About different pastimes

Today I wanted to talk about selecting different pastimes for an evening and selecting what to do. I’m not sure if other people feel the same as I on these things but when I wanna kick back in the evening, I often don’t watch a movie because “movies take too long to watch” (2 hours and sometimes longer) and I instead watch a show… But then I end up watching those shows for two hours or longer, often binging multiple episodes in a row and in the end, I end up having used more time on that show than I would have on a movie.

Similarly, games take different amounts of time to set up, play, or enjoy… and at the end of the day, I don’t have infinite amounts of time before I go to sleep. Hence, titles like League of Legends or Final Fantasy XIV Online often don’t actually make the cut in terms of what I play at the end of the day.

The issue with League is that it takes way too long to get into a game. Sure, ARAM doesn’t necessarily take too long but it can sometimes be rather unbalanced in terms of your team vs their team aka no damage and all melee vs a lot of poke damage and a lot of range… and you just wait until the round is over. Normal or Ranked games generally take ages to get into, though, because you need to queue up, hover your champion, ban a champion, pick the champion, and because of the Draft System that takes way too long usually… At the end of the day, it could take 10+ minutes to get into a game that may last 3 minutes when you have to remake or 30 minutes when you’re being quick or when it’s a stomp… and sometimes, it takes an hour or more to win or lose. And that “10+ minutes” number I mentioned doesn’t even factor in dodges, so it can take ages really and in the end, it may not even be that fun or entertaining for you because… it’s League…

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XIV Online is an MMO and I wanna play more of it but I know that I won’t make much progress at all if I just play for ten minutes per session. If I don’t have much time, I’d rather play something else if I really wanted to. MMOs take a bit longer, from my experience, and Final Fantasy XIV Online has been especially frustrating as loading it up just for the queue window to pop up is just annoying. Hence, I’ve been a bit more hesitant about starting that up if I wanted to kill some time.

But usually, when I complain about how I don’t have enough time for exactly those titles, I’d often play way more of another game even though I originally planned on not playing as much. Back 4 Blood, for instance, can swallow your time fast… So can Mini Metro or Kind Words or even a good Isaac run.

Do you ever choose to do one thing because “it takes less time” than another but then you spend more time on it than planned? Hope you enjoyed today’s ramblings!


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  1. One of the reasons that I play rogue-lites is that I can just start a run and it isn’t likely to last more than half an hour for a run. Or if they do, they have very clear places to pause.

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