Kine – First Impressions

For today’s post, I took a look at Kine’s demo. Ever since I tried out Labrat, I’ve been meaning to give Kine a go but the demo didn’t work and my budget was tight… and I had other priorities. Luckily, it’s working now again for me (Steam is weird) and you can check it out for yourself or just see what I have to say about it. Enjoy!

Kine is a quirky 3D Puzzle game in the Sokoban genre about three musicians that form a band and try to score their breakout hit. The musicians, in this case, are instruments with different gameplay elements and personalities. In the demo, you get to explore the beginnings of the members’ journeys, introducing Quat, the drummer, and Roo, the pianist. Quat is more of a lengthy instrument, for instance, and has an interesting pattern of moving around a few steps before then having to shift where his head is and… It’s a bit hard to explain really but they’re instruments. It’s a game about instruments. You’ll get it when you see my first impressions up there in that video!

What I really dig about the game is how it’s quirky but it also makes a lot of sense? The mechanics are interesting and the puzzles get increasingly more complex as time goes on (there are TONS of levels!), especially because of how new mechanics get introduced or because of how you have to interact with the different instruments. On some levels, after all, you’ll control multiple and you’ll have to switch them using the F key. But it never feels impossible. Even while the difficulty increases, you basically have a rough idea of how it’s supposed to be solved, and that makes it easier to solve at times… Later on, that changes with more complex levels but it’s still very much enjoyable.

Now, a big part of games is the soundtrack. If the soundtrack is great, that’s already half the rent, in my opinion,… and since this game is about musical instruments, it obviously has a very neat soundtrack that can at times be a bit loud but overall it was quite enjoyable. The Free-Jazz nature of the soundtrack, which reminded me of Ape Out in a way, really mashed well with the “trial and error” nature of puzzle games like this. You try out stuff, find out what works best, and the solution of puzzle games tends to stretch out, go fast, go slow, etc. similar to a band jamming together… Maybe I’m reading too much into it but it worked for me and I found it incredibly satisfying to solve a puzzle, realise just how “big brain” that was, and then also have the soundtrack in your head at the same time! The art style is quite cute with interesting character designs and stuff. I liked Roo’s design quite a bit, especially because of how her character needed to face in a direction in order to extend her body in the other one and that sort of character design tied really well into the game which I found quite cool. It made the character’s puzzles/levels harder to deal with, actually, which was fun and interesting to me.

Overall, Kine’s a cute and free jazzy game about instruments starting a band and if you want to, you can try out the demo on Steam over here, wishlist it there, or maybe even buy it yourself. There are a lot of different levels there and Epic Games has it currently 50% off if you wanna check it out right there. You can also check out my post on LabRat, which is also currently in development by Chump Squad, and that you may wanna check out as it’s incredibly interesting! Thanks for reading until here! See ya around!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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