Update on a few things.

So, today I just wanted to give an update on a bunch of things and talk about some stuff that I didn’t want to write separate posts on. I mean, yes, I could ramble on forever in five different posts but I’d rather not? Especially given that I want to keep the offline stuff, well, offline.

For starter, I wrote about my depressed episode and my attempts at distracting myself about a week ago and I’m happy to say that it seems to have passed. I don’t feel as horrible anymore and while falling asleep is still difficult, I have less of a hard time with hygiene, getting up, and motivation. It was going on for a few weeks when I wrote about it and I’m glad that it’s finally over as I frankly hate that whole feeling. It’s very unsettling and can feel scary but it also is just difficult to deal with in general. Anyway, I left the house again to meet up with an old friend on Friday and that’s when I felt a bit better. The Blaugust community has been an incredible bundle of joy these past few days which also helped out a bunch. My partner is one of the kindest people I know and knew that I just needed space – but she still showed up once and brought me a muffin which I found incredibly sweet of her. And other friends have been also there for me, reaching out and saying that I can talk at any time – which I appreciate but I just didn’t think that I needed it this time.

Apart from that, the content theft situation has been resolved. The blog in question doesn’t exist anymore and while it may happen again in the future, I know how I want to deal with it and what I as a creator can do to stop it from happening. WordPress’ support has been quite helpful with their DMCA tool but more importantly, Google has its own Copyright Removal tool that you can submit stuff on that removes it from the search engine. I didn’t get a response from WordPress or anything, so I’m not sure if they removed the site in question or if it was Google, but in the end, it was just a matter of actually taking action. In that situation, someone was stealing my posts and publishing them on their own site. If you ever see someone doing that, make sure to remove all pingbacks to your blog as you don’t want your readers to give the thief more traffic. At the same time, I also reached out to other creators whose content was being stolen by that website in question and one of them even replied with a simple “thanks for letting us know” which was lovely to hear. I forwarded the Google tool to them as well. Then, I filled in the Copyright stuff and the WordPress DMCA tool and submitted it. Within a week or so, it was taken down already. For the most part, what bothered me was my reviews being stolen. Hence, I’m glad this is over.

And well, exams! I still have a few more to go as well as some block seminars on feminist philosophy and other courses but the most worrying ones have been taken care of already. Today, I’ll have my exam in my Grammar class which should be a piece of cake. The oral exam I had in EPP (English Phonetics and Phonology) went great! My appointment was supposed to happen at 6 PM on Tuesday and I was supposed to be there in the Zoom call at an earlier time in case the previous person to take the oral exam is done early… Well, it turns out, that a lot of the exams took longer than expected and it all amounted to a whole lot of time. I waited for 40 minutes for my exam and was confused and worried that something went wrong and that I’d have to take the class again or something but after waiting anxiously in the Zoom Call, I was finally let in, greeted by my two professors. I read out a reading passage from Graham Swift’s “Waterworld” that was about 200 words long. I had to read out some sentences again to make sure I was saying words right (connection troubles and all of that, y’know). At the end of it, I actually made it! My grade was a passing grade of 1.3 which is nearly perfect ( 1.0 being perfect and 4.0 being the minimum to pass). My accent is apparently a “perfect GenAm accent” – which means that I’m talking American English for the most part. When I asked for feedback on the interference and that sort of stuff, my professors told me that they could tell that I had an accent but they couldn’t tell that I’m from Germany, which is lovely. I’m frankly quite glad about that as I have tried to improve that by a lot. Once I’m abroad for half a year, that accent that I do have should get evened out further.

And well, Health stuff… My mental health is good but I’ve noticed that my head is still getting dizzy from time to time. Also, my headaches are still a pain, both literally and metaphorically, and my eyesight is bothering me a little bit. I gotta take care of all of that but as exams take priority right now, so I’ll have to wait until afterwards to go and visit a doctor. It’s a bit of a hassle really but I’m looking forward to figuring out what’s wrong with my head. On another note, I’ve been having trouble sleeping through the nights due to nightmares, which are quite worrying… I often thought that nightmares that involve people would be bad omens but all the people that I saw in my dreams are fine right now. Maybe, it’s just a weird thing but I’ll still try to call my close family as often as possible just to make sure that everything’s good. The “not being able to sleep through the night” stuff isn’t super fun to deal with but it will be fine after the exams, hopefully. The “not being able to fall asleep in time” issue, however, is more annoying to deal with. I don’t really have any idea what is causing it though. Back to melatonin, I guess?

Anyway, just a quick update on my health, the blog, mental health and exams. I’ll be back to writing about games soon. Just needed to get this out of the way. 


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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