Netflix? Here I am.

It’s been ages since I watched a show on Netflix. The last show I watched there was Dark (see here)… and before that, I watched Love, Death and Robots as I mentioned over here and well, I enjoyed the experience on Netflix. Hence, I mentioned at some point that I’m entertaining the idea of subscribing to Netflix… as I’ve done it now. My better half and I are sharing an account now which is quite cool and I’m paying for half of it and it works and is in-line since we share the same roof, I guess. Hence, I wanted to talk about you. I mean, You! I mean “You”. I mean, the show named that. Because that’s what I’m currently watching. I’ll also get into other shows that I plan to watch because frankly, I’m a loner who has practically no offline friends and Netflix may just be the fix I need in my free time that helps me until I find more friends. The whole “friend” thing is honestly something that is wearing me down but I don’t wanna talk about that today. Instead,… Netflix!

“You” is a show that I started watching when the first season came out in 2019. My better half and I just got half a year prior to that and she mentioned that she’s watching this show and that the second season is coming out. Hence, I gave it a watch… not on Netflix but hey, we don’t talk about that on here, right? And then I watched Season 2 as it came out while I was at my parents… and I enjoyed that a lot… and by the time that she started the first episode, I was done with the second season and it became this little running gag for a while. We both love the show. Well, the third season came out a while ago and my better half only finished Episode 4 the other day but I already am nearly at the end of it… because I binge shows all the time. Today, I’m stopping myself in time though. I’ve got classes today after all and I need some sleep before I go to university, right? The show that I’m talking about, “You”, is btw about this guy who’s an incredibly handsome stalker/killer/psychopath that gets obsessed with people and does things. There are a lot of underlying themes, patterns and issues that the show mentions, showcases and talks about. It’s honestly fun and cute in a bizarre way and I love it. I can’t believe that people now romanticize the idea of a stalker because the main actor’s fucking handsome… I mean, just look at Penn Badgley! I hate the idea that they fetishize the idea of being the object of someone’s obsession… Yikes! But hey, it’s just what it is… just like with “365 Days”… You know. 

So, Season 3 started and I like it and dislike it. Most of the time, I had no clue where it’s going and I found the show to talk about the story of two characters in the 3rd season… but it’s only showing one side for the most part, which I found incredibly frustrating, at times. I mean, yes, the world circles around Joe… in his head… so the stylistic device is nice… but I would have loved a bit of a change of pace at times with narration by the other party if that makes sense. It’s just a thing. I love it otherwise. The soundtrack is great and the writing is nice, even though I would have liked to see a bit more of a red thread going through the main plotline. The last few episodes I watched picked up the slack quite a bit and it’s really using those cliffhangers well to keep you from sleeping. I mean, it’s 3 AM. Hadn’t I stopped myself, then I wouldn’t write this post right now and would instead watch another two episodes, aka another two hours of this show, and then I would have probably slept afterwards without writing a post, resulting in me stressing throughout the day about what I should possibly write about. Then I’d have to chill out by watching a show, followed by me binging it through the night and fucking missing my long-awaited doctor’s appointment tomorrow. It’s a circle jerk for Netflix and my guilt where both of these parties are getting each other off while I hold the camera so that my sleep issues, anxiety and my loneliness can join in on the fun even when my feelings of guilt and Netflix aren’t in on the matter. 

Regardless, the show is great and I’m looking forward to watching Love, Death and Robots again… Man, I loved that show. Also, I have only watched the first episode as well as the beginning of the second episode of Arcane and it was great although I’ve also had friends tell me all about it, so I know a lot about it already. Also, also, the new Cowboy Bebop? It may not be great… but maybe it’s not bad? The other shows I wanted to watch were Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Friends and maybe Squid Game? Again, the first two were shows that my better half has watched and when she’s referencing stuff, I feel left out of the loop so I kinda wanna watch all of it… but I mostly wanna watch those two shows because I’m quoting fucking “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” way too much and it’s getting me to trouble. Also, nobody gets it when I start singing about Dayman again. But everyone knows friends. “Cretins!” or something. Uh, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is genuinely funny at times though, from what I’ve seen, so I was intrigued by it and I just like it when my better half talks about it, so I wanna be able to talk about it, too, if that makes sense. Squid Game is a show that exists and that I don’t really wanna watch. I mean, I know everything about it since I watched “Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor” and well, Squid Game borrows a lot from it… But it’s also pretty good apparently and even though I’ve been spoiled, I’ll probably give it a watch. 

Back to the shows that I wanna watch because of myself: New Girl! I loved it and I wanna rewatch it because I didn’t see the last two seasons. Sweet Home! I’m intrigued by it because it’s based on the webtoon made by the guy who made Bastard… and I wanna see how well they put the tension into the live-action medium. Similarly, Hellbound looks incredibly interesting but I’m just in the mood for darker thrillers. And well, if I truly hate myself, I could watch Bojack Horseman again. I love that show. It’s just gonna destroy me mentally. Again. Either way, there is a lot of good stuff out there and I’m just kinda excited to hop onto this Netflix bandwagon and write about some stuff, especially considering that I was thinking about reviewing shows but haven’t had the chance to just yet. I’ll have to see what I’ll do about that soon once I finalize my drafts and whatnot. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this one. What are you watching right now? Let me know! 


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