Project B and my blogging plans for 2022!

As mentioned yesterday, I have a project planned for 2022 that is blogging-related and that I’m quite excited about. The idea is still pretty “new” and not fleshed out at all yet but I’d love to make YT videos on Blogging or more precisely on the community/the blog-o-sphere as well as my style of reviewing games. I’d love to name it something along the lines of “meet the blog-o-sphere” or “enter the blog-o-sphere” or something like that but in the end, it will be “Project B” for now with the “Project” standing for “Project” and “B” standing for “Blogging-Related Series of YouTube videos that will either bring new people into the community of bloggers that we all adore or let existing members meet other bloggers that they didn’t know yet”. Understandably, I’m shortening this together to “Project B” because “BRSoYTVTWEBNPITCOBTWAAOLEMMOBTTDKY” is too long and it looks like gibberish. Furthermore, I don’t have a better name for it yet. MTB sounds pretty cool but I don’t want the association with MTV and also the copyright is probably an issue, too? Not sure. Someone probably claimed that already. Project B is probably pretty good for the Work-In-Progress title. Anyway…

When I started out blogging (about two and a half years ago), I wanted to write reviews and hence was looking for advice or no-gos or any sort of help online and I wasn’t really able to find anything useful. Most of the stuff that I found online was stuff I already knew or that was quite obvious (cough play the game/watch the movie/etc. cough) and didn’t really help me. I’d love it if I could provide the advice that I was looking for back then… or if I could maybe get into producing content on YouTube that would inspire others to also get into blogging or content creation. For streaming, there are already tons of tutorials, so I doubt I’d be of any help… but for blogging? Hell yeah! Why the heck not?

But more importantly, it will mainly just me talking about my favourite blocks in Gutenberg, my favourite themes on WordPress, the way I use tags/categories, and the way I write reviews… and I’ll always say beforehand that “you can do this however you want… but this here is my way” or something like that. I mean, in the end, every blog is different but I like my system and it works for me so why not?

Apart from that, though, I’d love to do interviews with different blog people. A lot of different people inspire me when I read their stuff… So, I’d love to showcase them and ask them about their motivations, the way they do things, their favourite blocks and their least favourite features, and stuff… I’d love to create little edited videos of it all and bring the greater community together. I don’t know exactly how it will work but I’d love it if I could make it work.

Either way, that’s really just the idea I had in mind and 2022 will be the year where i’ll go out of my comfort zone and try stuff like that! Maybe it will motivate new bloggers to start blogging as well? Maybe we’ll find more older bloggers that come back after their hiatus? Maybe we can talk about more advanced stuff with a bunch of people in a group call and put that in an edited format on YouTube. I’d love to do stuff with the people from the Blaugust and TheSupportRole communities but also get in contact with people that I haven’t talked to in a while or that I haven’t met yet.

I’m sure this could be cool if I can get it to work out. What do you think? Know anyone that does something similar? Got any ideas? Would you be up for something like this? Do you know someone that might like to participate? Let me know!


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