WinDirStat is pretty great!

A while ago, I was struggling with installations on my computer. Who doesn’t know the story of the backlog and the problems that accompany said struggle? You install games and plan to play them later or continue playing them soon but then… you never do. It’s a pain in the arse because it clogs up your disks and then… eventually… you can’t install any games anymore. Well, fear no more, because a friend of mine recommended WinDirStat to me and it honestly made it incredibly easy to see what exactly is hogging so much space, so that I could uninstall that and get rid of a couple of folders, files, and other things.

WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for various versions of Microsoft Windows. There are also other versions of this tool for Linux and macOS X, so check out the website for that. WinDirStat essentially scans your drive(s) and then tells you how much space exactly is being taken up. It takes a while until it’s done but once it is finished with the process you can easily find out how much space Diablo 3 is hogging up despite it technically not being installed because caused that issue from time to time. There were a lot of issues like this on my drives where old games or launchers will still hogging up space despite being relocated or removed. After uninstalling a lot of them, as well as deleting some files I don’t need anymore and uninstalling some of the games I had installed on Steam, I ended up freeing a lot of space!

My (C:) Drive has a maximum of 476 GB and had only 17 GB left when I started using this. My Volume (D:) had only 25.2 GB left despite its maximum capacity of 1.81 TB. It goes away quickly. The point is, after only 45 minutes, I got to free up a lot of space on both of these drives and it’s great.

Anyway, this post is uh… just a thank you effectively. If you wanna find out what hogs your disks’ space, WinDirStat is not only easy to use but also pretty neat and useful. It takes a bit until the scan is done but I included that time in my 45 minutes, so that’s pretty great!


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