Please go vote!

It’s that time again! It’s time to decide who’s gonna reign over this shitshow for the next four years and well,… our options kinda suck. Today I’m sharing some thoughts on this year’s election here in Germany as well as why it’s important to vote. It’s gonna be a short post overall but it’s really fucking important for me to get my point across.

Go fucking vote. <- That’s my point.

You can’t complain if you didn’t do anything to stop it. The one thing you can do to influence the direction that Germany is heading towards is voting and if you don’t vote… you end up being at fault that our future is getting destroyed. And it may not be your future, actually, depending on how old you are, but it’s the future of your children and grandchildren. The kids that will grow up in a world with catastrophes like floods and storms, harsh winters, dry summers, droughts and forest fires as well as a lot of other issues that will only get more extreme over time. By the time that all that shit happens, you’ll most likely be dead. The people at the top that you’re voting for right now will also probably be dead by that point. Vote for the future. Don’t vote for scumbags that waste your tax money on weird deals. Don’t vote for the scumbags that will kill your children, grandchildren and your grandchildren’s children. Don’t vote for the scumbags that already receive 120k and still accept “donations” from companies.

And I know that our options are thin but every vote that doesn’t go towards the CDU or SPD is a good vote really. Any vote is a good vote effectively. Hey, “Bündnis 90/Die Grünen” aren’t necessarily the good guys here but they’re still better than the SPD and CDU that have been doing nothing for the past few years and who will never actually do something for the future or for the state you live in. The green party surely has issues, too, but Baerbock and Co. are the lesser evil here and certainly are looking better than the people that were laughing in the background while someone else was talking about the victims of the latest flood catastrophe.

I’ll vote Green this year because I believe in it. I know that their plan isn’t quite what we need either, though. I know 1.5°C is the last chance we have and that the green’s plan isn’t quite gonna cut it… But I don’t quite like Die Linke and their plan either and those two were basically my options for this election.

So go fucking vote. Today’s the day. Your only chance probably do change anything. Do it. Please.


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