Break Time/Back from the Hospital

So, I got to leave the hospital today and am finally back home. Hence, I wanted to talk about how I actually ended up in the hospital, some stuff that happened, and about what comes next for the next few days to weeks in terms of blog posts and whatnot. 

Note: I won’t be able to write reviews for a while, so if you’re a developer or publisher reading this and you’ve just sent out an e-mail or you’ve sent me a review key in the past few weeks, I basically can’t get to it until I’m fully healed and until I’m able to actually sit down without starting to bleed.

Last Friday, I felt a stinging pain coming from my coccyx and instead of going to the hospital immediately (aka what I should have done), I decided to “walk it off” and then “wait to see if it gets better on its own”. These are my go-to remedies often with “hydrate plenty” and “ignore the issue until it becomes a problem”. Inherently, I don’t mind hospitals but I like to avoid them as much as possible given that they’re huge timesinks and waiting for test results is nerve-wracking. Similarly, I’ve been in love with ANNO: Mutationem and Risk of Rain 2 lately, so I couldn’t help myself just wanting to not go at the time. Also, I wanted to go see a doctor first and hence had to wait until Monday. Given that I thought it’s got to with my bone, I went to the next bone guy and got then sent to my GP as it’s actually an abscess… The GP then told me to go to the hospital but when I came home, I decided against that as I planned to not spend my birthday on a surgical table but rather with my partner, answering phone calls and stopping the bleeding. The next day (yesterday), I then published my NDA post and proceeded to get ready for the hospital. There, I pretty much got submitted immediately and found myself in a new room with my new Ukrainian roommate – a pretty cool guy!

Before the whole room and surgery thing, I needed to get some blood tests going. My right arm went all “You shall not pass” on the needle, though, and the sister ended up struggling to get any blood out at all. Weirdly, the sting is never an issue for me but she was adamant about not wanting to switch arms to avoid having to sting me again. This was a mistake. The pain got intense as I had to wait for 15 minutes to get blood out of a poor vein on my dominant arm. The second blood test went a lot smoother, actually, on my left arm where the sister hit a deep vein and got results in no time at all with minimum pain involved. The blood was flowing well. Too well, actually, as my arm was suddenly covered in blood – ironically for the second time in this very hospital.

Blood and Covid tests went well. I later got surgery to remove the abscess. The anaesthesia was… wild. I eventually drifted off to sleep and after the surgery, I had a coughing fit that lasted ten minutes – of which I’m only remembering three or so… my throat’s still fucked from it so no talking for me for another day or so. I then spent the night at the hospital.

The procedure went pretty well overall. I am not allowed to sit or move much. I also gotta check every hour or so if my coccyx area is dry because if it’s not, it could lead to infections. My partner got to talk to me after the surgery and frankly, I don’t remember that at all. I was still high on anaesthesia gases, I guess? Weird. I wonder what I said. Anyway, for the next few days, I can’t shower and I’ll have to rest a lot on my side or stomach to prevent the wound from opening up and bleeding again. If it bleeds a lot, I’ll need to go back to the hospital. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to go to the GP on Monday and get more instructions then. For the time being, I’m in a cool room, resting in a weird position, writing blog posts on my laptop. As this laptop’s pretty old, I won’t be able to play any games that I then could write about, as mentioned previously, which is why I’ll take a break from writing about games until I’m allowed to sit down again. I had a plan to write a few new reviews in the next few days but I guess that’s on ice for now due to health issues. 

In this rest time, I’ve actually been also watching a bunch of things. Nerdslayer just published another “Death of a Game” video that is worth checking out even if you haven’t played much (if any) “Hood”. Similarly, I’ve been watching “Friends” and despite some slight homophobic tones here and there, I must say that the show is pretty fun to watch. I’m late to the train here, obviously, but I plan on potentially writing a post on that soon once I’m through a bunch of more episodes… Meanwhile, I’ve been reading a few blog posts as well earlier and I have still to get through my backlog of posts to read, which I’ll go through tomorrow most likely. Wilhelm’s post on RimWorld’s Ideology expansion has been quite enlightening and frankly entertaining to read. He goes into detail about some of its features and mechanics as well as how much it helps RimWorld to be more of a story-generator rather than just a survival simulator. I’ve been playing a lot of RimWorld again two weeks ago and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the vanilla base game, so I can’t wait to check out mods and eventually get Ideology for myself. Syp’s post on Verticality in MMOs over here at Bio Break has been quite a good read as well and frankly, I feel like it would take away from the post if I talked too much about it. I agree with a lot of Syp’s thoughts on the matter and can recommend reading it yourself if you’re interested in the topic. At last, I really enjoyed Blockade85’s post on Hellpoint – the souls-like where they 3D-print you into a space station orbiting a black hole. I’ve picked up the game on Choice before and have been excited to eventually get to it but as it stands, I won’t be able to play it anytime soon. Blockade’s post, though, is a great read and it’s a great tease for me. Blockade’s posts, in general, are really well-written and they’re a great blogger to check out if you haven’t yet. I feel like more people need to know about them!

So, as mentioned before, I’m in pain. The painkillers help a little with that but I mostly gotta sit tight and endure it… I mean, I can’t sit so I’ll have to lay tight? Uh, rest tight? You know what I mean. My point is that for the time being, I won’t be able to stream… and I won’t be able to write about any games at the moment. Maybe I’ll finally write that post on the mobile games I had installed onto my phone but as it stands, motivation is kinda on the low for that. I still want to write posts as I really enjoy it and as it’s one of the few things I can still do, thanks to my trusty laptop. I just frankly don’t have the option to talk about games at the moment, in terms of actual reviews and stuff. Just a quick little update on the matter and the state of things. I’ll be back on my feet soon, hopefully, and maybe I’ll heal up fast enough to be able to actually sit on a chair and write about those great games I got planned for the next few reviews.

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