300 Days of Daily Blogging

The year is nearly over, for fuck’s sake. It’s freaking November already and uh, my blogging streak passed over the 300-day mark a few days ago. It’s crazy how fast the time went by and I figured I’d share some thoughts on daily blogging and all of that.

First up, where did the year go? I’ve noticed that weeks fly by quite quickly and it’s a bit hard to enjoy games nowadays, especially due to my packed university schedule. Blogging has helped me find closure on a day. By writing a post in the evening, I kind of feel like I’ve accomplished something… and it’s great seeing comments and stats and all of that while also connecting to other bloggers. Really am enjoying that social aspect the most, I think.

Now, as far as daily blogging goes, I’ve had times where I didn’t quite know what to write about and it kind of sucks. Especially because of the streak and all of that… but at the same time, the Blaugust community, in particular, is a great place to find plenty of prompts and I may have to get back to those. Now, once the year’s over, I’ll most likely still keep up the streak of posting daily. The reason for that is essentially that… I don’t know if I’d keep blogging if I ever were to quit? Like, it’s weird. It’s become such a regular thing for me to write a post a day… If I were to skip a day or two or maybe even more, I’d probably end up not picking it up again. At least, that’s my fear kind of… and since I love doing it, I just keep on doing it.

Now as far as other things are concerned. My health’s good. I caught a cold but got better already. My eyes didn’t suddenly turn blind again, so that’s great. I had my cholesterol test the other day but am still waiting for the results. If my cholesterol levels really are the issue, that’d be a relief, honestly… other than that, streaming has been fun, the university is pretty stressful but life’s good overall.

I just wanted to give a quick update in this post and talk about the streak mostly. So, uh, have a nice day!


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4 thoughts on “300 Days of Daily Blogging

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  1. Congratulations! I’m just far too busy with a full-time job to keep up with a streak like that, unless it’s on Animal Crossing.

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  2. I used to post every day. I did so again during Blaugust. However, I find that my current daily schedule is too fluid at the moment, so I tend to write every other day. I personally prefer to do my writing first thing in the morning as I feel the most focused at this time of day. The interesting thing about effectively reducing my output by half, is that its had zero impact upon my traffic. It would appear that only a quarter of my traffic is people reading things as and when they’re published. The rest (and majority) of my overall pageviews come from Google searches and folk finding older content.

    Writing daily can also get somewhat “addictive”. I used to worry that if I missed a day I’d never be able to pick up the pace again. But you can. It’s also important not to find yourself doing something such as writing, out of a sense of obligation. It can potentially damage your relationship with blogging and impact upon the quality of your content. Ultimately you have to do what is right for you. You’ve done well to maintain such a strict schedule so far. However, if you want to drop down a gear, so to speak, that’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

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  3. Gosh, 300 days of blogging is impressive! I’ve enjoyed several of your posts and find them thought-provoking so that’s even more impressive! I don’t have the diligence to write on a strict daily basis but I can definitely see how it cultivates a positive sense of structure. I’m trying to work out how to be more consistent in my own writing – I guess it’s down to working out what suits at any given time! Anyway, congratulations!

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