Eastward is great, but…

As mentioned the other day in my review, Eastward is great and you should play it. Today, I wanted to talk a bit about the last area, backtracking and another flaw that I see after beating the last chapter as well, hence there might be spoilers, hence the upcoming…


Really no achievement for this?

So, in Eastward, you venture out on a journey towards the east (hence the name, duh), cook food, meet friends, and save the world? I noticed that I didn’t really know how to describe the story after 30 hours of playing and loving the game, which is weird for a game… but I guess that’s mainly because it all just happens somehow. We happen upon enemies, so we beat them. We happen upon these people, so we become friends. We happen to learn the truth about Charon and Sam, we decide to struggle and change our fate! It’s I guess about fated encounters or free will and just doing as you’re pleasing – either interpretation is fine, I think, depending on your own beliefs. I kind of am leaning towards fate because… if John hadn’t found Sam, the game would never have happened. If Sam didn’t help Daniel, she wouldn’t have gotten the lucky coin… And said coin will later help out Daniel’s long lost father, William, so if that isn’t fate… :)

Just your usual, Sam climbing the roof. Yup, working as intended.

Anyway, a flaw that I saw is something that actually bothers me quite a bit now after finally seeing the credits go through: There’s no post-game content or any feature that helps the player with backtracking. If I wanted to play Eastborn again in Eastward, I’d have to start a new playthrough. Doesn’t that suck? Because I basically manually saved in the final area with no way of playing Eastborn. Similarly, I glimpsed at the achievement list and I still am needing all the recipes (missing about 5 or 6 here), all the food ingredients (missing four, I think?), all the treasures (missing about 20), some upgrades, all pixballs (only missing four), and I’ll have to collect all of Sam’s abilities as well, which I figured would happen throughout the playthrough. Guess not. :)


What I would have loved here would be a way to choose previous saves and not just the last two manual saves and the last two autosaves because it essentially is a bit annoying to have to start a new playthrough after all this time. Similarly, I’d love to have a level or chapter selection screen to find those last few things. Since there aren’t really choices to make, why not let you go back to your favourite fights and re-live them? I find that a bit lazy to be fair that this wasn’t added to the game but hey, whatever. Being able to play Eastborn from the main menu would have been another very neat feature… and well, while achievement hunting isn’t everything, it surely means a lot to me. Since Eastward’s cut scenes can’t be skipped, you’ll need to watch them all again which is gonna make the experience less than optimal.

Either way, I just wanted to talk about this a little bit. Hope you enjoyed this shorter post!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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