz from Shadowz Abstract Gaming is participating as well.


Eldae from StarShadow writes about all sorts of gaming-related topics and MMOs. I really have been enjoying their Minecraft post recently that has been sitting in their drafts for a longer time, it seems, and it was a very good read!

Tales from the Aggronaut

Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut is not only this events organizer but also a great blogger that writes about MMOs, video games, and other topics. I really enjoy reading his posts on all topics. He also hosts the AggroChat podcast which is great to listen to. Highly recommended!

The Ancient Gaming Noob

Wilhelm Arcturus from The Ancient Gaming Noob writes primarily about primarily writing about MMOs, such as WoW and Eve Online, and he also does these monthly posts where he looks back on what he has been up to years and years ago on the blog. Honestly amazing!

The Friendly Necromancer

Stingite from The Friendly Necromancer is not only a great blogger but also a fellow necromancer. That means he’s a great guy! QED. He primarily writes about MMOs and other games and his writing style is pretty darn nice, so go give him a read!

The Ghastly Gamer

Ghastly from The Ghastly Gamer is a first-time-Blaugustan that writes primarily about games (and other hobbies). Recently, they shared their thoughts on Astrologer which is a pretty underrated game in my opinion that I haven’t spent too much time in yet sadly.

The Last Chapter Guild

Atheren from The Last Chapter Guild writes primarily about MMOs and Adventure Games. I haven’t had time to spend too much time on this blog just yet but I really appreciate the chalkboard aesthetic!

Time To Loot

Naithin from Time To Loot is a great guy! Also, he’s a blogger who plays a variety of games and talks about them, alongside posts about Humble Choice and other interests. My Humble Choice series is inspired by his and he sparked a lot of Play-Alongs and Community-Projects with other bloggers that were a lot of fun to participate in. Go check him out!

Unidentified Signal Source

SDWeasel from Unidentified Signal Source is someone who writes about all sorts of things. Honestly, their blog is a treasure trove full of great topics and prompts – and I look forward to every post they publish. Go give them a read!


WelshFox from JamiesVlogUK is a vlogger that does these sorts of vlogs/videos on all sorts of things and they’re quite entertaining to watch, especially because of how short they’re generally are. Also, WelshFox has a really pleasant voice.


WelshTroll from Welshtroll – Point, Click, Repeat is another blogger that talks about a wide variety of things from games they’re playing to real life and whatever else comes to mind. Their recent posts have been quite good reads and I’m looking forward to spending more time here.

Words Under My Name

Blockade85 from Words Under My Name is someone I deeply relate to. Honestly, Blockade’s posts are at times so raw and amazing that I’m speechless. Their block quickly became one of my favourites as well and it may be partially because of what a great person they are… So, if you’re there for posts on all sorts of topics from Opinions on current Happenings to Life, this one’s a great place to check out!

So, this post turned out longer than expected. Make sure to check these wonderful people out. If you didn’t just scroll past all of them and if you really did make it all the way down here, you’re a champ! Thanks a lot! This took me super long to write up but if it brings a smile onto people’s faces or if it drives traffic to their blogs, that’s gonna make it worth it. If you did scroll past everything, that’s valid as well btw. Hope you enjoyed the scroll!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

25 thoughts on “Blaugust 2022 – Participant Appreciation Post!

Add yours

  1. Wow, major respect for all the work that went into this – a true labor of love. And thank you for sharing your love with us! I super appreciate your kinds words of encouragement for me and everyone else.

    While I follow a number of these blogs, a few I just discovered here. I’ll need to go back and look through your list again – I think it’s an excellent way to introduce folks and get a little idea of who is who and what they enjoy writing about!

    Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Best advise I can give, keep the soil moist but don’t water the plant/fruits (that causes disease), mulch them (cover the soil with something like cut grass/straw/wood chips) make sure they have plenty of sun, feed once a weed (tomato feed works wonders). Also, if you are getting any suckers – little growth that comes through the “elbow” of the trunk and arms, pull them gently off (called pinching out).

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  2. I somehow missed this when it posted – so many posts in Blaugust! Amazing job – as Aywren says, you must have put so much work into it.

    I’m really pleased to hear you discovered some things you liked through my music posts. I love doing them but obviously a gaming/mmo blog isn’t the ideal place to be hardcore posting about music so I don’t do as many as I’d like. Thanks again for introducing me to Bonaparte on Discord, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, this one took me even longer than last year’s post, so I’m honestly really glad that people like(d) it! It makes it all the more worth it.

      And well, I figured that I can’t just write that “this person blogs about mmos/games” and just leave it at that, so I needed to definitely highlight your great taste in music!

      And yeah, I feel that. I think that way a lot as well but at the same time: Your blog, your posts! Just go ham with whatever you wanna share! I was thinking of maybe taking inspiration from that and writing some music posts as well with discoveries and some of my recent obsessions in the world of music… It would be fitting since I’m mostly listening to Indie anyway xD


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