Glad I never asked.

I’m currently in the process of stocking up a bunch of reviews and other posts for the upcoming holidays and a comment on one of my reviews sparked this idea here… So, today, I’m talking about feedback that is unasked for as well as other stuff. Now, I ended up deleting said comment because a) I don’t think it was a good comment really and b) I don’t want people to see that comment. It went something along the lines of “You suck at writing reviews. You really need to do this and this and this…” and essentially, they were telling me how to run my blog, which I found to be quite… irritating? I mean, in essence, this person decided to go somewhere and tell someone how to do things instead of just doing it himself. It’s like going into a bakery only to tell the baker that their bread sucks and that they need to do their recipe differently… which doesn’t make sense since the person wasn’t there when the bread was made, so they probably don’t know what went in there… Point is, if you feel like someone is doing something wrong, try doing it better. Do it yourself. Do exactly what you want others to do… but do it on your own blog or with your own oven.

I just don’t really get it. I mean, when someone who has no clue talks shit about the stuff I do, it doesn’t get to me. I don’t get mad or annoyed or frustrated… It’s just irritating since it’s such a weird thing to do. I mean, if I ask a question as in “How can I improve my reviews?” then the answer would be “Hey, you can try out X and Y or maybe stop doing this thing here that you do”… but I didn’t ask. I’m doing my thing and I’m improving and I feel like it makes no sense at all to trash-talk someone as an anonymous person on the internet.

I love that movie too much to *not* use this meme here.

It’s just such a weird thing to do, really, and it makes me think that the person that said it is probably just someone who either likes to hear themselves talk or who likes to feel in charge. “Bullies” on the internet are the ones that get bullied IRL and the incels are the people that never talked to a girl before. If you want to talk a lot online, it’s because you don’t have a voice offline (hiya!) and if you don’t care about other people’s feelings online, you’re probably the one that nobody cares about offline. I’d like to think that it’s like that, so I either try to assume positive intent or I have pity with people that bring so much negativity into these spaces that are filled with so much love and joy. I mean, heck, why’d you invade the blogosphere solely to call people “vile succubi” (quoted from Easha’s and Poppy’s blog here) or to tell them that they suck? Don’t you have better things to do? Why can’t you just be nice? What a sad existence.

Either way, again, this is just a venting post and I’m confused by people’s actions sometimes. It’s weird and strange and I don’t fully understand why they’re doing things… Oh well.


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2 thoughts on “Glad I never asked.

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  1. If it isn’t a constructive comment, then I’d toss it out of your mind. There’s nothing more unhelpful and unwanted than a rude comment but I’m still very sorry that you had to read that. *hug*


  2. Blog posts by their very nature are soliciting a response, because you’ve expressed an opinion in a public space using a platform that is designed to communicate. The very fact that you allow comments is an open invitation.

    That being said. If a comment has no merit then purge it and move on. Everyone’s a critic and empty vessels etc. Sadly, the world is full of self appointed arbiters.

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