Technical Difficulties in OBS/Twitch – Help please!

So, today’s post is incredibly late but I need some help. I spent most of the day trying to troubleshoot whatever is wrong with my stream. As some of you may know, my internet sucks at the moment but streaming was still possible as long as I lowered the bitrate and resolution. Given that I mostly have been playing Indie Games and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon as of late, the reduced resolution is not too much of a biggie, luckily.

The issue I have is that sometimes OBS disconnects. This is because of my unstable/slow internet and it’s out of my control because our dorm’s ISP is essentially having issues upgrading it all so that it works probably. That also affects my university stuff. For streaming though, that’s alright. Sometimes it disconnects and Twitch’s “Disconnect Protection” should kick in, showcasing this blue screen with the “NotLikeThis” emote in the middle until the stream reconnects.

My issue, however, is that it goes to “Offline” afterwards instead of reconnecting properly. OBS reconnects and Twitch essentially shows my stream as if it was “offline”, meaning that while I may be talking and playing games and whatnot, people on the stream actually don’t see any of that – or hear for the matter. It’s frustrating and annoying for everyone involved.

I took this issue to a lot of different people from fellow streamers to r/Twitch and r/OBS to Twitch Support and even the OBS discord. Nobody was able to help me. Twitch Support, in particular, was quite unhelpful as they first misunderstood the issue, thinking that it was a viewer-side issue when I clearly stated that it was an issue when I’m broadcasting… and then they shrugged it off completely, stating that it’s a third party issue given that I’m using OBS. Hence, I installed Twitch Studio Beta, Twitch’s own broadcasting software and on top of it not being the best experience, the issue still occurred on there, meaning that it can’t be OBS’ fault, right?

Either way, after changing settings, resetting the stream key, reinstalling OBS, and doing a lot of that multiple times, I’ve grown quite frustrated with the issue, hence why I’m posting this here right now. My internet connection may get better soon but until then it’s annoying that I can’t stream at all. My bit rate only needs to fluctuate for a brief moment, causing OBS to disconnect for five seconds, reconnecting immediately, and Twitch will just kill the stream completely. I also changed the servers multiple times from “Auto (Recommended)” to the Twitch server in Paris, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and other places based on what one tool told me.

Tomorrow, after university, I’ll see if I can try some other fixes that FederalGhosts and ChrisxChad suggested… One of which would be to completely reset everything in OBS but for that, I’ll need to do a backup first on everything as I don’t wanna lose my scenes and filters and whatnot.

EDIT: I managed to fix it. Here’s how!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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