Tales from Eorzea #4 – DUNGEON TIME

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote about Final Fantasy XIV Online and that’s mainly because I haven’t played since August 20th. I wanted to release this post earlier but stuff came up and I just kind of ended up not having the drive to finish this post, so it stayed as a draft for a few months, actually, and uh… Luckily, I took notes and had these sitting here or else I would have just forgotten about what I did and what happened and all of that. 

So, uh, in our class quest for the BLM class, we had to destroy this urn of sorts and Cocobusi, still seeking for his brothers’ approval, joins in and destroys the urn – except, the urn that we needed to destroy inhabited some sort of demon and it possesses Cocobusi. He then starts to act weird. We still claim our victory, however, and in fact, we are rewarded for saying that we did it even though Cocobusi did it… The Thaumaturgist Guild’s values are a bit warped but hey whatever. The Coco-brothers see right through us but are proud of our deception, hence we’re awarded a new spell and a level up.

Smug Possessed Cocobusi

Oh, and since we helped with the crown incident, we’re invited to a banquet where we’re told that we remind someone of the Warriors of Light. Then we get a vision of a battlefield from five years ago… (?) Anyway, in that battlefield, Kan-E-Senna decides to tell nobody about the ominous masked mage at the hill-top that is watching them and decides instead to retreat, which makes… no sense? I mean, if someone is spying on you, wouldn’t you tell your comrades about it. Anyway, after coming to our senses again, we discover that we’ve been knocked out for quite a while and hence are tasked to visit Raubahn at the Hall of Flames. We reach Level 20 in the process and unlock Magic and Mend, which is a trait that increases base action damage and HP restoration by 10% and allows for the stacking of a second Astral Fire or Umbral Ice. So, that’s quite cool? 

That fated battle!…or something

Our next main quest is called “The Ul’dahn Envoy”. We’re named Raubahn’s envoy and tasked with getting a message to the other people in the Eorzean Alliance: For the 5th Anniversary of that battle, we had that vision of, we wanna hold a memorial service and we need representatives of other people for it, too… So, there’s that. We deliver Raubahn’s message to Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, Admiral of Limsa Lominsa, and commander of the Maelstrom. In Lominsa, we also grabbed all the other class quests and activated a bunch of teleport crystals so that I don’t have to do it later. It just makes everything a bit easier.

From Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, we learn that it’s been five years since the Garlean Empire sought to wrest Eorzea from our grasp. Back then, Eorzea formed the Alliance… but Legatus Nael van Darnus wanted to cleanse the realm by taking a smaller moon, Dalamud, and yeeting it onto Eorzea. From Dalamud, the elder primal dragon Bahamut came out and planned on destroying the world. Merlwyb nearly died and there were a lot of losses. There was some sort of light and the dragon was gone. Just like that. Either way, that’s essentially the cutscene we saw at the beginning of the game… Interesting! Long story short: There are a lot of threats still with the beastmen attacking us, the Empire waiting at the border and all of the masked men. We need champions to make up for the losses but we don’t have those… Instead, the survivors of that battle need to stand united, which is why we need this memorial service! Merlwyb agrees to this and accepts the proposal.

Hey, look, it’s a Sith cameo!

Next up, we need to go to Gridania! This is basically the same as before. We need to talk to Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna, the lady we saw in our vision, and I also grabbed a lot of class quests and teleport crystal point thingies… More importantly, our next quest sends us into a dungeon and while I was excited about DUNGEON TIME,… I had to learn that it’s not that exciting to wait for 25 minutes in a queue. I would have loved it if the dungeon had an option to go in with AIs or NPCs that just fill in the remaining roles. I ended up equipping a healer class (it’s been too long to remember which one… I think it was the conjurer or arcanist?) and levelling that up while I was waiting for the dungeon queue to pop. Since I needed the dungeons to progress in the main story, it’d be great to have a healer class for shorter queue times. But at this point, the dungeon was for level 15 and above but my healer class was around level 6 when the queue popped. I quickly switched to my BLM set and entered the dungeon. It was fun but I don’t quite get the “roll” and “greed” thing for the loot… I’ll have to ask friends about that.

Golden Saucer looks stunning, just like our new robe!

Also, we unlocked the Golden Saucer, so that’s quite fancy. I played a bit of Lord of Verminion! Also, Tripple Triads is quite rad but the enemies in the Saucer are a bit too strong for me, so I’ll need to actually get better cards going. Also, I did the Glamour and Aesthetician quest which basically unlocks the Aesthetician who essentially can change my hairstyles and stuff, which also is quite fancy! I… uh… I wrote down “pervert?” in brackets behind Aesthetician in my notes but I’m not exactly sure why, so let’s just roll with that. Next up, we had to do another Dungeon – and again, I spent the queue time levelling up my healer class! After completing that dungeon, we’re doing a quest called “Scions of the Seventh Dawn” where we’re introduced to Minfilia and others, who want to save Eorzea (and the rest of the world) and need our help. Our power, the Echo, is much needed in their endeavour which is why Thancred (the white-haired lad that’s been stalking us) lead us to them. Afterwards, I just explored the remaining areas and we watched a cutscene of sorts with the Empire gearing up and that sorta stuff. The areas that I travelled to were very Empire-like and had few safe zones. I ended up nearly dying a bunch of times and just ended up spamming sprint off-cooldown, eventually making it through to a snowy area designed for level 50 people… but I’m only level 23 or something, so, it doesn’t quite matter yet. Still, I got the location unlocked and can fast-travel later to that area if I want to.

A pervert with scissors is the most dangerous kind of pervert!

Either way, that’s about all I did on August 20th. It’s been quite a while and I’m liking the game quite a lot but… I still haven’t unlocked my Chocobo (or any other mount for the matter), so travelling becomes tedious and Gil becomes an issue as well when you need to fast travel somewhere. More than that, motivation has been the biggest issue since MMOs take so much time out of your schedule but I didn’t quite have the time for a plethora of reasons. Posting daily, preparing for university, getting reviews out, streaming, taking care of chores… It kind of ends up not giving me enough time to actually play games like FFXIV Online. Now, the argument could be made that I don’t need to do all of that but I find blogging to be quite fulfilling and I love writing reviews. University and chores are important and well, the streams… have been incredibly fun as of late but due to my new university schedule, I’ll most likely have to cut down on the streaming actually. I’ll still be able to write a post every evening before going to bed but I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be able to stream.

Dungeon Time!

As far as Final Fantasy XIV goes, I’ll most likely go for shorter sessions here and there and write about what I did in those, much in the style of what Bel, Tipa, Aywren and other people do. I mean, I cover a lot from the story because it’s super new to me… but if I break it down more and write shorter posts, I’ll probably be able to write more about this game… And I want to do that because it’s a lot of fun. Once I start Final Fantasy up, I’m enjoying it a lot! Similarly, I’m loving the new classes that I unlocked or the idea behind them and I wanna get them all levelled up at some point. For now, my priorities are unlocking my first mount, getting my healer and a tank levelled up and getting into those dungeons with those. As far as I know, levelling up classes gets faster over time because you get this exp boost of sorts for your other classes but at this point, my priority is not to get the BLM to a certain level but rather to grind some guildleves for my healer. Queue times are just too long at this point as a DPS and since quests require more and more dungeons, I’ll have to do prioritise the higher level for my healer.

Either way, that’s about it for the post here. I hope you enjoyed this one. Hopefully, the next post isn’t months away again! I’m really looking forward to exploring the different support and tank classes but maybe I’ll actually also check out one of the melee DPS classes or some of the Summoners. I’m quite excited about seeing this MMO’s other classes since healers in other games like Swordman Online and Rift felt quite interesting and unique and I’d love to see what it’s like over here!


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