My internet provider sucks

It’s Monday! I woke up to a huge migraine and shitty weather, so it feels like a proper Monday. Today, however, I wanted to talk about my internet situation and the huge headache that it causes me.

Writing this blog post is painful as I have to constantly wonder whether or not any of my changes to this post have actually been saved. I can’t watch shows, I can’t play games. I can’t go ahead and upload screenshots from Steam to then include in my posts. I also will have to pass on uploading the video of my XCOM 2 Succession Game turn as I had huge troubles downloading the save file in the first place – so uploading a video of that size is a whole different story. Still, my post on that should be out tomorrow or the day after that?

And what’s incredibly frustrating about this situation is that I can’t do anything about it. It’s out of my control. If I fail an online exam because I get kicked out of the Zoom-Meeting, then I’ll just have to do the same class in the next semester, delaying my degree and hence my job/future further. Similarly, the internet connection, water, electricity, etc. is included in the contract. I pay the full rent despite having internet troubles because it just seems to have struggles, I guess? I don’t know what to do about this. I mean, yes, the rent is cheaper as I live in a dorm but at the same time, I’m not living in luxus or anything like that.

What’s more, is that my old router seems to have “broken” after I had to disable DHCP in its settings, the internet got worse after that even with the fix that the support people suggested, and I now have to get a new router according to the IT team. The internet provider that we have in this dorm is different from other dorms – and our internet provider seems to be the only one struggling. When I wrote e-mails to them and waited for 30+ minutes while calling the support, I got ignored. I got no response whatsoever and contacting the dorm people only ended up in them telling me to contact the internet provider. Now that a lot of people from this dorm have started to bombard said internet provider (and the people that provide the dormitory) with e-mails and calls, we ended up getting a response. Finally. According to them, they “didn’t know” about Zoom-Meetings or anything like that which is bullshit because the IT-guy that came here a year ago knew about it and tried to fix the issues so that we wouldn’t fall behind on studies. Similarly, I got the impression that they have no intention to do anything in the first place. It sucks.

Long story short, I’m not sure if I can stream at all or what I’ll do about my exams. It’s incredibly frustrating and infuriating. If there was at least a reduction in rent or anything like that, it’d be alright, I guess? Then I could potentially contact a separate internet provider to provide better internet but as it stands, I’ll just have to pray that it gets better…

Oh well.

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