About Politics and the Ukraine/Russia War

Today, I wanted to talk about the subject of talking about politics. I’m not going to talk about politics today. I hope that’s clear. That may not make too much sense but in essence, a lot of shit is going on right now and I hate it. I wish all the love and support to all victims in the current Ukraine/Russia War and I hope that it’s over. I hope that Ukraine’s going to be peaceful again soon and I hope that Putin fucks off. On my stream and the blog, I haven’t talked about this subject yet because I’m not educated enough on the matter. I’m frankly avoiding it as much as I’m avoiding the statistics for the number of infected people in my city. It’s frankly not good for my mental health if I were to listen to and read up on the news. I frankly can’t deal with it. Hence, I’m not educating myself on the matter… and because I’m not educated enough on the matter, I don’t talk about it.

That’s a stance I’ve seen multiple people take as well, btw, but I also have seen some people getting shit on because they’re not changing their fucking Twitter profiles or because they’re not speaking up about it. Well, if you feel like that, fuck off. Not talking about it when you’re not educated enough on the matter is better than shouting at people and being an idiot. Just because you stay quiet, that doesn’t mean that you’re not supporting the victims. There are ways to support people but frankly, you don’t have to put it on social media if you don’t want to.

I normally am all for spreading awareness but this is a fucking war. It’s not like it needs the awareness. I normally like talking about politics but I frankly have no clue about this subject, so I don’t talk about it, potentially spreading misinformation in the process. Normally, I’d be all for debates and whatnot but right now, my mental health is more important to me than talking about how Putin is a huge goat testicle. I don’t know.

So, just a quick statement by me, I guess. I do wish the best to all the victims in this matter and I do hope that it’s over as soon as possible. My thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families, friends, and everyone affected by this. Stay strong. But I won’t talk about it on my stream or blog because I want to distract people from the shit that is going on instead of rubbing it in their faces. Instead of shoving this eel-dick of bullshit and wars and suffering into people’s WordPress readers and timelines, I’d rather talk about trivial matters right now so that they can put their minds at ease. But, in this case, more importantly, I want to take care of my mental health before I educate myself on such an important topic, especially considering that my headspace isn’t the best right now.

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