I’ve had an earworm for ten years now

“This is actually not something that I told too many people about…” is something that I’d like to say but there’s a bunch of people that I’ve asked over the past 10+ years because of this stupid song that is stuck in my head. I just enlisted the help of people over at the r/tipofmytongue subreddit to help me get closure. So far, people speculated that it may be American Boy, Always Be My Baby, Careless Whisper (guess this one didn’t read my context but whatever) or some songs by The Corrs. It’s a tricky subject but in essence, I’m looking for an old-ish song that has been sung in English by a female soft voice where it potentially says “radio” somewhere. I have the melody stuck in my head and I have no clue how to find it, which is why I’ve now recorded this sample here at Vocaroo that you can listen to at any time to either make fun of me or potentially help me get closure. I don’t even care if I like the song or not, anymore. It’s just there. Always. Maybe my headaches will stop once I know who the fuck sung that song.

The issue with this is that most people that I asked in the past don’t remember some random song that played on the radio before everyone forgot about the singer a week later. Normal people don’t remember that sorta stuff… especially not a decade later. And then there’s me! Hooray! So, I basically am bothered by not being able to figure it out. 

So, all I know is that I may or may not have had a bit of a crush on the singer, there’s potentially balloons in the music video, the singer is female, it’s a song that was popular around 2005 to 2008 and uh, it’s in English. There’s also this part here at the end of the refrain that I couldn’t quite get right in this recording here because it is a bit higher in its tone. I’d love it if people could help me find out what the title is so that I can tweet out at the artist and tell them about my story, lol.

Have you got a song like that that you can’t remember for the love of God? Or do you remember weird stuff like that that is totally not important but… it’s just stuck in your head? Idk.


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  1. Gods you would list the years I wasn’t paying much attention to pop music, wouldn’t you. xD Who was around back then.. hmm.. Rhianna, Leona Lewis… err…Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue.. Bat For Lashes, Florence and the Machine.. *blank* I’m sorry, I know how frustrating this is. Can’t remember what mine was or if I ever found it but I’ve been here, lol.

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    1. Your comment was flagged as spam because you were not only incredibly unoriginal but also incredibly obvious about your rickroll… Also, I only read comments through WordPress and it’s so sad that I could just hover over it. :D Rip, Quietschisto. Rest in pieaces.


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