Content Theft is annoying

I originally planned for this post to be just a thing I write to myself without ever publishing it. Writing your thought can be therapeutic and honestly, it helps with the frustration of day-to-day life. Sadly, my booster shot prevented me from getting a new post out today. Instead, the post that was planned for today will be published tomorrow… and you’ll get to see my short ramblings about someone who’s being quite annoying right now. Hence, I added this little section just now to the post for the sake of clarifying that this wasn’t initially intended to be published and hence it’s also not edited too much or anything. Enjoy.

Content Theft! Nobody likes it but it happens every day. Some assholes start to cry when their favourite NFTs get screen-capped. Other people are understandably angry when their emotes get stolen and reused on Twitch. My situation is honestly just annoying. For the past couple of days, some asshat is crawling my website and essentially republishing posts written by me, word for word. This is just straight-up theft and I’m in the process of filing a DMCA thingy to take down everything they stole. Given that their website is built using WordPress and given that WordPress’ values are based on the idea of fair use, I have every right to do so according to the support person. Google is doing its thing to remove that person’s entries from their search engine while WordPress will soon investigate themselves. I’m happy.

Until then, I have to deal with the annoying pingbacks. Remember when I wrote that I got that section at the end of my posts that effectively will “protect” me from people crawling my website. Well, guess what is actually pinging back to me now? It’s not only the links to my other posts within my posts that help me out here but also said section at the end there… On top of that, that section also has my Twitch, Twitter and E-Mail linked. The crawler is effectively promoting my Twitch channel on their shitty website. Every pingback I get gets removed as I don’t want you to click onto their scummy website. Meanwhile, I can add it to the Google Copyright Form as further evidence, which is quite nice… and again, WordPress’ “Trust & Safety” thing will do a lot of work as well.

In the best case, the whole website gets taken down. Why is that the best case? Well, because that scummy person there also crawled other sites and is publishing their posts and articles. People’s blood, sweat and tears went into these articles and that crawler is profiting off it all without moving a finger.
In the not-best-but-still-good case, only my posts will get removed.
In the worst case, nothing is done, although I doubt that that will happen.

But given what WordPress’ support people said, I’d imagine that the whole thing gets taken out. The reason why crawlers get away with stuff like this is that they usually don’t get reported for their copyright infringement. Not only is that person stealing my words and sentences but they’re also using my own drawings without my permission.

The situation will get sorted out soon enough and while I’m slightly agitated about it right now, I do know that this is really just incredibly annoying because I like doing what I do here as a hobby and someone out there is profiting off of my hobby. That’s what I hate about this. Someone out there is making money while their About Section says something about “acting in good faith” or whatever, which is just a lie.

Anyway, if that person steals this post, I’m tempted to leave the pingback here because that person’s a dick.

Oh well.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

4 thoughts on “Content Theft is annoying

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  1. Oh man, that really sucks! I’m glad there’s something you can do about it – and I bet the others he’s swiping content from will be happy you did, too. Keep us updated on how it turns out!

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    1. Little update on how it went: The person in question doesn’t own a website anymore. I think Google did it as I haven’t gotten around to properly filing a DMCA, although I did inform the WordPress Support about it, so it could also just be that WordPress removed the website (given that it was “powered by WP”). Either way, I’ll post about it soon! :)

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