Thanks for everything!

Happy Birthday to me! I mentioned it yesterday but today’s my birthday and I wanted to write about all the things and people I’m thankful for.

For starters, I’m thankful for all the great friends I made in the last few years. I’ve never been incredibly popular during my childhood and I’m thankful for the people that were there despite all odds. In my later years of high school, I made some great friendships, some of which last to this very day. During the past four years, I made plenty of amazing friends at university, in clubs, on the internet and through a lot of communities. I’m thankful for everyone reaching out when I’m not okay and everyone trusting me when they’re not okay. I’m thankful for every person in my life right now that makes my life worth living.

I’m also thankful for the Twitch and Blogging communities that I’m a part of. Y’all are incredibly sweet and I thank you for looking out for me, giving me feedback, letting me know when I phrase things poorly or giving me material to distract myself with. It’s been a blast to watch content on Twitch, YouTube, or to read posts in my WordPress feed and even on the rainiest and saddest days where my headspace sucks or where everything seems to go downhill, I can rely on y’all to create wonderful write-ups and amazing content that I can watch. Similarly, I can chat and interact with the Blaugust community in particular and vent or rant or listen to others, which frankly broadens my horizons. I’ve been learning so much over these past three years with y’all and I’m incredibly thankful that y’all are letting me partake in your lives and experiences, be it with RL stuff, games, movies, books, etc.

I’m incredibly thankful for my family and my better half and my closest of friends. We’ve been through hard times and good times and I can’t put it into words how much some of y’all (who probably won’t read this post, to be fair) affected me in the most wonderful ways possible.

I feel like I don’t say it enough but I’m grateful for all the people that I got to know offline and online, on Twitch and through the extended Blogging community, whose names I may not actually know but whose usernames are more familiar than the ones of people I actually interacted with offline. I’ve been asked by my siblings if I want anything for my birthday but honestly, I’m blessed with so many great people in my life… I honestly don’t wish for anything at the moment.

Today a lot of people actually congratulated me for my birthday on Discord, on Twitter, and in private. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate it. I honestly forget about my birthdays quite often and I dread it a lot at times due to some past experiences but these past few have been amazing whenever I think back at them, so thanks a lot for everything, y’all. I appreciate you.

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  1. Happy birthday kid. Lol. I can say that to most of the bloggers cause I’m older than dirt. Well, maybe not older than dirt, but I remember when they gave it its name. 😬

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    1. I appreciate it. Thanks a lot! Also, most bloggers that I interact frequently with or whose posts I read are older than me… some of them are older than my father… most are in that age group for sure. None of them are “old”. All of y’all are appreciated!

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