“Indietail” or just “Review”

So, for a while now, I’ve been thinking of renaming the reviews from “Indietail” to “Review”. I guess the category would still be the same name but essentially it’s more about whether or not the title would say “Indietail – Backbone” or “Review – Backbone” or maybe even “Backbone – Review”. It’s not too big of a deal but I guess it would in theory be less confusing for people?

I guess accessibility is important to me, and I still have to revamp some of the blog’s layout a little bit more… Essentially this could make the blog more accessible and it would potentially even attract more people which would mean that more people see the reviews and it would also mean that more people would potentially play and enjoy a game that they otherwise wouldn’t have seen. I mean, that’s the ideal but essentially, I know that people will probably just read my opinion (if at all) and then they’ll tune to PC Gamer or Kotaku or something like that. It’s a whole thing, I guess? I’m probably just overthinking this but it could mean a lot of things and I’m not entirely sure if that’d be an improvement or not.

So, do you think that having posts in the “Indietail” category named “Review – HUMANKIND” or “HUMANKIND – Review” would be beneficial? Would you prefer something like that or would you rather see the same name across the board? I did already name some blog posts “Review – …” instead of “Indietail – …” in the past but I never was entirely sure if that’s more accessible or just better or anything. So let me know! Please! I’d love to hear some thoughts from you.

That’s about it actually for the post. Life is strange and sometimes the day just runs out before you know. And well, my best friend came over for the first time in forever and he wants to sleep soon, so I’ll naturally have to keep it somewhat short… but at the same time, it’s also not like I’ve got more to say on the topic. I mean, I’ve been struggling with this for a while but it’s not the biggest problem I have right now. (lol)


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3 thoughts on ““Indietail” or just “Review”

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  1. My personal opinion: Stick with “Indiedetail”.

    A review is something meant to help you decide if a game is worth your money. From my experience, people don’t read stuff on smaller sites like these to get financial advice or even to inform themselves. They read your stuff because they like you and your style.
    I’d say you’re running the risk of people thinking “okay, I don’t care about that game, so I won’t care about the review”, instead of “Hey, Dan released a new article, let’s read his Indietail”.

    Not that I am any benchmark, but when I stopped calling my reviews “review” in the title, they started to do a little better. Plus, I like the name “Indiedail”. It’s a fun pun and it suits you.


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