Blaugust Prompt – 5 Facts About Myself

Today, I’m tackling the “Hot Topics” blaugchievement!

Hot Topics – Write at least one blog post based on the Blaugust Prompt List. Some years ago we had this whole “topic web ring” sort of thing that was a giant mess. However it did produce a pretty solid list of topical prompts, and my hope is that someone participating in this event will find them useful.” (from the Blaugchievement List)

My idea today is to write five things about me that I may not have addressed on the blog yet… and maybe some of this post can inspire people to tackle the “Getting Inspired” achievement as well by talking about their experiences with things I wanna talk about.

1. I only had bad experiences with DnD!

I was part of two DnD sessions in my life… in one of them, I was killed by my own party and not allowed to make a new character. To be fair, I played a Bard that was constantly singing… IRL… and nobody liked it. So, I got killed off and banished essentially. Didn’t do much with those guys afterwards.

In that other session that I was a part of, I played a Hill Dwarf Priest of the Forge Domain in 5e that set out on a journey to become a legendary blacksmith but his parents were merchants and didn’t like that one bit… so uh drama. Anyway, first session went great. But then, a few days later, our DM died in real life… so, no more DnD. To prevent having to put up trigger warnings, I’ll keep it at that.

But I still wanna play it. I’m sure it’s fun with the right people and stuff… but I just didn’t have good experiences.

2. English is my third language!

I mentioned it quite often, actually, to excuse any weird phrasings and my lack of common knowledge that is common in the US or UK or wherever… but I was born and raised in Germany but my first language was Albanian because my parents are not German. Anyway, because of that, I have an accent… even in German… meaning that my accent in English isn’t “just” a German accent.

To be fair, I got rid of most of the interference and my English has gotten pretty good over time. My German accent isn’t as audible anymore. It’s still there… but there is also something else there… something that people don’t know. Something dark. Something… Albanian. Idk.

During an oral exam at university, my lecturers said that I’m speaking American English and that I do have an accent but if they didn’t know, they wouldn’t be able to tell what it is exactly.

3. I wanna become a teacher!

Again, I mention this quite often… but I’m currently studying at University. More precisely, I’m studying Philosophy and English Studies with the aim of becoming a teacher in those two subjects. I had plenty of bad teachers… and just inept teachers… and I also great teachers and I wanna be a good teacher as well and make it so that school is more enjoyable.

Another thing is that I have ideals that are probably too lofty but uh, in Germany, you’re supposed to have equal chances… but people like me with a migration background don’t have the same chances as native German speakers, for instance. Even math isn’t easy when you don’t understand the question asked all that well. So, I’d like to provide students with the chance of catching up or I wanna provide them with extra exercise that is available if they want to. Especially students that are struggling could need some help probably. Parents can’t do everything.

Also, there are students that write great grades in exams but they are just so quiet in class due to shyness or anxieties or whatever that their whole grade suffers because of something called a “participation grade”. It’s stupid. Hence, I’d like to combat that by doing tests or collecting homework and notes and whatnot. I think that the participation grade doesn’t have to be oral at all. I was super shy back in high school and look at me now, I’m doing good. Didn’t need to be graded/punished for being shy or afraid to answer a question in front of the class.

4. I like recommending stuff to people.

Again, to nobody’s surprise, this one… is also pretty obvious.

I started a blog ages ago because when people asked me for game recommendations, I would recommend good games. So, my friends were like “you should write a blog or something”. So, I did. I published three reviews. I never did anything again and deleted my blog after getting doxxed and harassed.

I then started Indiecator three years ago, not too long after my significant other and I have gotten together, actually. I remember fondly that I googled blogging communities because I wasn’t sure if I should go back to Blogspot (which I hate(d)) or WordPress (which looked confusing af). Anyway, I stumbled across Blaugust… and I met great people. I also hurt my hand in what should be known as the “pizza accident” but in reality, barely anyone knows about it… which brings us to…

5. I’m an idiot. The scar on my hand proves it! (TW: Gore and Pizza – Skip if you’re not into that)

I once got some frozen pizza… and put it into the oven on a plate. I cracked an egg open on top of it and didn’t think much about it. Anyway, it got stuck to the plate so I grabbed a knife… and used force to free the pizza… and I ended up stabbing myself in the hand with such force that a fountain of blood emerged.

Anyway, I couldn’t find a bandage or anything and I was holding it under cold water (for whatever reason) and screaming for my flatmate… he didn’t hear me. I kicked open his door, bled everywhere, and then I passed out because I can’t see blood.

Anyway, when I awoke, my flatmate had bandaged my hand using toilet paper (low budget first-aid kit, lol) and when the wound reopened, I took the bus to the hospital.

I’m an idiot. I should have immediately called an ambulance. Anyway, I spend a long time there. Had to get stitches. I started blogging shortly after. The scar proves I’m an idiot.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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  1. Oh my do I have a few bad DnD game memories from my college years. Some of my friends and I decided to sign on for a game that was advertised in a local gaming store with a GM none of us knew. Whoooweee, I will never do that again! Things got so bad that I ended up trying to kill off my character and the GM wouldn’t let her die. We all bugged out after that session.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds horrible, sorry to hear! Yeah, my experiences are just limited and short, I guess, haha.

      But he wouldn’t kill your character? Was he just bad or did his game suck?


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