I’m good again.

So, today, I just wanted to post an update again. Last week, I caught covid and I mentioned it on Twitter and in one post but I’m healthy again and figured I’d mention it again. Hence, Health Stuff!

So, after recovering from that surgery I had, I went back to university and on the first day that I was back, we got an e-mail from one of our professors that someone tested positive and that we should all perform tests just to make sure that we didn’t catch it or anything. My first test was negative but I tested again on the following day. That one turned out to be positive. After doing one of those more advanced tests, that one came back with a positive result as well 24 hours later, meaning I had to quarantine for a week or so. For the first couple of days it was fine with just some headaches and a bit of a fever. That fever got a bit scary at times with the temperature rising quite close to 40°C, so I was lowkey thinking about going to the hospital but I wanted to avoid it as I don’t want to leave the house and give other people covid, if that makes sense. Luckily, it went down again. Eventually, I noticed that I couldn’t taste food anymore which is when I had to force myself to eat stuff, which was quite unpleasant. Eventually, my throat started acting up but it all then died out. Once I felt better, I did two tests again and both turned out negative. My GP said that I’d be good to go for a while.

So, apart from the fever, it passed quite well with no real issues for me. Luckily, I stocked up on food previously, meaning that I could comfortably stay at home for a few days. It was a bit lonely given that all my friends were gone over the Easter holidays but I made it work. I believe that having had AstraZeneca for my first shot and BioNTech for my second and third shot made it pass better… and according to a friend, I may be pretty immune now for a while after also having caught covid.

The annoying bit about the whole situation is the amount of university work that I had to catch up on for the past couple of days. In that time, I only managed to push out two reviews which is fine… but I would have liked to do more. Sadly, the summer semester is pretty short, having started at the beginning of April and already ending in mid July, so missing out this early on can get quite punishing. Hence, I didn’t have too much time to dedicate to a specific game. I played some Lost Ark here and there but I didn’t really get to put in as much time into that as I would have wanted to, especially with the studies needing attention and me having to rest up.

Being all good now, though, is quite nice. It sucks that people are acting at the moment as if the pandemic was over already but it can’t be helped. There are a lot of people that are incredibly tired of the situation and they act quite selfish in the process. That in itself sucks a lot but getting agitated by it won’t get me anywhere. Rather, I’d like to do my best to make sure that I still wear a mask indoors and on public transport to ensure that nobody catches it because of me. I might even get a fourth shot, once eligible. I mean, we won’t be able to get rid of Covid completely but what we can do is make sure that if we do catch it, we don’t endanger others. It’s just the way it is.

Anyway, I hope y’all stay safe. Just a quick update. I’m good again and it’s nice to be able to go to university in person again and to leave the house and stuff.

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