Charity, Health, JCS, and Reviews!

Today, I wanted to give a quick update on a bunch of things ranging from the JCS, my health and some other stuff. 

Before anything else: It’s Christmas time so it’s Charity time! A friend of mine, ResidualChaos, is doing a charity event during the month of December in support of The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is a charity organisation that supports LGTBQIA+ youth through life-saving direct support, education, as well as advocacy. I did two charity streams for them in the past but I won’t be able to do so this time around… but ResidualChaos is great, so if you want to, you can support her campaign over here by either sharing it with others or even donating to it. On top of that, there’s also the JingleJam bundle that you can check out here with a bunch of games for about 35 pounds (or 42€) where you can get 56 games that are pretty rad. And there’s also the World Land Trust Bundle on right here where you also can get 66 items for about 5 bucks – but if you’ve supported one of the other two huge charity bundles, then you probably already own a lot of these games. Still, there are some real gems in there, so I’d recommend checking them out!

Health-wise I have to say that I’ve been sick lately but it’s not covid… It’s just a wild cough with my throat burning up, lots of slime, and my voice being as raspy as the Dark Night himself. I didn’t watch Batman really… I mean, I watched a movie, I just don’t know which movie. But I’m sure I’d be able to do a good impression now… in theory. Either way, it sucks because of the implication. I skipped classes this week and stayed home – studying with the online material of course – because I didn’t want to interrupt classes by coughing constantly. More importantly, though, I didn’t want to contract this cough and cold and whatever this is to other people. When you cough in public it also usually is a bit… you know. People always assume the worst. You cough? CORONA. You sneeze? CORONA. It doesn’t make much sense but people are scared. We’re still in a global pandemic, after all. But I’m pretty sure that it’s just bronchitis or something like that judging by the frequency of the cough and the way that it feels in my lungs. Now, apparently, that’s pretty bad but I had this a few years back and it passed relatively quickly thanks to a lot of tea and soup and stuff… I’ll just sit this own out and hydrate plenty while keeping my voice rested and I should be fine within a week or so. Uh, I’ve been told that it takes 14 days to get rid of a cold but if you visit the doctor it takes only 2 weeks (haha) but if it doesn’t get much better by Monday, I’ll go to the doctor’s and see if I can get some cough syrup or something with a prescription. The reason why I hesitate with that, however, is that I hate the waiting times. I think staying warm and cosy in my own four walls while sipping tea is probably the best cause of action and it’s already a lot better than before. Still, quite annoying.

In other news, I had my cardiologist appointment the other day and after finally going there, it turns out that it’s not my arteries. Hooray! So, I had this ultrasound there on my throat to check if my arteries are blocked potentially. This was a concern despite me being too young for that due to my father having had that at 40 which is technically too young for it as well. Either way, I went there and the ultrasound gel burns a little, so that’s annoying, but apart from that, it went quite fast. I was stressing quite a bit about it but it turns out that everything’s fine and that it’s not that. Instead, I’ve now got a neurologist appointment in January… as well as another appointment at the internal specialist this upcoming Tuesday. At the internal specialist, we’re most likely gonna talk about my cholesterol levels and the cardiologist’s findings… or non-findings. And then we’ll talk about what else it could be or what we’re gonna do to find out why I turned blind or why I’m in pain every day. Yay! So, it’s still a bit of a goose chase but hey, at least it’s not that one serious thing in my throat arteries, right?

Onto some good news: I collected a bunch of posts and things for #theJCS – or rather a lot of people submitted things. I’m currently in the process of doing the layouting and everything but I had to then write up some stuff again due to a late entry and then I had this great idea of changing the order and doing something different with stuff… But uh, now I need to start again… Or rather I had to start again with the layouting and it’s going well. The post should be out by Monday, though! Looking forward to it! Oh, and I also updated the carousel on the homepage again! You can now find seven new reviews there that I figured would be good to check out during December! It’s not a lot of Christmas-themed stuff apart from my review on The Grinch as well as my review on Headbangers in Holiday Hell… I just noticed that it’s Holiday and not Holliday. Weird. Either way, the other reviews felt like the right choice: OPUS: EOSThe LongingABZÛTasomachi, and Drake Hollow? I don’t know, they felt pretty good here. Check those out if you want to. So, yeah, I changed those around and figured it’d be a good time to write up more reviews for the upcoming holidays. I’m gone over from probably the 20th of December until the 29th to visit my parents and then I’ll visit my better half’s parents with her from the 30th until the 3rd. Hence, I won’t be able to write during that time but because I want to at least keep blogging daily until the new year… I’ll prepare a bunch of posts in advance which is going to take a bit of work but I think I got it. So that’s keeping me busy right now.

Oh, and… last but not least, I finally found it. I’ve been searching for it for a whole year but I finally got Tem’s Root Beer in my hands again and I love it. It’s just as great as in my memories and I still love it. I couldn’t find it for so long but one of the grocery stores I visit finally had it again, so… now I’ve got root beer again. As many may know, root beer isn’t actually beer but rather cold carbonated tea… or soda. Either way, it’s really good. Try it if you haven’t yet. 


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