Living with a Flatmate

So, ever since I moved into the dorm, I’ve had to live with another person and given that I may have to move out this year, I wanted to talk about some of my observations.

For starters, I feel comfortable being alone but there always being someone to bother when you’re lonely is actually quite nice. I don’t know why, but the fact that you could knock on their door and pester them, most of the time, actually works in my favour. I don’t have to interact with them but I could do it. Realistically speaking, I only see my flatmate randomly when I make food or they make food… and we do sometimes make food together but most of the time, we just go into our own rooms and eat there. Being able to pester them but not wanting to is better than wanting to interact with them but not being able to. So, having the option open is nice.

At the same time, I noticed that we have unspoken rules that we didn’t write down or anything, but it goes more along the lines of our own sense of common sense. Ever since I started living with my flatmate, we used specific places to put each other’s mail onto while other mail is presented in a different place in case people come and want to pick up their packages. When my flatmate invites friends over, he tells me because I get anxious. When I ask people over, I let him know, too, because it’s only fair that way and it helps with regulating what we do.

We both share a bath and we have a corner each for toothbrushes and that sort of stuff. Nobody said anything about it but when the toilet paper runs out, we just switch it out. It’s not a “you did it last time” type of thing but rather an “oh, I’ll just do this, I guess”. The same goes for bringing out the garbage or cleaning up the sink or kitchen area when you’ve got the time. We still got a cleaning plan, though, where we switch every two weeks and I think it works right now? Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to feel about living together with essentially a stranger but it works. He’s not rowdy or anything and he’s not gross or anything either. I respect him as a human and even though we don’t really know each other, I like that he’s there, even if I’m not good with people. Living with others is weird and I pictured it to be quite scary but it turns out that it is actually quite nice. I didn’t think it would be this nice but 3+ years later, I’m just realising that I’ve been quite lucky with my first flatmate who taught me a lot and my current flatmate (who moved into the first one’s room) who’s pretty nice.

Oh well, just some thoughts today. I gotta get back to writing reviews but procrastination is bad and exams are getting closer, so… yeah. Hope you enjoyed this one!


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