I messed up in Master Duel, so now I play a stall deck.

So, the other day I wrote about how I got into Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel because of nostalgia and I may have messed up… I mean, I did. I created a lot of cards for the sake of completing this deck from the anime and then I played it and noticed how it’s incredibly weak because it’s neither meta nor rogue. It’s just bad. A lot of the cards don’t really do too much for you and even if I get a powerful first or second turn, enemies can usually just destroy my cards and deal with it that way. While reading through item descriptions, I found some cool synergies – but you can’t really pull those off.

Crocoria, however, utilizes a Rose Dragon Deck and got to some high rating with it as well, so I messaged them on discord and they sent me some pointers, but I probably won’t have enough gems to draw those packs… or enough materials to create the respective cards.

My point is: I did newbie mistakes, which is fine… Also, there is a way to maximise your gem profits from your daily missions, which is something I wasn’t aware of. I’ll have to try that!

As it turns out though, you cannot create a new account all that easily. I mean, yes, you can do it on a different steam account or another platform but as someone that doesn’t have any second or third Steam accounts (because why would I?), I decided to just uninstall everything and delete the save data and the Konami account I now have… and that didn’t work. I suddenly had to reinstall everything again but apart from that, my account – apparently tied to Steam itself – still existed.

Hey, I understand that reference from this person’s name!

So, I then decided to just scrap a bunch of cards I had drawn before, trying to create a stall/Exodia deck that I found on the internet… and my first duel worked relatively well? I couldn’t quite execute the deck I found online, so I improvised a little and destroyed all of my opponent’s monsters using Raigeki. But it’s the only Raigeki I had and the enemy couldn’t do anything for like ten more turns, which lead me to believe that I destroyed their only combo. Anyway, eventually, I finally found “Buzzsaw Shark” which I then summoned. When summoned, I can activate its effect which lets me select one Water-type monster on the field and then Special Summon a Fish monster from my deck with the same level as the selected monster. So, that Special Summon was Right-Hand Shark! Then, utilizing these two monsters, I Xyz-summoned “Number 59: Crooked Cook” in defence mode. While it only has 200 defence, though, it is quite powerful as it won’t be destroyed by card effects… and because I used those two specific monsters to summon it, it also can’t be destroyed in battle, as long as it is the only monster on my field. So, the point here is that I had four Exodia cards in my hand at this point… and I had a seemingly indestructible frontline that only piercing damage can get through… and in the next X cards, I’d draw the last part of Exodia, winning me the game…

I got all my pieces assembled! Victory is mine!

So, the enemy summoned two powerful monsters and whatnot and they couldn’t scratch my 200-DEF Summon, so after thinking a lot about what to do, that person surrendered. Maybe “20 or so” was underestimated, given that it was only turn 18 – but I finally got my first win in quite a while. Yay! Using a cheese-strat. I feel horrible… but I still won, so uh, good game! Ideally, I would have wanted to start off with the Buzzsaw Shark but hey, what can I do? My draw sucks and “believing in the heart of the cards” doesn’t actually work, lol.

I hate Blue-Eyes White Dragon decks but hey, he’s gonna hate mine more. :)

The issue with this build is that Crooked Cook is only “unaffected by other cards’ effects” when I control no other card on the field at the moment. So, if I slip up and use a trap card or something, I will accidentally disable that effect, so that a “Raigeki Break” is able to destroy it… or a normal Raigeki… or any other spell effect that destroys monsters. It’s quite punishing. :) Also “Shard of Greed” is something I may switch out given that it needs to stay on the board. In another battle, I tried doing something fancy but my Crooked Cook died in the process to a Raigeki Break – and because I only have one Crooked Cook, I then needed to kinda stall but lost instead.

It may not be the most exciting playstyle but I honestly love how I can cheese all those decks that win people’s games by turn one or two. It’s just annoying, honestly, so let me be a toxic fuck in the meantime. :)

As for the daily mission manipulation, you basically maximise your gem profits by only claiming the high rewards (aka x30 or x50) and leaving all the low payouts in your rewards without them being claimed. That way, on the next day your daily missions will only have the missions that award high gem amounts, meaning that you can collect those but leave the low ones for the end of the month. The post that I linked above there from the MD subreddit explains it better but I’ll do this from now on to earn more gems that I then can use to get cards that I then can use to get materials for better cards so that I can build a proper deck sometime. Ultimately, it’s frustrating that I can’t start over without a second account or a different platform but it is what it is… cheesing my way to victory like this may not be incredibly fun to play against and it isn’t a guaranteed victory either but it certainly is better than having to put up with decks that are just so anti-fun with people summoning lvl 11 cards at turn 2, completely mopping the floor with you with seemingly no counterplay. I say “seemingly” because there are cards that deal with it but if you don’t have it in your starting hand, you’re fucked for that game and can either surrender or waste their time. With my deck, I can screw them over and waste their time. Pretty great.

I love this animation way too much.

Honestly, I feel bad for this cheese deck but right in the next game I got a great starting hand and I didn’t want to pull off the strategy right away, so I just ended my turn early after playing a “Shard of Greed” card and left it at that. My opponent then started to summon more and more monsters in the second turn of the game/his first turn, and proceeded to amass an offensive force with way over 15,000 attack power. Meanwhile, my maximum health level was only 8000, so I just let them play out their turn and waited there for like ten minutes for all the animations to play out. They then proceeded to directly attack me because they were hoping that I’d surrender before all the animations play out. Had I played a different deck, I would have used my first turn to set something up and then my enemy would obliterated me in his first turn right after I started playing. It’s stupid. So, now I won’t feel bad about the stall deck anymore. I’ll just go for it when I see such a good hand again.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than Indiecator.org, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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