One Year of Daily Blogging!

So, I’ve been blogging daily for a whole year now. Woo! This has been a bit of a journey and honestly, I’m loving it. Writing a post at the end of the day grants me a bit of closure which makes me sleep better. When I haven’t been productive at all, I end up feeling at least a little bit better about the day after writing blog posts.

Furthermore, blogging has been one of the few activities that consistently helped me with mental health stuff. I can take my mind off things and write out my thoughts about something unrelated. Similarly, reviews bring me joy. Being able to recommend great games to my readers feels kind of fulfilling. I’d like to think that people actually enjoy reading these posts and that the recent growth is because of daily blogging and because of how much effort I put into all of this.

In the end, of course, one year of daily blogging is nothing compared to other people but I’m surprised that I’ve been keeping at it for so long. I started the blog about 2.5 years ago and today’s post marks day 367 of daily blogging. I’ll most likely continue this as not blogging daily feels… off? I don’t know. If I miss a day, I might feel bad about it. 

WordPress’ notifications also pressure me into keeping the streak up. WordPress is evil. Just kidding.

I believe the hardest part is to come up with prompts… but I think I’ve gotten better at that over the past couple of months. Reviews also used to take a lot of time to write but nowadays I’ve been getting better at it. I’d like to think that my writing style improved as well but in reality, I think I’m just not making that many mistakes when I’m typing.

Either way, this was just supposed to be a little update on everything. I hope you enjoyed this one and this year and I’m looking forward to another year of daily blogging! 


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