WTF is Palworld?!

“Pokémon – But with Guns!” What sounds like “Digimon in a nutshell” is actually how I’d describe the very large-scale project by Craftopia-developer Pocketpair. Pockpair Games are currently developing Palworld, an Open-World Creature Collection Action game, after having worked on titles such as Overdungeon and Craftopia in the past. It’s ridiculous and over the top but I still kind of love it? Palworld is a brand-new multiplayer, open-world Action game with survival-crafting-game mechanics set to launch in 2022. You can have a slow and easy-going happy life with your “Pals” or you throw yourself into life-and-death battles with poachers and other villains. What else is there to say?

Well, food shortages, harsh weather and illegal activities are a thing in this game. Not only can you become a poacher and search for rare Pals in closed-off reservoirs but you can also make your pals work for you in factories to produce guns, and you can eat them and make them build stuff for you. While a lot of this seems incredibly weird and strange, I can see how the Craftopia-devs could potentially pull this off given that Craftopia has been quite extensive in its mechanics. The idea of exploration and riding on your pals is amazing – and while it has been a thing in newer Pokémon games, I never got to experience that as I didn’t have any handhelds since the NDS Lite. Buildings? Pretty amazing. Farming? Pretty cool. Fishing? Sounds rad!

And well, Palworld also got inspired by other features found in Pokémon games, though taken to the extreme. Pals can water crops, power generators and you can use them as your shield when foes shoot you… with guns. What the fuck? A lot of this is ridiculous and over-the-top and extreme and I’m at a loss for words. Given that it’s still January, I doubt that this is an April Fool’s type of announcement. Honestly, I can’t help but feel pumped. In Pokémon, people eat meat as well, right? Well, this game lets you eat your pals if you want to. You can produce guns and your pals can wield guns… and you can make your pals produce guns in automated processes in factories and then I guess you use those guns to hunt Pals and Humans alike and… You’ll do crimes potentially?

Or you just build a nice house with a farm and a slow happy life. You can fly on pals and the design looks pretty. I like the aesthetic of the world in general and the character design doesn’t look as child-like as other Pokémon clones. The prospects of multiplayer support as well as some other features are amazing! Honestly, I couldn’t believe it at first but Palworld seems pretty rad. I’m looking forward to it. What do you think?


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