A Stray Sheep on Posts for the Future! (Oooh!)

Hello, future people! I’m currently probably eating breakfast right now with my family before we embark on our journey back home. I’m writing this post on Thursday and it’s incredibly late but I figured I’d talk a bit about preparing posts for later and some thoughts on that… 

First of all, I don’t like doing this. Preparing posts ahead of time usually is kind of weird for me as posts end up not feeling as relevant anymore. At the same time, however, I enjoy having the streak going and publishing things every day, especially because of WordPress’ notifications that congratulate me every single day when I publish something. If YouTube were to pat my head whenever I’d upload something, I’d probably upload more to YouTube. As it stands, the channel went from undead to dead in no time at all, haha. Regardless of all of that, I dislike the idea of preparing posts but it’s incredibly hard to write posts on my phone and I figured it’d be nice to just finish these up beforehand so that I can spend more time with my family while I’m there. I’m really looking forward to it, even if I’ll be socially exhausted on Sunday.

Second of all, it’s weird. I like planning ahead of time but in the case of post-scheduling, it’s kind of weird. I don’t know why exactly but it just messes with my brain whenever I prepare posts for a few days… I may end up posting double or I may forget a day and that sorta stuff can cause me a headache on top of my chronic one. Speaking of which, btw, I’m extremely happy that I got an appointment at the neurologist for the 6th of December… and I’m looking forward to the appointment I got at the cardiologist this coming Tuesday! I guess it’s the “day after tomorrow” for you but it feels so far away for me right now and I just can’t wait to find out if my throat’s fucked (and not in a good way) or if I can rest assured that it’s not that. All in all, scheduling stuff is hard – at least for me.

Third of all, coming up with prompts is difficult. I usually end up winging it but sometimes I really struggle for prompts and in the case of Friday’s post, I ended up just going for whatever came to my mind… in that case, it was a question I heard recently. It’s not all that elaborate and in the end, I dislike it but I know that it will do well because it’s a post I don’t like. But yeah, coming up with prompts is difficult but I guess reviews would work quite well for that. After all, any game that I play could be reviewed, right? Or I could do another “Late to the Party” post… or I could play some Final Fantasy again… I’m actually dreading Final Fantasy right now due to the fact that I still have no mount and since queue times are too long… and I basically have no time for MMOs right now.

At last, I’ll be away over the Christmas holidays and New Year’s, so I’ll most likely do a mix of preparing posts ahead of time and writing up things while I’m at my parents’. I’ll spend New Year’s at my partner’s parents’ place, so I won’t be able to spend time at my laptop and hence will most likely just prepare a bunch of posts for that. Meanwhile, at my parents, I’ll most likely just relax with my family… and well, when they’re at work, I can just go ahead and write a post… but ultimately, I want to avoid having to write a post every day, especially as I also need to study for the upcoming exams.

Either way, this is another one of those weird prompts that in my head sounded interesting but in the end, turned out to be relatively bad… I think? I don’t know. I enjoyed writing yesterday’s post quite a bit, actually, but “today” and “Friday”? Eh… not so much. Starting “tomorrow”, I’ll try to put in a bit more effort, especially as I gotta cover another review soon. :) Either way, fellow bloggers, do you ever write posts ahead of time for three or four days in a row? I mean, effectively, everyone is writing posts a second, minute or hour ahead of time but that’s not what I’m talking about. What I mean is content that is scheduled for a specific date… that is unrelated to embargoes. Let me know!


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