Lately, I’ve been using Reddit!

Reddit is a place that I did have an account for but I never really used it. My “cake day” is March 1st, 2020 and I only have 696 (nice!) Karma but lately I’ve been getting back into it and I’ve been writing a few comments in some subreddits, which has been quite a lot of fun! 

Before I got into it in the first place, I always thought that Reddit was this toxic place akin to 4chan and whatnot but it really doesn’t have to be. Apart from r/snakeswithhats, r/aww, r/MonsterHunterWorld, r/SupportLol and r/twitch, I didn’t really use it. I’d just lurk in subreddits, upvote stuff from time to time and effectively look at cute animals, cool MHW clips, and occasionally, I’d answer questions that people may have on r/twitch… because I like that aspect. Generally speaking, it’s a place where people from all over the world meet and share what they enjoy or ask questions in different communities. I like that aspect a lot. I love being able to help people out and I love chatting with other users there but it really depends on what communities you join. Quite a while ago, I turned to a subreddit called “tip of my tongue” to find a song that has been stuck in my head for over a decade and I found it. That subreddit did help me in the end but not every subreddit is all that helpful.

A while ago on the “The Binding Of Isaac” subreddit, I commented on a thread and it was a bit of a negative experience. Meanwhile, my “uwu” in another thread got downvoted on the r/gaming subreddit… which is well-deserved… but when someone else commented “uwu” as well and when I wished them a merry Christmas… I still got downvoted which is silly? I don’t get it. Reddit is weird.

But the good thing is that I can choose where I want to go. Different communities are moderated differently, obviously. Some subreddits are huge cesspools of toxicity while others are literally the most wholesome thing in the world. I joined the r/supportlol subreddit quite a while ago and when people ask for tips, advice or champion recommendations, I – as a Support Main – can help them out. A lot of my better experiences are from helping people out and when people have shitty opinions, you can just downvote them. 

I like that aspect of “disliking what you don’t like” a lot as it also gives good replies more discoverability. Bad replies don’t earn the points and because “Karma” is apparently important (I don’t get how but whatever), people try their best to be helpful in those subreddits that I frequent. Replies with a lot of downvotes, also don’t get shown as much. A community regulating its own content is quite cool!

A while ago, I commented on someone asking a question and I got a bunch of upvotes for that. The notifications have been a tad annoying but in the end, it felt good to hear that it helped out that person asking for advice. I even got two awards which are kinda wholesome. I have no idea what they do but hey, I love it! They’re cute.

So, negative experiences aside, Reddit can be quite wholesome and it’s become a bit of a pastime for me to browse r/twitch, r/summonerschool, r/obs and r/supportlol to potentially give advice to people that need some. It’s pretty fun and I’d like to think that it may make someone’s day if they get a good Support when they play ADC in League of Legends. On top of that, it’s cool to be among chill people that also play the same role as you… and it’s pretty nice to hear that you’re not the only one who has to deal with ADCs that ping you when they die.

Reddit is a weird place where like-minded people can connect – for the better or for the worse. I like the communities that I’m in but I can see how it can be quite toxic for others, given that there is this sort of elitism that some people have in certain communities. Overall though, I’m having fun with it and when people get quite negative, you can just downvote them instead of arguing or anything, which is nice. There are too many times where I’m wondering why there’s no dislike button on Twitter. :)


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