No Content Today!

Today’s a weird day. Yesterday, I decided to just hang out and chill in the evening but I ended up spilling something on my computer tower and hence, I spent most of the night trying to save it. It dried, nothing’s broken, everything’s good. Seems like it didn’t actually get inside all that much because of my (now ruined) drawing tablet that was protecting it. I’ll have to get that tablet cleaned though and hope that it still works…

Either way, for the majority of the day, I was being bummed out about it and while I did try to write up three different posts, I couldn’t quite find the words.

Anyway, just because there’s no proper post today, that doesn’t mean that I have nothing to say though! So, first up, I haven’t been running lately… I gotta get my laundry dun and I hurt my leg the other day, so I’ll wait for that to pass before I find a different reason to procrastinate. The other thing I wanted to mention here is that I really want a smoke right now but I’ve been doing quite good actually, essentially being smoke-free for a whole week now! Hooray!

At last, I wanted to talk about the upcoming reviews that I wanted to publish. Thanks to the devs over at Sigono, I get to review the other OPUS games as well, as they enjoyed reading my review on their latest game… and as they wanted me to experience their first games, too! Similarly, I have played through three different games that I really want to play through. I also have some “First Impressions”/Demo posts lined up for the upcoming weeks… and I want to review some games that may be great for Halloween or Spooktober, so look forward to that! All in all, there is a lot of content planned for the upcoming days/weeks/month. I’m utilizing Google’s task feature to keep track of it all and it’s been working out quite well actually. Overall, I’m really excited about that! I also plan on releasing some more YouTube content because I’m really intrigued in how much I can improve my editing skills over time… and I like the idea of creating videos that other people may watch while they go to the toilet. (Yes, I see you!)

Last but not least, I’ve got some interesting plans for the streams and am looking forward to working on that a lot more. Lately, I’ve tried to stream at most four hours instead of the usual six as that’s a lot better for my mental health, and it worked out for me. I believe it’s just healthier to go that route and to then use the clips, feedback and VODs to potentially create new content from it or to write down my thoughts and turn it into blog posts. I believe that#s gonna be a lot of fun as well. Looking forward to seeing how that goes.

Either way, today’s post is more of a filler because I don’t wanna lose the streak that I had going and I wanna see how far I can keep the streak up on the blog! 264 days so far! Plenty more to come! I originally planned on talking about therapy, masking, personal space, and other topics but uh, here we are. Hope you enjoyed this one!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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