ISP Troubles – The Saga Continues

I’m able to write this thanks the wifi hotspot in the bus here. Not the best solution but better than nothing. Since yesterday, I have no internet connection at home at all after all. Usually, it cuts out at times or gets very slow but right now our whole dorm is offline…

But a solution is in sight, apparently, as we’ll have wifi access points in the dorm that we connect to. That’s gonna take another four weeks though… Apparently, this will work by the end of June/the beginning of July.

But the solution of actually fixing it apparently would take 12 weeks because of the parts. Also, the initial cost as well as the on-going costs are gonna be expensive, meaning that the rent is gonna cost A LOT more, which is why the band-aid solution of access points is being implemented in four weeks instead.

Either way, for now, that’s the post for today given that I can’t just write every post on the bus on my phone… Also, I lost my 60+ day streak on Duolingo as I couldn’t connect to the app’s servers due to the lack of internet. That lowkey sucks but it’s not much of a biggie, I guess.

The internet situation is frustrating as it shows me yet again how much I depend on it. It feels odd to have to rely on it so much but at the same time, it’s just the way it is, sadly.

On another note, I also get overly frustrated at the fact that I procrastinate so much. When I wanted to download the course materials on Wednesday, I let it slide thinking I could do it on the next day. When I wanted to download some new episodes of various shows on Netflix to watch offline, I ignored that, thinking it wasn’t necessary. When I wanted to schedule some reviews ahead of time, I didn’t do it because I figured that I’d be able to edit and polish them some more.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think about much I rely on this stuff. Oh well.

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