Tales from Eorzea #3 – Drybone Panic?

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Final Fantasy XIV Online but in essence, Sunday came before I knew it and then I already had a post scheduled for that day and afterwards I had internet troubles, health troubles, and at another time, I couldn’t connect to the game as the queues were full. Oh well. I finally had the chance to continue my quest of… Honestly, I have no idea why I’m doing what I’m doing, but hey, Final Fantasy is fun, so whatever!

Last time we completed the Secrets and Lies main quest. We now had to deliver the letter we received to Momodi at the Adventurer’s Guild in Ul’Dah. The letter is addressed to the Sultansworn elite Owyne who may be in the cahoots with Baldewyn, I thought, but it’s actually a ransom note. Something shady is going on right there, so Momodi tells us to be discrete about what’s been going on. The sultana has the support of the people but once she loses that, she won’t stand a chance against the Syndicate, the six wealthiest countries in the world of Eorzea. The crown was guarded by Owyne the night it was stolen. Because of that, Momodi suspects that he may be involved with Baldewyn (?) in a plot to dethrone the Sultana. If the loss of the crone was to be made public, it would tarnish the Sultana’s reputation. Hence, Momodi suspects that the missive – that Fufulupa found amongst Baldewyn’s possessions – was written by the perpetrators of this crime. Therefore, we have to bear the letter to its intended recipient, Owyne of the Sultansworn and offer our assistance.

Owyne mentions that there have been no clues as to who did this or where they went, so we chose to go with him to the Unholy Heir in Central Thanalan where we’re supposed to come for the exchange. There, the bandits call the deal off since Owyne was supposed to come alone. As they leave, Owyne hands them the requested item, The Trader’s Spurn (?), and they tell us about their plans to create an undead army and to attack Sil’dih. Just as combat is about to begin, Papashan and the other Sultansworn join us and we take down the bandits. The leader summons a voidsent and but with the power of friendship and other bonds, we manage to beat them all down! Papashan and the other Sultansworn chase after the remaining bandits to retrieve the crown but as we’re left alone, the ominous masked mage appears, summons a Lesser Gargoyle and attacks us! We… levelsynced and all of that… took actually relatively long to take the Gargoyle and the Mage out but luckily Thancred appears out of nowhere to help us out! The masked mage reveals that he’s part of the Paragons who are either the same as or just affiliated with the Ascians, the Bringers of Chaos. I’m not entirely sure what any of that means but hey, at least Thancred admits that he’s been stalking us, and he quickly leaves again.

Before we return to Ul’Dah to complete the quest “Duty, Honor, Country”, I decided to go to Drybone where I could not only knock out some of the Hunting Log monsters that I needed for Rank 2… but also the “Threat of Superiority” quest that was given to me by the Thaumaturge Guild. Previously, I had to cry in front of some Raging Merchants there to make up for the Guildmasters’ mistake of drinking all of the ether… and then they sent me here for some other request, so I figured I might as well combine this quest with the Hunting Log. Myotragus Nannies are actually quite slow, so killing three of those was relatively easy without losing too many potions. The only things remaining in the Hunting Log are the Blowfly Swarm, the Rotting Corpse, and the Bloated Bogy… all of which I have yet to find but it shouldn’t be too hard as they all are near Drybone, apparently.

Apparently, we have to destroy some sort of Urn but Cocobusi, still in his quest for recognition, wants to do it instead to get acknowledged by the other people in the Thaumaturge Guild… and then we get attacked by henchman, so we take care of those… and now, we have to destroy Mormo’s urn, a dark relic that is possessed by Mormo the Voidsent, who now is talking to Cocobusi, convincing him that he’s a nice voidsent. For whatever reason, we don’t stop Cocobusi from opening the lid and Mormo flies into his body and possesses him. Oh well, shit happens. Before we see how exactly that turns out for the Thaumaturge brothers, I wanted to get the rest of the Drybone monsters, though.

So, I searched for the remaining monsters and to my surprise, it was actually quite hard. I found the Rotting Corpses near the Invisible City. Of all places. I was mainly surprised as most of the Drybone features the same critters… and it didn’t look too large on the map but… it’s still hard to find some groups of enemies here. Anyway, the issue I had with this area was mainly that people would come in, pull all the monsters that are there, then defeat them (they were level 40 or something… the enemies were level 18 like me), and then it would take a while for them to respawn. They’d also BM me but I figured it’s a waste of time, so I just left and came back later. When I was back, I instantly pulled three monsters since contributing to someone else’s kill doesn’t count for the Hunting Log. I struggled a bit 1v3, so I put them to sleep and then hit them with fire spells one at a time, which proved to burn through my potions quite fast but at the same time, I finally got the Hunting Log entry, so that’s good.

The Blowfly Swarms could be found right next to Camp Drybone, slightly north of it. I wouldn’t have found them if it wasn’t for the wiki, to be honest. The Bloated Bogy can be found in Western Thanalan and for whatever reason, I thought that they, too, were in Drybone. So, I teleported to Horizon and headed to The Footfalls where I was destined to find a fellow adventurer that took me for a ride on their mount! The music was rad. I learned that you can link stuff with Ctrl+Rightclick and in the end, they even helped me kill three Bloated Bogy as they were a level above me. Pretty epic!

Either way, I’ll probably leave it at this for the session. I made (what felt like) plenty of progress, reached Level 19, learned Swiftcast, completed Rank 2 of the Hunting Log and made an acquaintance. Looking forward to more questing, levelling and more friendships in the next play session… I’m having a lot of fun with this, especially now that the story kinda makes sense? Very nice! As far as the “Drybone Panic!” title goes… I figured it’d be a fun title for this session as I struggled a bit with the Hunting Log: Finding monsters, defeating them, getting them snatched from me by toxic players, burning through all my potions, but in the end, it didn’t matter too much, overall. I mean, we had a friendly encounter and I wanna believe that for every toxic gamer there are ten awesome people like that in the game! So, I’m probably gonna get taught the opposite once I get into dungeons but hey, whatever, as long as I get to have fun, it’s fine, I guess?


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