Tomorrow’s my birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday and frankly, I’ve been excited to stream something that I really like on Twitch after chatting a bunch with my community and celebrating the birthday together. What I didn’t think about is that a lot of people actually expect something special on your birthday stream. I mean… it’s once per year, so it’s special, right? Hence, I decided to not do that because the extra pressure and stress would ruin my day for me. I mean, special alerts and commands and whatnot just didn’t seem like something I wanna do on the day I turn… a day older than before… or rather on the day that I officially got a year older, I guess?

Alas, nothing special planned for tomorrow’s stream and in fact, I’m not even sure if I will stream tomorrow. First thing in the morning, I’ll need to go to the hospital, actually, to get something treated that has been plaguing me for the last few days. Contrary to what I thought it was, it’s actually not as critical… It just requires my immediate attention… tomorrow. Right now, I wouldn’t be able to go to the hospital as taxis are overpriced and as public transport would take me there but not home (and I don’t wanna walk for two hours to get home… tonight).

But yeah, tomorrow is my birthday. Looking forward to spending some time with my partner once she’s back home. Before that, I plan on streaming a little bit on Twitch and maybe I’ll play some games. But again, I don’t want to pressure myself into doing something super-special because, in the end, the expectations that I’d set for myself would turn this day into something super frustrating and sour and that’s not something I wanna do.

As far as blog posts go, I’m not exactly sure what I’ll write about tomorrow or if there really is anything that I could write about that would work thematically for my birthday… so I’ll most likely just talk about anything really. After that, however, there will be more reviews for sure. We’re a third way there through the “Just One Percent” project and I wanted to cover some newer releases that have been sent my way but with the health stuff going on and my situation overall, I haven’t really had the chance yet to get to it.

Do you have any suggestions regarding blog posts to write on my birthday? Would love to hear your input!

Edit: I have an idea that is appropriate for tomorrow. I’m working on it. Feel free to post suggestions though. Next year is another year after all!

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