Fighting Boredom

I can’t really do much over here. Reading blog posts on my phone is weird because I’d like to comment on them but typing on my phone is annoying. Meanwhile, watching shows is good and all but I really don’t want to spend all-day watching Friends or Code Geass. The latter has been quite entertaining actually but I still find it a bit difficult to keep doing this for lengthy periods. Given that I’m not allowed to move much or sit at all, I’ve been mostly sleeping and just scrolling down my Twitter feed.

I also finally finished “50 Shades of Chicken” by which I mean that I finished reading all the short stories in there and I found it quite entertaining, to say the least, but I still oughta check some of the recipes out. It was a great birthday present last year and as I got another cookbook this year from my better half, I wanted to read through that one today. Mission accomplished. I now know more about chicken recipes, I guess, and I’ve had a fair few laughs as well.

Another thing I did was Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. I actually can run that on my laptop, which is surprising given the amount of VFX. It lags quite hard but given that the new event is out, I wanted to give it a try. Slay the Spire runs better on this old thing but it still isn’t optimal. Moving my PC isn’t an option sadly, or else I’d be playing some Hardspace right now… Oh well.

Long story short, I’m a bit frustrated by the fact that I can’t do much right now to keep me from getting too bored. I can’t wait to get the bandage removed on Monday, although it may take longer to heal completely. I wanna leave the house and go swim or something… I mean, I want to do the things that I’m not allowed to do right now.

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